White Spots on Tonsils, Throat, Gums, Mouth, Tongue, Lips: Symptoms.

White spots on tonsils can occur unexpectedly. The spots can be localized or appear on different parts of the mouth. They can result from infections caused by bacteria or virus strains. Tonsils are body organs which help fight disease-causing organisms especially on the upper parts of the body such as the face and mouth.

Home remedies and medical treatment options are widely available. Depending on the cause and symptoms of white spots in mouth and tonsils, different treatment options will be prescribed.

Common causes of white spots on tonsils and symptoms

Any of the following can cause white spots on tonsils:

Strep throat
This is an infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. It is very common in children especially when sore throat is involved. It is also highly contagious.

Patients with strep throat will notice white spots on the throat. Streaks will also occur along the linings of the throat. You can take pictures and photos for easier identification. Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Inflamed throat which also causes discomfort when swallowing

If left untreated, the bacteria can travel to the heart and cause complicated health conditions.

Mild strep throat can be treated at home with cayenne pepper. However, medical attention is better where capsaicin can be used to control the spreading of the bacteria.
Oral thrush
Oral thrush is a yeast infection. The fungus that causes it proliferates when some strains of bacteria are thriving on the throat imbalance. Pictures show white spots on the throat, especially deep on the mouth.

Overuse of antibiotics is a common cause of this infection. This is because antibiotics can end up killing a certain strain of bacteria that has been keeping yeast on check.
Its symptoms include:

  • Difficulties in swallowing
  • Sore throat
  • Diminished sense of taste

Rinsing your mouth with a mixture of coconut and clove oil has been shown to aid in treating oral thrush. Another home remedy known to fight fungal and bacterial infections is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for ringworm treatment.

Tonsil stones
These are white spots on the tonsils which are thought to be caused by trapped mucus, dirt and bacteria. They will feel like small bumps or stones.
Symptoms include:

  • Ear pain
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulties in swallowing

The stones or bumps will usually clear on their own. They should not cause symptoms such as fever. This would be an indication of an infection.
Medical help is mostly not necessary. You can try gargling the mouth with salt or saline water. This will make undesirable environment for the survival of bacteria.

White spots in the mouth, especially on the tonsils, can be caused by this condition. It is viral and very common in teenagers. In most cases, it will be confused with strep throat. Symptoms include:

  • fatigue
  • lost appetite
  • pain in the left part of the chest/ribs
  • sore throat
  • swollen lymph glands

Gargling with salt water can alleviate the symptoms. You can also take some painkillers and get a lot of rest to give your body enough time to fight off the infection.

Both bacterial and viral infections can cause tonsillitis. White spots will appear on the tonsils especially when the attack is severe. Photos and images should show either yellow or white patches on the tonsils.
Symptoms include:

  • Swollen tonsils
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Headache
  • Sore throat

Antibacterial medications prescribed by a doctor can be used to treat severe tonsillitis attacks. At home, you can try the salt water gargling trick that we have been talking about. You can also try home remedies such as Echinacea tea.

White spots in the mouth can be caused by leukoplakia. Common causes revolve around substances that will irritate the mouth such as smoking or dentures.

Leukoplakia can occur on the palate, below the tongue on the mouth floor. In rare conditions, the infection can result from a viral infection. This is not common in healthy adults but it is possible in people with weakened immunity.

Oral/tonsillar cancer
This may be the least possible but it is still a potential cause of white spots and patches on the tonsils. If you notice persistent white patches deep in the mouth that are not improving, medical attention will be necessary. In case of tonsillar cancer, other symptoms will include:

  • Blood in saliva
  • A lump in the neck
  • A chronic sore throat
  • Pain in the mouth and ear

Symptoms and causes of white spots on gums

Any of the following conditions can cause white spots on gums:

  • Spicy, salty and hot food – Blisters too will form especially on the tongue and the upper floor of the mouth
  • Oral cancer – persistent white spots on gums, cheeks or in the mouth may be a symptom of oral cancer. In this case, a lump will also form which is initially painless
  • Thrush – it is a fungal infection. white spots on gums will also be accompanied by patches on the inner surfaces of the cheeks and tongue
  • Canker sores – As the name suggests, they are more like sores than spots. They heal on their own after about 2 weeks. When they form blisters, you will feel pain and have difficulties eating or chewing.
  • Coxsackie virus – This virus causes blisters which may start as white spots in the mouth or on the gums. Sores and white spots on skin, legs and hands may also occur.
  • Gingivitis – It is a gum disease which may start with spots on the gums but will end up in red painful sores
  • Cold sores – With cold sores, patients will experience sores more than they will spots. A virus related to the same that causes warts is responsible for cold sores.

Pictures and photos for white spots on tongue

The tongue is usually red but can also be whitish or pinkish. White spots on the tongue can be noticed when brushing or by taking pictures and comparing them with online images for different conditions that can cause white spots to occur on the tongue.

It is said that the more your tongue turns whitish, the more your gastric health is poor. While there is little evidence to attest to that, several conditions can be associated with identifiable white spots on tongue. Any of the following conditions can cause them:

We have discussed these conditions earlier in this article, so we will not need to redo that. Other factors such as spicy, salty or hot food can also cause white patches on the tongue. You can take essential oils to ease the pain and reduce the risk of infections.

If a spot on your tongue is to persist for more than a week or two, visit a doctor for a diagnosis. Although most of the causes and symptoms of white spots on the tongue will go away on their own and are not harmful, they still could be signs of infections that require medical attention.

White spots on the lips from photos and images

It is not easy to check the exact appearance of spots or bumps occurring on your lips. While most are not serious, it is still necessary that enough attention be dedicated to this issue. You can achieve this by taking photos and images and having a close analysis done. Since there are numerous video illustrations and images on the internet for the various causes of white spots on the lips, you can run a self-diagnosis.

Naturally occurring bumps can be removed with simple methods, including the use of liquid nitrogen in over the counter kits used to freeze moles and skin tags. Sores can be soothed with essential oils also used to treat sensitive bumps such genital pimples. It all depends on your preferences and a doctor’s advice.
All in all, any of the following can contribute to or cause white spots on the lips:

  • Milia – Rather than spots, bumps will form on the lips and the face. They result from dirt being trapped under the skin.
  • Fordyce spots – These are bumps which occur in the skin of the lips. They can form clusters of very many small bumps but are harmless.
  • Cold sores – Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. During the initial stages of herpes on lips, the sores will appear as whitish bumps. They are painful and ultimately form blisters.
  • Oral thrush – It is unlikely that white bumps will only occur on the lips when caused by oral thrush. In this case, they usually affect other mouth parts.
  • Cancer of the mouth – A white spot, bump or patch that persists for long may be a symptom or oral cancer.