What to do if you have a Lump on Vaginal Area(Vulva): Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Perhaps while masturbating or performing a self exam, you noticed a peculiar irregularity in the intimate zone. You won’t be the first woman to type “Why do I have a lump on my vagina?” in google. It is a common phenomenon that can be disturbing and frightening initially, but it’s nothing to freak out over.

Should I be scared I have a lump on my vagina?

You must discern between a natural and unnatural bump. If you feel inside the vagina with your fingers, it’s not smooth. Fingering towards the clitoris will reveal differing textures than one might expect. It shouldn’t feel like sandpaper or gravel or include an incredibly large or hard lump that protrudes. A healthy vaginal wall will not contain painful lumps either.

A gynecological exam would reveal any abnormalities in the tissues inside your vagina. Regular exams, especially when sexually active, are important. Little things can impact your reproductive health if you decide that you want to have children. Alternatively, for those who don’t yearn for babies, being familiar with your gyno will keep you informed on your options and preventative measures to prevent pregnancy. All forms of contraceptive are available there including implants, birth control pills, and copper or hormonal intrauterine devices (IUD).

They are also who you talk to about an emergency contraception (morning after pills) and abortion. Missing money or access to sexual education? Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to public sexual health, is a great resource. They can screen for STDs, cancers, and provide pamphlets and information. For those adamantly against terminating a fetus or zygote, keep in mind a majority of what they are funded to do is spread awareness and keep the community healthy. Their funds don’t murder babies nor do they break the law or encourage children to have ramped sexscapades.

Does a lump on vaginal lip mean celibacy?

The nature of the lump on your vaginal lip will determine if you should abstain. If the bump is a reflection of an STD, you could spread it to your partner. If it has been identified as something else, say an ingrown hair or harmless cyst, the only thing controlling your activity is you. Keep in mind over time, cysts can become infected and turn into pus filled abscesses. If you feel pain or discomfort, go to a doctor. Painful intercourse is not normal for most people and may be a sign of an underlying problem. It may even be fixable making the bedroom enjoyable.

How do you get a lump inside the vagina?

The area inside a vagina is sensitive. It is prone to irritation and cysts. Most of the time, these lumps are normal. As stated previously, the pattern of the inner part is not smooth by default. If you recently engaged in rough intercourse or managed to cut yourself during stimulation, it could just be an inflammatory response that will subside with time. If your partners have ever been positive for a sexual disease (or cheated or dodged testing), go to your doctor for screening.

Allergic reactions to condoms, dildos, lotions, or lubricant can cause hives. You don’t have to lose your virginity or be sexually active to develop these. Trauma received from the seats of bikes or unfortunate accidents can cause these. Virgins may be more reluctant to examine their vaginas and explore themselves, but this should be encouraged so you know what is normal and when something has changed.

Inability to recognize consistency or inconsistency prevents recognition of something wrong. Don’t be shy or timid over the health of your vagina. Although religious conventions may discourage, it can help prevent many diseases and can be quite beneficial for you. If you’re every curious if something is atypical, refer to pictures and diagrams online. All concrete diagnoses must be received from physicians.

Will a lump inside my vagina make me sterile?

This will really depend on the type of lump you have. Cervical cancer is a rare, but possible cause of such an outbreak. Generally, cysts are harmless and interfere with nothing, but even a disease can disrupt your fertility. Endometriomas, a result of endometriosis, can impact this. The disease causes the endometrium, the tissue lining the walls of your uterus, grows outside into. It’s incredibly painful and hard to be fertile. Leaving disease like chlamydia untreated can also result in this, meaning bumps on the lips may also affect your ability to conceive.

Will painful lumps interfere with pregnancy or childbirth?

If you are pregnant, you may actually notice bumps in your private region in the form of hemorrhoids. Conception won’t magically cure you of boils and hives in your privates either. Talk to you doctor about potential complications of labor, although most bumps are harmless. STDs can be passed to infants through their blood or after they are delivered out of the birth canal/

How to get rid of a lump on the vaginal area?

Different causes warrant different treatments. Topical creams or ointments may help them go away. Alternatively, drugs or surgical intervention may be needed. Some diseases, such as genital herpes will remain in your system forever, even when symptoms aren’t present, it’s dormant and waiting. Your doctor can walk you through the removal process or treatment.



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