What is Diaper Rash? What it Looks Like & its Types

As a parent, anything surfacing peculiar regarding your baby can seem astonishingly alarming. But when it comes to diaper rash, it usually looks a lot worse than it is! A profusely common condition affecting a large proportion of babies, this plight isn’t considered sinister and is very simple to successfully cure.

However, different types of diaper rash can occur with some appearing more disagreeable than others. Understanding and attaining the capability to identify different types and causes is pivotal as parents, as you’ll confidently be able to administer applicable treatment without pursuing medicine. So to discover more about diaper rash with parallel pictures for reference, keep reading!

What Actually Is Diaper Rash?

Localized to your baby’s bottom area, diaper rash involves inflamed skin that often appears bright red, sore, and even scaly when investigated. Such skin inflammations are professionally referred to as dermatitis, and can cause burn pain in babies if a severe rash is relentless. And in particularly rife cases, blisters could materialize.

Luckily, this ailment is remarkably easy to treat provided you’re armed with factual knowledge. Multiple at-home methods can be used to successfully eradicate this condition, leaving your baby’s butt skin delicately smooth once more.

What Causes Diaper Rash?

An array of influences can contribute to the maturation of diaper rash, but one of the primary causes is simply not changing diapers often enough. Infrequent changing can cause your baby’s skin to become chafed and irritable if a diaper is left on for too long – especially if diarrhea has occurred without being cleaned soon after incidence.

In addition to poor hygiene habits, an allergy could also be contributing. Dependent on how sensitive your child’s skin is, specified cream products, soaps and wipes could generate an allergic reaction.

What Does Diaper Rash Look Like?

Whilst every individual case differs, there’s a few universal symptoms and characteristics regarding what diaper rash will look like. Typically complete with acutely tender looking, pinkish red skin throughout the entire area, such redness can be present on both the genitals and buttocks. It can even spread down to the thighs in exceptionally bad rash incidences.

However, in more serious ongoing conditions, your child may express fluid filled boils with numerous raised bumps present. If you notice this, immediate action must be taken as it’s likely your baby will be feeling extreme discomfort.

Will My Baby Act Differently with Diaper Rash?

As with virtually any form of physical ailment in both children and in adults too, there’s likely to be some degree of behavioral alteration.

When coming into contact with their private areas during bath time, washing or changing, there’s a forceful chance they’ll show increased frustration and fussiness. Crying is likely to soar and your baby will generally appear distressed.

What Are the Main Types of Diaper Rash?

Whilst perhaps the most commonly found culprit of diaper rash is diapers themselves and infrequent changing, there are in fact multiple types. It’s important to not only be mindful but develop skills to distinguish each type, as the effectiveness of treatment administered solely depends on the root origin. As mentioned, the most rampant type of diaper rash is basic dermatitis caused via irritation to a baby’s vulnerable skin. Originally arising from skin being in long-term contact with wetness from urine or poop, redness is paramount with occasional swelling.

Another relatively common form of this condition is referred to as allergic dermatitis via ICD 10 code. As the name suggests, this results from a definitive allergy your baby may have to products you’re using. Whether wipes, detergents, salves or even shampoos, the sheer sensitivity of your baby’s skin makes them more prone to allergy-type reactions. To differentiate from irritation dermatitis, this diaper rash type can produce areas of skin appearing to have eroded away.

More Severe Types of Diaper Rash

It’s no secret virtually any form of diaper rash is pretty nasty, but some pose more severe symptoms than others and may require medical attention. For example, if your baby contracts a rash from excess yeast growth, intense swelling and even nodules or ulcers can ensue. Professionally called candida diaper rash, a prescribed antifungal medication may be necessary to fully eradicate its presence, and visiting a pediatrician for confirmed diagnosis is recommended.

And the final form of this condition and potentially the most debilitating is one caused by bacterial infection. Occurring if your baby has slight cuts within the diaper area, bacteria can burrow its way beneath the skin and generate infectious residuals.

Yellowish blisters can occur, with correspondent scabbing after a few days. Classic diaper rash redness is also vastly probable, and your baby is likely to display greatest discomfort with this type.

If whilst changing your baby you recognize these symptoms and uncover minor cuts or openings within the skin, bacterial dermatitis is a reasonable assumption. If confirmed by a professional doctor, hasty treatment will be necessary as bacterial infections tend to grow and spread quite fast.

But don’t worry – all characteristics of diaper rash are treatable, and your baby is certainly unlikely to experience long term damage!



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