What Is a Corn on your foot – Effective removal and treatment at home.

Corns are one of the most common complaints that people have when they seek out the care of a podiatrist. Pain and discomfort on the feet make walking, running, and performing daily chores difficult if not impossible. Even the action of pressing the gas pedal in your automobile becomes a trial. The causes are always pressured or pinching of the foot. Please inspect the pictures of corns.

Wondering What is a Corn on Your Foot?

Do you have deep soft or hard nodules on the bottom of your foot or around your toes? If you are wondering what is a corn on your foot? A corn is a callused area on the bottom of the foot that arises in an area that sustains daily pressure. The rough and toughened skin is referred to as keratinocyte. Corns are the body’s way of creating protective pads but sometimes it overcompensates, and the pad becomes too large and painful. Please see the images.

Identification: What Does a Corn on the Foot Look Like?

The corn is very smooth and hairless. It forms a circular pattern that has a defined center. The corn can feel very hard or soft. Formation occurs in the bony regions. Soft corns are often white and feel similar to rubber.

These form in areas of sweat and moisture such as in the crevice between the toes but not on top. Healthy individuals rarely have a corn infection, but those suffer diabetes can suffer severe ulcers and abscesses.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Corn on Foot how to get rid of corn on foot

Are you plagued by a corn? Here a few tips on how to get rid of corn on foot:

  • Apply an astringent to your foot
  • Use cornstarch, talcum, or baby powder to absorb foot sweat
  • Moisturize your feet
  • Buy roomy shoes what are wide
  • Refrain from wearing heels.
  • Wear corn pads to elevate the painful site
  • Rub the corn with a pumice stone

Learn How to Treat a Corn on Your Foot

Your feet walk many miles every week. They carry a load and take a beating. Here are few ideas on how to treat a corn on your foot.

Use a medicated pad such as Mosco One-Step, Zen Toes Soft Foam, Nu Skin Sole Solution,

  • XUKEKOY Pinkie Toe Gel Sleeves, Atlas Biomechanics Callus Pads,
  • Apply Freezone Corn Remover or Cornex Liquid Corn Remover

Using Home Remedies for Corn on Bottom of Foot

Since mankind first walked upright on his feet, he has suffered from corns. The callused spots only became worse when the shoe was invented. Naturopathic doctors have scrambled to find viable solutions that work.

Here are a few home remedies for corn on bottom of foot

Bring the tropics into your home and pretend you are languishing on a sandy beach somewhere exotic like the Caribbean, Goa, or Hawaii with the smell of sliced pineapple wafting into your nose. Slice open a juicy pineapple and lay the chunk against your corn. Hold it there so the enzymes seep into the corn softening its hard shell.

The ancient Egyptians knew the benefits of the Linum usitatissimum plant. The cultivated the two-foot-tall plant along the Nile River basin so they could harvest its flax seeds for medicinal purposes and as a valuable food source.

Ground flaxseeds keep you regular when you fill your pancakes or waffles with the seeds. You also might enjoy a dash of flaxseed oil on your salad. Soak a cotton ball in flaxseed oil and tape it directly over your corn. Now slip on a sock and head to bed. The overnight soak will soften the corn significantly.

Aloe is a natural plant ingredient that is used for many holistic purposes. The desert succulent aloe vera plant eases burns and blisters. Sunburn creams often have it as an active ingredient. You can purchase the plant. It grows wonderfully as a houseplant or if you live in a temperate climate, then you can plant it outdoors in your garden as a landscape specimen. Anytime you need pure aloe vera prune off one of the spike-like leaves, slice it open lengthwise and squeeze out the cool, greenish gel. Apply the jelly-like substance directly on your corn to soften it. If you do not have access to a plan, then visit your local pharmacy and ask your pharmacist if they carry anything that is 100 percent pure. Such substances can usually be found in the burn first aid section of the store.

Castor oil derived from the castor bean has been respected as a multifunctional substance. If taken internally it acts as a potent laxative. Pregnant women often turn to a naturally strong product to induce labor and start contractions. If you douse your corn with the oil daily, then it will soften and flake away. Massage the oil into your entire foot and then slip on nylons or socks. The oil prevents fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot. It also softens your tootsies and makes them sandal ready for the summer. Please see pics to observe the before and after appearance.



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