What Causes Painful Lump at Base of Skull: Right and Left Side Symptoms & Treatment

It’s not every day you spot a growth at the skull. With the head being one of the body parts most of us fancy when saying “Mirror, Mirror”, early in the morn before dashing off on errands, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a prized asset.

Given this background, most of us freak out whenever we notice a growth on the head. While it’s perfectly understandable for this to happen, there’s really no cause for you to hit the panic button just yet.

Turns out that when painless lumps show up at the base of the skull, they’re atypically a debilitating affair. However, avoid risky situations smoothly—a quick jaunt to the doctor’s office is essential to assuage all doubts about the emergence of lumps and random accumulates.

Physicians normally conduct comprehensive groundwork before providing a detailed conclusion on the causes and choosing efficient treatment plans. As alluring as self-diagnosis is, bypass error by seeking the opinion of a qualified medical professional.

Causes of painful Lumps at the Base of the Skull


These growths typically stem from fatty tissue. As noncarcinogenic tumors, they have a rubbery, springy feeling.

Before reaching maturity, lipomas develop over a prolonged period, stretching up to years before ceasing budding. In summation, lipomas aren’t painful, but, they might feel agonizing once they’re ginormous enough to deploy pressure on a nerve.

Delivery disorders

The dome of an infant naturally adapts to navigate the parturient canal by having a provision which makes it possible for the malleable skull vertebrates to overlap. In some scenarios, the cranium bones overlay or grind which leads to bruising. If left unchecked, this may have deleterious reverberations on the baby since this commonly results in painful lumps at the base of the skull during early child development (ecd).

Occipital neuralgia irritation

This malady arises when there’s irritation in the occipital nerves nearby the scalp’s muscles. You may find the lump at the base of the skull on the left side. It’s also possible to see this protuberance lump at the base of the skull on the right side.

The common thing they share is that these lumps are associated with itchiness and stinging.


These soft lumps habitually fill up with discharge emanating from the hair follicles. Around the pus pack, the skin may be tender. When boils become too big, they may form abscesses which may be hazardous, and infectious, leading to the advancement of complaints like aches, fever, and puffy lymph nodes.


blunt objects can produce bothersome lumps at the base of the skull. If the injury is Lilliputian, it may result in slight detriment to blood vessels leading to the broadening of a hematoma lump. If the injury is deep, it may cause skull fractures.


When they arise at the base of the skull, tumors have unshakeable foundations within the scalp skin cells. The tumors are usually instigated by bone growths, acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumors, and meningiomas.

Given just how rigid the skull usually is, there’s a very slim chance that brain tumors can come up. remarkably, when large tumors do occur, they’re quite forceful in how they go about their business, so much so that they may cause a lump.

An important takeaway about this is that malignant brain tumors don’t customarily spread with ease. Having divulged that, it would be remiss if we didn’t share that malignant cellular biology in the brain can have far-reaching impacts on the rest of the body.

Symptoms of Lump at Base of Skull on the Left Side behind the ear

The symptoms you register are all contingent on how deep cutting the lump is. When caused by injuries, these lumps are quite painful and can end in engorgement.

  • The most painful lumps arise from injuries and are correlated with distension.
    cystic lumps are generally not painful and the cysts seem to move right below the epidermis.
  • Similarly, lipomas are movable lumps that are soft to the touch.
  • Tumors grow at snail’s pace. Even in situations where they’re not carcinogenic, they may still pose a health threat if they press upon the vascular system’s veins and capillaries.
  • Pea-sized lymph nodes could gain girth as the bulging continues. nurslings ordinarily have a significant quantity of innocuous lumps.

Diagnosis and treatment of Lumps at Base of Skull Right Side

Lipomas and lymph node lumps are generally benign in nature. This means that you don’t necessarily have to consult with a physician for treatment. If you really need to get rid of lipomas, you can elect to drain them out. To get rid of engorged lymph nodes, you need to practice patience right until the contamination dies down.

To treat cysts, a medic needs to be close at hand to ameliorate the condition. When the cysts are disturbing your peace of mind, surgery is the optimal treatment approach. Else, you can choose an injection of anti-inflammatory drugs.

With tumors, there’s no messing about, the only safe strategy is surgical removal. alternatively, you can try out chemotherapy and radiotherapy when the tumor exhibits signs that it’s malignant.

Consulting a Physician for Diagnosis

Wherever the protuberance exists, whether it’s on the back of the skull, behind the ear, a lump at the base of the skull on the left side, a growth around the skull near the top of the head, or a lump at the base of the skull on the right side, you need to confirm with your doctor on the seriousness of the issue.

X-ray images can provide proper insights on the injury’s ex when you experience headaches, blurry vision, and memory loss.



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