What Causes Ingrown Hairs on your body: How to Cure them & What are the Signs?

You made it through puberty with only a couple zits but now you are plagued with flaming red or purple bumps on your body. You look like you are going through your second adolescents but from head to toe. You probably feel stymied and stonewalled. Your adulthood should be blessed with picture-perfect, flawless skin. Obviously, you have been shortchanged and rectify the situation.

Why are you plagued by ingrown hairs? You could let your pubic hair and leg fur grow out. If you are a fella, then you could opt to look like Grizzly Adams or Bob Marley. Abstain from shaving and just let your hair become a tangled, wild child mess or sport dreadlocks. Unfortunately, you probably have a career that requires you to appear professional with clipped hair and smart attire. Lack of personal hygiene and turning into a counter-culture hippie is not an option.

Exploring What Causes Ingrown Hairs

You must use a handheld magnifying glass or the bifocals of your glasses to examine the ingrown hair closely. It’s an ugly welt with a concave center or if it has advanced there is a pus nodule waiting to spew some nasty yellow goo everywhere. You are probably pondering what causes ingrown hairs. Basically, it’s a hair that has gone crazy. The thing doesn’t know up from down.

You would think that genetics would tell the hair to grow tall like a tree and break the surface of the skin, but the sickly hair has no clue which way to turn so it grows down into the follicle. If you have curly hair then the spiral of the hair sometimes just twists downward. The follicle does not welcome the wayward intruder and immediately sends a message to the body that there is a problem. The brain responds by sending out its soldiers (white blood cells) to push the interloper out of the follicle with the force of purulence. Once the pustule pops it expels the hair, and the infection clears up.

Learning the First Signs of Ingrown Hair

Did you recently shave or wax? Is the area itchy? Does it feel hyper-sensitive when you try to scratch the prickly heated location? Those are usually the first signs of ingrown hair danger. The soon to emerge ingrown hair will soon make its unwanted appearance. You might panic if you have recently undergone a high dollar bikini was in anticipation of a beach vacation. How are you going to sunbath if your pubic area looks like it has gone through a cheese grater? Everyone will be eyeballing your genitalia thinking you are having a flare-up of some STD, shingles, or some other unpleasant communicable disorder. Usually, within 24 to 48 hours of hair removal, the ingrown hairs pop up like popcorn across your sensitive skin.

Learn How to Cure Ingrown Hair

You probably want the ingrown hairs gone fast. You do not want to waste precious time waiting for Mother Nature and your body to clear up the condition. Without a doubt, just the sight of the ingrown hairs probably makes you angry at your body for betraying you by breaking out with the unsightly, disgusting rash. You want to know how to cure ingrown hair problems quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to go to war with pincers? Yield them like a dark age weapon if you want the pesky and persistent ingrown hair gone.

Here are the steps needed to defeat and eradicate the bump:

  • You don’t want sepsis or blood poisoning so sterilize the tongs using rubbing alcohol or boiling water before you delve into the crater of the bump with the sharp tips.
  • Using a light and mirror look for the yellow nub. If the ingrown hair has not come to head then try to find the depressed area in the nodule’s heart.
  • Pick the area with the tips of the tweezers. It will be uncomfortable and there could be a tiny amount of pus or blood.
  • Look for the hair. It is usually curled within the bump.
  • Firmly grab the hair with the depilatory tool and pluck it out of the bump or simply straighten it so it is no longer buried.

5 Products that Help Prevent Ingrown Hairs

  • Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Cream: A salicylic acid scrub.
  • Buf-Puf Double Sided Sponge: Skin Polisher.
  • Beauty RX by Dr. Schultz: Green tea and tetrafoliant.
  • LagunaMoon Essential Oil: Melaleuca oil
  • Sweet Spot Buff and Brighten: glycolic acid, exotic papaya, and pineapple enzymes

Ingrown Hairs are a Common Condition

With five million hairs covering the average human’s body you will have ingrown hairs if shave or wax regularly. Ever since humankind evolved from apes, our bodies have exhibited diminished hair growth. The hairs that do sprout often seem to be genetic mutants when they become captured in the follicle. Try not to despair and realize that you are not alone. Many suffer from ingrown hairs, especially those with curly hair.

If you must shave and wax, then try to use an astringent or exfoliant to remove debris so the hair can more naturally burgeon with no impediments. If you continue to have ingrown hairs, then you might want a permanent solution, especially if they typically occur along the bikini line. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two cosmetic procedures that permanently remove the hair from the follicle.



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