Warts and Skin tags on Testicles: Causes, Cure and Information/Pictures.

Warts develop externally on the skin. Rather than occurring on the testicles, they may appear on the scrotal sac.

There are high chances that you are mistaking another type of skin growth with warts on the testicles. Pimples and cysts are common on the scrotal sac and can have a resemblance with warts.
To be certain, you can take pictures and compare them with images available for genital warts. You can in fact get a diagnosis from an online doctor if you don’t welcome the idea of visiting a clinic.

Can you get warts on testicles?

It is possible but very rare to get warts on testicles. In fact, only 1 in 100 patients will develop these warts. In men, warts mostly appear on the penile shaft and in the regions surrounding the anus. The scrotal sac is least commonly affected.

Warts on the testicles can occur if you are having a severe attack and open warts or sores. The causal virus is contagious and takes advantage of any cracks on the skin around the genital area.

What do warts on testicles look like in pictures?

In pictures and images, warts on the scrotum will appear as flattened or raised skin growths. They mostly appear in clusters and are shaped like a cauliflower. Unless infected or in final stages of healing, they will take the color of the skin.

Generally speaking, all types of warts are not painful but may get itchy. Pain is an indication that the warts are infected or have sustained some injuries or trauma.

It is not advisable to keeping touching or picking at warts. However, you can still identify them by touch. Upon touch, they will feel fleshy, smooth and sometimes bumpy. Unlike bumps on skin, they will not be located inside the scrotum skin.

Can warts on testicles cause cancer

Warts will not develop into testicular or any other form of cancer. Just like a normal pimple on eye or such conditions, they will heal on their own even with no treatment.

Cancerous growths start inside the scrotal sac, on the testicles. In this case, you will feel a lump which is initially painless. The lump will increasingly grow in mass and with time will become painful.

Can a wart on the testicle spread to other body parts?

Warts of all types are very much contagious. For example, warts on the penile shaft are likely to also spread to the glans or the urethra. Picking at them is the main cause of spread.

The virus responsible for warts on the genitals is different from the one that causes plantar warts or common warts. However, exposure to any warts virus strains can cause infections. For example, touching the genitals with an injured finger or hand can spread the virus and cause common warts.

Sexual intercourse with an infected person is almost a guarantee that you will develop warts on the genitals. In fact, skin to skin contact is enough to transmit the virus even with no sex involved. This however doesn’t include getting herpes in the mouth after oral sex.

About 40% of people below 40 years are living with causal virus for warts today. The virus can live in the body for years without showing any symptoms. In that period, it still can be transmitted. Even with treatment, the virus cannot be eradicated from the body. For this reason, warts will keep coming back even after treatment.

How to cure warts on testicles

If you have warts on the scrotum, you can easily treat them at home with remedies such as castor oil. Over the counter kits and topical creams containing salicylic acid can also be sued to get rid of the warts on testicles.

If you are not certain that it is actually a wart on testicle you are dealing with, the best idea is that you get a doctor to check the same. In fact, if you have not developed warts on any other genital area, it is probable that you are mistaking another skin condition with warts.

Guide information on skin tag on testicle

Just like warts, skin tags can appear on the scrotal sac but are not common. It is more likely that they will develop on the buttocks or the groin area rather than the scrotum.

Generally, skin tags are projections that are attached to the skin by a thin stalk. They usually result from constant friction sustained on the affected areas.

A skin tag on the testicle is not harmful. In fact, it will detach from the skin with time. However, it can grow quite large and cause all types of discomfort or even embarrassment. Since skin tags are generally soft-skinned, they can easily sustain injuries and become painful.

How to remove a skin tag on testicle

The best way to remove a skin tag on the testicles is use of tea tree oil. It is a mild but effective home remedy. You can also use a TagBand or a string to choke the skin tag to death.

Freeze kits and topical products might be effective but are likely to cause discomforts when used on the testicles.

Some people will always consider advice from a doctor, even for some simple thing such as a birthmark meaning or a pimple on scalp. As much as it may seem unnecessary, it is actually very advisable. You find that even serious health conditions such as cancer begin with easily ignored symptoms.