Wart remover for Skin tags – can you use wart remover on skin tags.

Skin tags are skin growths that pop up on areas of the body which are under constant friction such as the armpits, thighs, under the breasts, and eyelids. They pose no danger and do not turn cancerous. However, they are annoying and can easily become irritated. Visiting a dermatologist to have the bumps removed professionally can easily run into the hundreds and they stand a good chance of returning. You are probably scouring the internet for solutions that won’t break the bank. Please see the attached pictures.

Wondering Can You Use Wart Remover For Skin Tags?

You have probably read a review that advocates using over-the-counter acids to dry up the skin tag. Are you wondering can you use wart remover for skin tags? The answer is, yes, you can use the same product to remove skin tags. In fact, some major wart removal brands such as Compound W sell formulas for warts and one for skin tags that differ little.

What is the Best Wart Remover for Skin Tags

Let’s examine a few of the big name wart removal solutions.

If you want to know about the best wart remover for skin tags continue reading.

  • Compound W: This respected formula has been around for decades. If you approach your pharmacist, then he might easily recommend the brand. It easily penetrates the cells of the skin tag. The gel is maximum strength and better than liquid because it does not run. The no-drip tube applies the liquid exactly where you need it which makes pinpointing the tiny skin tag a breeze. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient. They can use it on children eight and above plus adults. Additional ingredients include: castor oil, camphor, hypophosphorous Acid,
    alcohol, menthol, ether, collodion, ethylcellulose, and Polysorbate 80.
  • Compound W Nitro Freeze: This cold treatment comes with a pen for precision. The cryogenic treatment is highly effective.
  • Dr. Scholls FreezeAway: The foam applicator lets you instantly freeze the skin tag. In a few days it will fall away. (see pics)
  • Puriderma: This formula is different because it relies all natural ingredients: Stellera Chamaejasme Linn, Fructus Cnidii, Cortex Pseudolaricis, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Podophyllum Hexandrum, and Sophora Flavescens.
  • Aroamas: All natural, works well on skin tags.
  • Wartstick: Another product that relies on salicylic acid.
  • Freezone: Labeled as a corn remover, if you read the directions on the box you see it works for warts and skin tags. The salicylic acid acts as keratolytic (peeling agent)

Using Freeze Away Wart Remover for Skin Tags

Skin tags measure about a centimeter long. The pigment is darker than the surrounding skin so they stand out. Most are harmless but they are embarrassing.

Freeze away wart remover for skin tags is liquid nitrogen that freezes the cells on contact. It reaches the root without causing an infection. The cost averages only $20 per box. It is available at local drugstores. It contains eight applications.

Using Dr. Scholl’s Wart Remover for Skin Tags

Dr. Scholls emerged as a footwear brand that also targeted orthopedic footwear. The company is owned by the pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Dr. Scholl’s wart remover for skin tags uses an acid blend to break through the skin’s layers so that a skin tag dries up and falls away (see images). Ingredients: Propane, dimethyl ether. alcohol, collodion, castor oil, polybutene, plus ethyl lactate. The solution is environmentally friendly and will not harm the earth or contribute to climate change (global warming).

Dermatologist Treatments

If the skin tags continue to return after removal then you might want to explore dermatological removal methods which do not vary from wart removal. They involve freezing using liquid nitrogen. The topical cantharidin is is made from the blister beetle. Is usually recovered for plantar warts, but you can ask about using the cream for skin tags.

Surgical removal of a skin tag can be performed in the office. There is no need for a hospital stay. It is quick and effortless cut away. A laser can also zap the skin tag quickly. The tag dries up and falls. Many people find lasers uncomfortable.

Using Dandelion Juice

Is your lawn riddled with sunshine yellow flowers that fade and turn into puffs of white feathery seeds? You might consider them weeds, but dandelions are edible and offer many naturopathic remedies. The whitish sap found in the leaves and stems has often been used to treat warts and skin tags. Squeeze three or four drops of the milky sap onto the skin tag. Within four weeks it will fall away.

Wart Remover Pads for Skin Tags

Wart removers work on skin tags effortlessly. You can even purchase pre-medicated pads that affix directly on the art or skin tag. You replace as needed. The foam pad is treated with chemicals that dry up the bump.

Preparing the Skin Tag for Removal

Soak the skin tag in warm water with soap. The hydration will open the skin cells and make them more receptive to the wart remover. Use to soap to sanitize the area and prevent infection. Bandage the skin tag after application. Use the remover as directed on the label.



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