Wart remover for Skin tags – can you use wart remover on skin tags.

Warts and skin tags share a common feature, namely, the fact that they basically are growths on the skin. Their causes, however, are not in any way related.

Unlike warts, skin tags will not keep coming back periodically. As long as the source of friction that caused them initially is eradicated, they can go away for good. We can compare them to infestations such as scabies in humans. All you need to do is keep away from the external cause and they will be avoided permanently. Warts on the other hand are unfortunately eternal. Once infected with the HPV virus that causes them, they will keep coming and going.

The good thing is that a wart remover kit can be used for both skin conditions effectively.

Can you use wart remover on skin tags

So, can you use wart remover on skin tags? The answer is absolutely yes! The remover usually contains a compound known as salicylic acid.

As you may already know, acids produce a corrosive effect to the skin and other materials. The corrosion occurs when parts of the skin are digested away by the acid. Although this can be very dangerous and harmful where strong acids are used, this effect can be taken advantage of with mild acids.

This is what happens with wart removers. When applied on warts or skin tags, the acid eats away the skin growths layer by layer. With time, the whole growth will disappear.

It is advised that you use a pumice stone to keep rubbing off the dead skin debris that will form on top of the skin tag. This will speed up the remover process as well as ensure that the acid penetrates inside the skin tags appropriately.

How to use wart remover for skin tags; how it works

Here is how to use wart remover for skin tags:

  • The first thing you will need to do is ascertain that it is a skin tag you indeed are dealing with. A mole on the face, for example, can be easily mistaken for a skin tag.
  • Go through some of the available top removal brands available today. Compound-W freeze is a good example.
  • Use the remover on the skin tags, just as instructed in the user manual. The products can be irritating to the eyes or other sensitive areas. In fact, you are not advised to use the same at home to remove a wart on the eyelid.
  • The skin tags may take a while before finally going away. The important thing is to follow the provided guidelines. Also, ensure that the remover is not applied on cracked areas or on open sores.

Does wart remover work on skin tags; can you use it?

Does wart remover work on skin tags? Can you use it on other skin conditions apart from warts? Not only is a wart remover effective on skin tags but it can also be used on moles and razor burn.

Although most remover kits work almost exactly the same, differing use guidelines may be provided. Also, ensure that you are not treating a wrongly identified skin condition. If you are not certain, try comparing images and pictures. If that doesn’t confirm your suspicion, get a medical diagnosis.

Removing skin tags with a wart remover kit

A wart remover kit can make use of other removal methods apart from salicylic acid. Here are some other ways that you can try when removing skin tags with a wart remover kit:

  • You can just cut off the tags with a pair of scissors. This method is not advised for large skin tags.
  • TagBands can be used the same way you can use a string to remove skin tags at home. The good thing is that they are more customizable than strings.
  • Over the counter freeze kits can be used the same way liquid nitrogen is used in clinics. They are, however, not as effective as clinical cryotherapy.
  • The remover kit can also come with a cauterization tool. It is simple to use once the provided guidelines are followed.

You may need to consult your doctor if the skin tags are too large. On average, a skin tag should not measure more than 5 mm. Anything larger than that will invite complications when trying to treat it at home. In this case, incision and electric burning are better options.

Using home remedies with a wart remover for skin tags

Remedies such as apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil can be of great help when used with removal kits. As well as speeding up the removal process, they also protect from possible infections.

In fact, such remedies will be the best options to treat skin tags that may be bruised or are causing swollen lymph nodes. Although it rarely occurs, open sores caused by continued friction on the tags can result in injured skin tags.