Staph and Strep Diaper Rash: Contagiousness, Symptoms, Treatment and Images

When anticipating infant diaper rash, irritation due to urine and poop often springs to mind. And whilst inflamed skin due to excess moisture, friction and chafing is a very common cause of this ailment, it’s not an exclusive culprit. Potentially severe veiled reasons can cause onset of symptoms akin to diaper rash, and will typically require medical intervention and treatment by a licensed doctor.

So if your child is exhibiting diaper rash signs but you’re unsure if basic inflammation is the cause, this article is certain to assist. Outlining the prospects of both staph and strep infection possibilities, you’ll receive greater intuition into how such conditions should be approached.

Staph Infection Diaper Rash Symptoms

A shortened term for staphylococcal, staph infections are responsible for eliciting a wide variety of skin conditions and diseases within young children. With many potentially dangerous and requiring rapid attention, it’s essential you’re in-the-know of what to search for if your baby begins exhibiting a severe rash.

The most likely form of staph infection within the diaper area is known as staphylococcal scalded syndrome. The clue’s in the title, as this condition involves extreme reddened areas of skin fragile enough to be peeled away altogether. This subsequently exposes the deeper epidermis to intense vulnerability, and can be incredibly painful and deplorable for your baby. This occurs due to the staph infection issuing a specific toxin, causing these raw staph infection diaper rash symptoms.

Staph Diaper Rash Treatment

Whilst this condition appears very displeasing and naturally produces habitual worry for parents, it’s relatively simple to treat provided you seek expert advice speedily. Your pediatrician will likely prescribe a tailored course of antibiotics – these will typically be administered intravenously for maximal effect. Your child may display symptoms of fever as a consequence of their staph infection too, but the prescribed antibiotics should help across the board.

In addition to professional management, there’s certain techniques you can utilize at home to ease your baby’s discomfort and enhance antibiotic strep diaper rash treatment. Regular warm compresses should be positioned upon the infected skin to soothe and provide relief, and you’ll be pleased to know the majority of staphylococcal scaled syndrome cases heal completely without producing permanent sores, blisters or scars.

Why Does My Child Not Resemble Staph Infection Diaper Rash Pictures?

If convinced your child is suffering a staph infection as opposed to irritant-based diaper rash, it’s likely you’ve consulted the internet for photographic evidence. However, all cases are different and the staph infection diaper rash pictures you locate may not be fully representative of what your child is suffering. Regardless of likeness, it’s essential you visit a healthcare professional anyway for a confirmed diagnosis. From here, appropriate treatment can be administered. And if your child’s symptoms don’t display any resemblance to staph infection images, they could be suffering something alternative like a strep infection instead.

Strep Diaper Rash Symptoms

A minimized term for a streptococcus infection, strep diaper rash symptoms are typically disparate to regular diaper rash and staph infections – and it’s essential you’re aware of the difference. Generally, strep diaper rash casually refers to a condition known as perianal streptococcal dermatitis, with the rash being noticeable redder and more inflamed than diaper rash as a result of simply moisture irritation.

Originating around the anus, the rash is characterized as being incredibly moist and vibrant red in shade. It can sometimes spread to cover the entire genital area, and can even cause bloody smears to appear whenever your baby poops.

Is Strep Diaper Rash Contagious?

Yes, strep diaper rash is considered incredibly contagious and requires meticulous standards of care to avoid spreading to further individuals. Simply being touched by someone suffering strep bacteria can be enough to transfer the infection, so ensuring to thoroughly wash your hands with mild soap and water each time you touch your baby’s infected area is absolutely crucial.

And if your child is a little older (this condition can affect children of up to 10 years’ old), making sure they wash their hands each time they come into contact with their infected skin is equally paramount, as they could spread it to other children if careless.

Strep Diaper Rash Treatment

As with earlier discussed staph infections, strep diaper rash treatment is relatively easy to administer and is very effective when done correctly. Your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics, and it’s essential your child takes the full course even if they begin feeling better before the regime is finished. And if a topical cream or ointment is also prescribed, be sure to follow all application instructions until told otherwise.

You can also provide regular sitz baths for your child, in which they sit in warm water up to their hips to help relieve pain and discomfort around the anal area. This is likely to be particularly effective after bowel movements, especially if blood is noticeably present.



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