Treatment of Skin Tags On Neck, Face, Nipple, Under eye, Tongue, Scrotum.

The skin tag is an annoyance of life, but ultimately harmless. The flesh-colored growths can crop up virtually anywhere without warning. They hang from the skin and can resemble warts. Color and size can vary, but generally the growths are small, falling between less than one millimeter to 5 centimeters. Medical terminology includes soft fibroma, acrochordon, fibroepithelial polyp, and cutaneous papilloma. Doctors aren’t sure what causes skin tabs (another civilian term), but they do understand the risk factors like:

  • Obesity
  • Being middle-aged

The spots are benign and often disappear on their own. But they can be unsightly, and occasionally painful, so we have compiled some removal techniques to serve you.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on Neck

The throat and back of the neck are one of the most common areas to see signs of skin tags. The skin isn’t as sensitive or delicate here as in other areas, so you can attempt to remove the nobs yourself fairly safely. Here is how to get rid of skin tags on neck yourself:

A DIY kit. You can order online a kit that provides a device that bands around the skin tag to kill it off. The process works by cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen feeding the growth. Most spots will drop off within 10 days. The scientific term for this tactic is called ligation.

Topical cream. In a nearby drugstore or digital pharmacy, you can purchase skin tag removing cream. It utilizes a specific chemical makeup to dissolve the abnormal skin. Be prepared for some mild stinging during the 2 to 3 weeks it takes to fully eradicate the skin tag.

Tea tree oil. This powerful essential oil is a great weapon against multiple skin conditions. Proponents claim the scientific studies that prove tea tree oil can drain acne to provide the basis that it will dry up a skin tag.

How to Remove Skin Tags on Face

Home removal techniques are effective, but hold a bigger risk of infection or scarring. When dealing with your face, you may want to take safety precautions and go to a professional. A dermatologist will show you how to remove skin tags on the face with the following procedures:

Freezing. Similar to warts, a solution of liquid nitrogen is expertly applied to freeze off the unwanted skin tag.

Surgical scissors. One dermatologist told beauty mag Allure that larger examples of skin tags require a snip. The doctor will numb the area with a lidocaine injection and then cut off the tag with sharp, sterile scissors. The results are instantaneous and mostly painless. This method has the lowest risk of regrowth.

How to Remove a Skin Tag on your Nipple

Signs that point to an elevated risk of developing skin tags near the areola include pregnancy (paired with the weight gain), nursing babies, and nipple piercing. Anything that causes friction in the area could produce a skin tag. There is no medical need to eliminate them, but here is how to remove a skin tag on your nipple if the look bothers you:

  • The above-mentioned methods of freezing, outpatient surgery, or oils.
  • Tying off the spot with dental floss or string. Supervision is recommended for this route.
  • Removing the irritant. If you can skip the bra or remove the piercing without disrupting your life too much, start there.

How to Remove Skin Tag Under Eye

Applying harsh ointments or attempting a tie-off is ill-advised in a fragile area like under the eye. Skin is thinnest there and a wrong turn could cause permanent scarring or even negatively affect vision.

How to remove a skin tag under the eye is to seek help from a professional for one of the following methods:

  • Electrosurgery. The physician will carefully burn off the growth at the base. The speed and exactness prevent a scar.
  • Scalpel surgery. Similar to the scissors, but with more precision.
  • Patience. While professionals are highly skilled, the only way to avoid the risk of flaws is to skip treatment. Allowing the tag to run its course is advisable for some individuals.

Skin Tag on Tongue Treatment

A mass resembling a skin tag on the underside of your tongue is likely a Plica Fimbriata growth. You may choose to leave these be (especially since they aren’t visible), but they can grow to a size that gets caught in your teeth while eating. Furthermore, if they are ripped from the mouth the open wound could become infected in such a bacteria-rich environment.

If you require skin tag on tongue treatment, seek out a specialist for a consultation.

How to Remove Skin Tags on Scrotum Sack

Because of their likeness to genital warts, people plagued with skin tags around their private parts regularly opt for removal. These images and pictures can aid you in determining if the abnormalities on your balls are worthy of worrying about. Regardless, here is how to remove skin tags on the scrotum sack.

Laser treatment. This mimics electrosurgery, but instead of heat uses light to burn off the spot. It is an attractive option because it doesn’t leave behind a scar. Laser therapy can even remove a scar from alternative removal methods.



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