Skin Tag Vs Mole – Difference between them & Home Remedies for Removal.

Moles, beauty marks, birth marks, call them what you will, was once a desired feature of the face but they have faded in and out of fashion, rarely are females ambivalent about them, they have a truly interesting story. Hippocrates mapped moles and the Romans disguised scars or pockmarks with leather to make them appear as beauty marks.

The medieval period definitely had an aversion to moles, indicative of witch-like behaviour, add in a few hairs for the full effect. However, fast track to the 18th-century courts of Europe and the white powdered visages topped with exotic wigs and moles were all the rage. If you didn’t have one, both ladies and gentlemen sported an artificial mole or Mouche made of fabric – velvet or silk.

Forget simple circles, these were crafted into shapes borrowed from the deck of playing cards, hearts, clubs and spades and more complicated designs too. Location was crucial and opened a whole secret language of love and intrigue. There is still a prevailing sentiment that moles can tell your fortune particularly the positioning near the mouth although it is rare to find a mole actually in your mouth.

Nowadays, moles are not popular. A recent survey by a cosmetic surgery website stated that there has been an increase of 127% from 2015 to 2016 in people requesting mole removal surgery. This is not just about quite legitimate fears over malignancy and skin cancer, many think they are downright ugly. But this is a recent development. Elizabeth Taylor and Etta James both sported beauty spots and who could forget Madonna’s mole near the lip, famously now absent. Sarah Jessica Parker was robustly criticised by her fans for removing hers. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. Moles define character, identity and personality, don’t they?

Skin Tag vs Mole

Whatever you think of your mole, no-one welcomes a skin tag. Always harmless unless it is something else masquerading as a skin tag, in the skin tag vs mole debate, most would opt for the skin tag. It’s benign and pretty easy to eliminate.

What is the actual difference between a skin tag and a mole?

Moles tend to be present from birth or within the initial twenty years of existence but not exclusively. Fresh moles later in life should be evaluated by a doctor just in case. Moles have the propensity to morph into melanomas whereas skin tags remain nothing but a displeasing nuisance. Moles may alter their colouration as life progresses, turning from a brown-black shade to something lighter. Moles are little clumps of melanocytes, the cells which give the skin its pigmented colour. Instead of being diffuse, they group together. A tag is an extra piece of skin usually attached by a tiny stand called a peduncle. Sometimes they are labelled as squat or sessile which means they are flush to the skin and harder to remove with a blade. Skin tags can feel smooth to the touch or uneven. Moles and skin tags are disliked in equal measure, the principal difference between them is the possibility of the establishment of serious disease which is confined to the former. But most moles are innocuous.

What are the home remedy options for skin tag removal?

There are in reality plenty of products found ordinarily around the home which can remove a skin tag. They may not be the fastest but can deprive the tag of moisture so it withers and shrivels before falling off. This method commonly works without scarring. Favoured choices include apple cider vinegar and castor oil which you can make into a thick ointment by combining with baking soda. A blob on a cotton ball or bud is simply fixed to the offending skin for a few hours, usually overnight.

Your drug store or local pharmacy will also offer products as non-prescription home remedies for skin tag removal. Some of these revolve around freezing the tag using a blend of propane, isobutane and dimethyl ether. A video from the manufacturer will illustrate clearly how this works or there is plenty to view on YouTube. If you are feeling brave and don’t wince at the sight of blood then a simple knife job is pretty instantaneous. Go cautiously however with skin tags sited on the labia or penis. Soft, warm, wet folds of skin are favourite locations for skin tags but removal needs extra circumspection.

Is it safe to use home remedies to remove moles bearing in mind they can transition into something grave?

Medical opinion is somewhat divided over whether interfering with moles in the privacy of your bathroom is recommended or not. There is anecdotal evidence for multitudinous items, home remedies to remove moles many of which are also suggested for skin tags. It is safest and most prudent to have the mole examined by a doctor before applying anything to it. The abiding fear with a mole is that if it is cancerous, your attempts to burn it, slough it away or even slice it, will cause an extremely quick and possibly invisible progression. If you are successful in removing a whole mole, you should keep it for laboratory analysis.

What is a red molesbody?

Moles are not generally red in colour and this should be seen promptly by your dermatologist. It may not even be a mole but could be diagnosed as a cherry angioma.



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