Skin Tag Homeopathic Remedy – Treatment, Medicine, Removal.

You may have come across a treatment method known as homeopathy. It is quite old, dating back to before penicillin, World War 1 or even American independence.

The basic idea behind homeopathy is to use the same agent that is causing symptoms of a disease to heal it.

The good or bad thing about skin tags is that they are not infectious. Most professionals associate them with friction caused by body parts and clothes. Predisposing factors include pregnancy, steroids, age, diabetes and obesity.

What is homeopathic treatment for skin tags removal?

Although skin tags are benign, they are not so good looking, especially if they decide to hang by the eyelid or the face. They also can grow quite large and cause other forms of discomfort.

Homeopathic treatment for skin tags makes use of natural products to get rid of them. In this case, the removal remedy will generally poison the skin tag and cause it to fall off the skin.

The advantage of using homeopathy for skin tags removal is that no scarring will be left behind. It also will rarely cause irritation to the skin, so you can use the same on skin tags on the penis or other sensitive areas.

Which is the best skin tag homeopathic remedy for removal?

Thuja Occidentalis has been advertised in many reviews as the best skin tag homeopathic remedy. It is a tree whose extract is believed to be effective against a couple of conditions of the skin.
Like most natural medicine products, the extract will not work overnight. You will be required to use it for up to 3 months to judge its effectiveness.

To use it correctly, you only need to follow the guidelines provided on the package containing the medicine. Just for a heads-up, oral ingestion and using too much of it has been known to cause high blood pressure, headaches and gastric disorders. It also is highly scented.

Which homeopathic remedy for skin tags should you use?

If the natural way is your thing, you may be interested in homeopathic remedies for skin tags. As we have seen, Thuja occidentalis is the common ingredient in such medicines. However, it rarely comes on its own. A couple of products are added to complement its benefits. They include:

  • Tea tree oil – it is not likely that this remedy will be missing from any list of natural curative remedies for skin conditions. It is known to have anti-inflammation benefits, and in fact can be used against cold sores symptoms.
  • Cedar – oil extracted from the wood or leaf of this plant is commonly included in skin tag homeopathic remedies. Even in its pure forms, the oil is relatively mild and will rarely cause irritations. It is thought to aid in reducing inflammations.
  • Apple cider vinegar – it is a mildly corrosive substance. With carrier oil, it can be used to get rid of moles as well as skin tags.
  • Castor oil – yet another popular skin tag removal remedy. It has a wide range of applications on skin conditions including removal of moles on the nipple.
  • Oregano oil – you will find this oil being advertised as a cure for different types of skin conditions including warts. It may require coconut oil to make it less irritating to the skin.

How to use homeopathic remedy for skin tags removal

Depending on the brand and where you are buying it from, a homeopathic remedy for skin tags can contain other ingredients combined in a different formula. For this reason, always ensure that you have used the particular one of your choice according to the provided guidelines.

For infected or injured skin tags, homeopathic remedies may not be the best solution for you. In such cases, see a dermatologist.

Where to buy skin tag homeopathic remedy medicine

It is not hard to find such a remedy over the counter. The important thing that you need to make sure of is that it contains all natural ingredients. In fact, some may even claim to remove scars or even white spots on the throat and other such conditions.

To start with, look for products containing the remedies we have discussed above. It may lack one or two but don’t go for the ones that are lacking more than that. Consult your doctor or a professional if you are having doubts.