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Homoeopathy is an internationally recognised, long-standing system of alternative medicine with antecedents as far back as 1796 when it was founded by Christian Friederich Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. Labelled as both a science and an art, this pioneering doctor became known as the Father of Experimental Pharmacology. This is because of the way he prepared medications and worked on the principle of ‘like cures like’ or, ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’. In simple terms, this means that a remedy or potion that produces specified symptoms in a healthy person will cure identical traits in a diseased or ill person. This has been proven over and over again since its initial discovery.

Why do people choose homoeopathy over conventional medicine?

Reviews and studies would suggest that for the most part, this decision is made due to dissatisfaction with traditional medical offerings for one of a number of reasons. Most popularly cited are the negative side effects from standard prescribed drugs plus the perceived failure of regular practitioners to treat illnesses as a more holistic problem.

It seems to be an informed choice amongst patients who take an educated interest in their health and wellbeing. They view their overall health as a total mental and physical package of which their current malaise is just one component. They desire a consultation which is more on an equal basis than the usual patient-doctor dichotomy. Homoeopathic remedies are often taken alongside conventional treatments and therapies. Users view homoeopathic medicine as more holistic and natural than other choices.

Is there a homoeopathic treatment for skin tags?

There are herbal and non-chemical based treatments to remove a skin tag. For example, Naturasil, which contains only ingredients from nature, plant extracts so no steroids and no resultant scarring after the tag has dropped off either. Homoeopathic treatment for skin tags will quite probably contain Thuja Occidentalis or Eastern Arborvitae which is the other name for this native North American evergreen tree. It may be more familiar to you as Cedar leaf oil or Cedarwood oil. This is the key constituent in Nature’s Pillow Tag Away which also features Melaleuca Alternifolia or tea tree oil and Ricinus Communis seed oil otherwise called castor oil. You can use this in isolation and make it into a topical paste with baking soda.

Why do some people opt for a homoeopathic remedy for skin tag removal?

Pregnancy is a really good instance of when routine medical solutions that you wouldn’t normally think twice about, may suddenly raise red flags. Ladies know that some over the counter pharmacy based products may contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to the growing embryo. And, as all pregnant females know, the surge of hormones throughout the gestational period does give rise to numerous skin tags. Skin tags love soft, moist folds of skin and you will have plenty of those if you are expecting. You can wait until after delivery to have carte blanche to treat them as you wish – doubtless, they will disappear naturally anyway once the hormone levels decrease. Or you can take a homoeopathic remedy for skin tag removal at home in complete privacy but check with a homoeopathic professional or pharmacist first. Natural does not mean either weak or without influence.

Where can I find the best homoeopathic skin tag remover?

Some people choose to consult a homoeopath because they want involvement and engagement with the bigger picture of their entire health profile. Skin tags increase in prevalence during the ageing process. A homoeopath may suggest mechanisms and remedies to enhance skin quality and improve lightness, complexion, skin quality and elasticity as well as the removal of skin tags. Skin is a reflection of the status of internal health. A homoeopathic practitioner will review your wellbeing in the round.

You may however just feel squeamish about snipping your skin tags with a blade and not fancy the thought of a noxious substance on your skin. So it’s easy to buy a homoeopathic skin tag remover online from one of the hundreds of outlets, big names like CVS or small personal corner shops in your local town.

You may even find what you want lurking in your kitchen cupboard! Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or oil of oregano all have accepted provenance. Soak some cotton wool, apply and leave in place overnight with a piece of surgical tape. Take a look at some of these pictures if you are a disbeliever. Skin tags on the face, on the neck, even on the eyelid, all shrivelled and desiccated before dropping off.

Is homoeopathic medicine for warts and skin tags truly beneficial?

Opting for homoeopathic medicine to relieve warts and skin tags is not a choice of slower, less effective results rather a considered pathway by the health conscious to rid their body of something unwanted without harming their overall physical state by introducing toxic chemicals or subjecting themselves to crude surgery. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Homoeopathic medicine options for warts and skin tags may not be the swiftest necessarily but come with no ill effects and the peace of mind that you are working with your body, not against it.



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