Shingles Vaccine: Booster, Best Age, Effectiveness, Cost and Side Effects

A significant fraction of Americans aged 40 and above are at heightened risk of contracting shingles. Given the fact the malady is spawned by the same virus which facilitates the development of chicken pox, you need to pull all the stops whenever you start noticing the signs and symptoms.

When the varicella zoster virus (human alphaherpesvirus 3) infects the body, it switches to dormancy for decades before re-erupting like Mt. Peru when the immunity system weakens with the onset of old age. Challenges like stress, trauma, medication, and disease are the most likely triggers for the emergence of shingles.

What Is the Shingles Vaccine Age?

Statistics show that about a third the US populace eventually contract shingles. As referenced earlier, the probability for infection does increase with age. So much so that about 50% of adults aged 85 and above have a single shingles outbreak at some point in their lives.

While it’s true that many people get shingles just once, there’s always a likelihood that it can reemerge if you have a weak immune system.

To protect yourself from shingles, you need to get vaccinated. As per the CDC, healthy adults aged 50 years and above can get two doses of the Shingrix vaccine over a 2- to 6-month interval. Doing this will also shield you from acquiring postherpetic neuralgia.

Shingles Vaccine Effectiveness

In terms of effectiveness, the Shingrix vaccine offers you about 90% protection from the risk of getting PHN and shingles. Speaking numbers, protective levels reside above the 85% mark over the first 4 years after vaccination.

It’s worth documenting that the vaccine named Shingrix is not the only medication on the market today. Having debuted on the medical scene as a new vaccine in 2006, the drug has been the recommended alternative to Zostavax, a drug which is still used nowadays.

Zostavax is a crowd favorite among individuals who’re aged more than 60 years and those who have had some allergic reactions to Shingrix. The drug is also a perfect solution in emergency situations where alternatives aren’t within reach.

When you probe the details, you’re bound to discover something interesting. In a way, Shingrix is the better drug of the pair. Much of the reason behind this is it contains a substance called an adjuvant which enhances the innate natural immune response.

Notably, Zostavax is composed of a live, weakened virus. In light of this, it’s not the greatest option for individuals who are sickly with poor immunity shields.

On the contrary, the constitution of Shingrix has a nonliving virus particle. This makes it the perfect companion for even those with the weakest of immunities. Effectively, Shingrix is a suitable match for people who’ve been adversely affected by Shingles.

Since we’re comparing shingles vaccine effectiveness, it would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Zostafax has a considerably lower efficacy. The drug has a 51 percent success rate in preventing shingles and fares a bit better when preventing PHN with 67 percent effectiveness.

Given the breakdown, it’s understandable why health professionals advocate for Shingrix as the primary way to handle shingles. The fact that there’s no new vaccine release date further drives the point forward. It’s the safest option if you’re looking to make a speedy recovery.

Age Comparisons

While contemplating the best age for the administration of the herpes zoster, researchers at the University of Michigan found out that their cost effectiveness feasibility studies had some inconsistencies. To get accurate results, they switched up and developed a simulation.

Using both men and women test subjects, they implored into whether the decision to vaccinate or to defer with each passing year between the ages 50 to 100 years had any effect.

Interestingly, their findings showed that the respondents who chose to defer had an elevated chance of developing shingles.

Shingles Vaccine Booster

The hypothesis of the researchers assumed that society was willing to part with 100,000 per QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Year). From that shingles vaccine cost postulation, they noted that the best shingles vaccine age was from 66–77 years in women and 66–74 years in their male counterparts.

With a Shingles Vaccine Booster, immunization becomes enticing. The research received plaudits from many in the field for being the pioneering study into the best time for when the shingles vaccine is needed.

Are There Shingles Vaccine Side Effects?

Having pointed this out, it’s vital to jot down that the Shingrix shot is no walk in the park. After the drug is administered, you may have a sore arm for a couple days and some effects like fevers, stomach discomfort, and headaches for about 72 hours.

Shingles vaccine side effects are usually prevalent among younger people. Taking some ibuprofen or acetaminophen are some of the over-the-counter tricks that we’d suggest you try out when the reactions kick in. To avoid any contradictions, you can choose to consult with a GP before you self prescribe.

In case the side effects persist, then, it’s best to speak to a physician about the ailment. Developing a rash with blisters right after administration of the vaccine is one red flag you need not ignore.

The Possibility of a Severe Shingles Vaccine Reaction

The chances of you experiencing anaphylaxis, a severe shingles vaccine allergic reaction, are about one in a million. Given the fact that the condition can be fatal, it’s best to seek treatment immediately you start feeling unwell. Under the watch of a medic, you can fully recover and get back on the mend.

Once you notice some adverse effect of Shingrix, you can always notify the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Nevermind the shingles vaccine cost, and consider the benefits instead.



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