Shingles Rash on Fingers: Pain, Symptoms, Treatment and Pictures

The human hands are a marvel of animal evolution. That thumb has given our species powers beyond any other on the planet. To honor hands, let’s celebrate with some unusual facts about these appendages. Dig into these 10 amazing facts about hands:

  • The hand has 123 ligaments, 29 joints, and 27 bones.
  • Outside of primates (including humans) opossums, pandas, and koalas all have opposable thumbs.
  • Fingers do not have muscles. The phalanges are controlled by ligaments attached to muscles in the forearm.
  • Males tend to have a longer ring finger than an index finger. Females are the opposite.
  • Hand surgeons say the index finger is the easiest to lose because it is the least important to functionality (e.g. gripping).
  • We chose the ring finger for engagement rings because of its Vena amoris, a vein that runs directly to the heart.
  • It takes approximately 6 months for a fingernail to grow from root to tip.
  • Fingernails are composed of the same organic material as hair.
  • The wrinkles on knuckles are formed because that’s where the skin is directly attached to the tendon.
  • Julius Caesar demanded the thumbs of captured warriors be amputated so they could no longer bear arms when returned to their home country.

With such a fondness for our hands, because they give us so much joy and opportunity, it is a major bummer when problems arise.

When you can’t use your hands, it underscores just how centrally important they are to life’s journey. Beyond injury, even infectious disease, like shingles, can inhibit our ability to employ our hands.

Can I Get Shingles on my Fingers?

The most common areas for outbreaks to strike is on the sides of your torso. The virus prefers, it seems for whatever reason, to dominate one side of the body over the other. But can I get shingles on my fingers? Yes, absolutely sores have been reported on every inch of the human body including the hands.

The virus moves along the nerves throughout the body. Since the hands are full of nerve endings it is an endpoint for the virus to explode. This pattern of distribution is called dermatome and there are two main ones in each hand.

Shingles on Fingers Symptoms

Shingles (scientific term herpes zoster) rears its ugly head first as a red rash. Irritation then progresses to fluid-filled blisters that are painful.

With its deep tie in the nerves, the rash is supremely sensitive to touch. With shingles on the fingers, symptoms are magnified with all the physical interactions our digits endure.

Diagnosis includes yeses to the following questions:

  • Do you have a history of chickenpox?
  • Did you experience odd pain before the rash appeared?
  • Are the blisters fluid filled?
  • Are the bumps sore to the touch?

Is Shingles Between Fingers Contagious?

Oozing sores on your fingers may encourage you to retreat from the world in fear you will pass along your bad luck to another person. Are shingles between the fingers contagious? Discussing the contagiousness of shingles is complex.

The liquid blisters signifying shingles are not, in themselves, contagious. Shingles are a rebirth of the herpes zoster virus that causes chickenpox, usually in children. If a person already contracted chickenpox as a youngster, coming into contact with shingles on another person will not ignite the signs within their body.

However, the virus itself is highly contagious. The fluid in your finger bumps could transmit herpes zoster to a person not already hosting the viral infection within them. Youth are particularly susceptible to chickenpox, which is why it holds a reputation as a rite of passage. It is within the realm of possibilities to ignite chickenpox in a child from a shingles outbreak, but shingles is less communicable than chickenpox. Keeping the rash under wraps is usually sufficient in stopping the spread.

If no rash or blisters are present, an individual is not contagious. The contagious period comes to a halt after the sores have crusted over. Regardless, it is always safest to avoid skin-to-skin contact during an outbreak to circumvent infecting a vulnerable person like:

  • Pregnant women who have never had chickenpox
  • Premature infants
  • Immune suppressed patients (from chemo, HIV, organ transplants, etc)

A few quick habits to counteract the spread is to practice consistent hand washing, cover with bandages (or clothing), and resist the urge to scratch.

Shingles on Fingers Treatment

Once you have been targeted by the herpes zoster virus, you will never be cured. But there are shingles on fingers treatment for the signs and symptoms. Antiviral medications can shorten the tenure of the outbreak and period of contagion.

Topical steroidal creams ease the itch and speed up closure of sores.

Cold compress is great for reducing swelling, inflammation, and itching.

Lysine, an amino acid, is believed by some doctors to inhibit outbursts of shingles since it is effective against a relative in the herpes family, herpes simplex (HSV). The trial evidence is still modest, but since the body cannot produce amino acids internally, it can’t hurt to supplement. Anything to boost immune system function could prove fruitful.

Vitamin E oil is suggested by professionals as a topical treatment. The essential nutrient is a building block for cell regeneration and has promising research results in wound treatment.

Shingles on Fingers Pictures for Identification

Distinguishing the rash on your hands can be taxing. To a civilian, all red lumps may look identical. What shingles on fingers pictures can do for this scenario is to provide a side-by-side comparison to scrutinize your hand’s status. This image gallery can aid you on your quest of discovery:



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