Shingles in Mouth, Throat and Lips: Symptoms, Treatment and Pictures

Shingles is a nasty predicament that yields rather horrifying blisters and rashes on the body. It most frequently develops below the shoulders on the torso, and sometimes on the extremities. You might be wondering if it’s possible to have a shingles breakout on your face, or even in your mouth, though. And guess what? Such inquiries like “can you get shingles in your mouth?” aren’t actually so unusual, because shingles doesn’t discriminate against nerve routes to choose from.

Unlucky as it may be, shingles can turn up anywhere on the body, even in the strangest places you’d otherwise rule out merely for the sake of the seemingly unimaginable. Never underestimate VZV, though. It’s a ruthless and relentless virus that’ll realize itself just about anywhere.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that a third of the American population will suffer from shingles. That’s one in three people, a massively astonishing statistic that’ll knock you right off your comfy rocking chair.

Can You Get Shingles in Your Mouth?

The very simple remark is affirmative. Yes. In, on, and around the mouth. Why? The virus responsible for this agitating, perturbing indisposition persists in the roots of our sensory nerves once infected. Most typically, the chickenpox has plagued you in pupilage, and so VZV comfortably embraces a life of latency forever within you, as a host, so to speak.

Several elements will make one VZV carrier more predisposed than the next, however once infected, it’s almost just a matter of time for the unlucky 33.33% of human adults who’ll have to contend with the distress of a shingles diagnosis.

Shingles in Mouth and Throat Pictures

Take a second to imagine what shingles, or herpes zoster, in mouth and throat pictures look like. It’s almost worse than your nightmares. Since the mouth is already moist and wet and full of bacteria, such images are quite jarring. Just have a gander around this page to see what you could be facing should shingles decide to produce itself inside your mouth and throat.

Photographs, however, cannot solidly confirm an accurate diagnosis. Shingles in the mouth can undeniably be misidentified for other diagnoses such as thrush, black hairy or geographic tongue, leukoplakia, lichen planus, periodontitis, transient lingual papillitis (lie bumps), or other ambiguous abscesses and ulcers.

Therefore, with any unidentifiable condition in this sensitive place, it’s of utmost seriousness to consult with your healthcare provider. You cannot know the gravity of the situation, nor effectively rectify it without a professional consultation and opinion.

Causes of Shingles on Lips, in Throat, and in Mouth

Regardless of where shingles manifests itself, the causes of the infection remain the same. VZV and its latent existence will eventually show up. There are, however, a few determinants at play that can encourage the virus to show up. These risk factors include being geriatric, high stress levels, chemo or radiation for cancer care, an enfeebled immunity, and sickness. Any of these issues can instigate a reactivation of the dormant VZV, stimulating an outbreak of a rash with blisters.

Shingles on the lips cause a laundry list of detestable symptoms, same goes for inside the chops, the pharynx and larynx, too. Let’s get involved.

Shingles in Mouth Symptoms

Wherever dermatome shingles presents on the symptoms will be similar. Visible shingles in mouth symptoms will certainly comprise of ulcerations—a rash that yields blisters clustered on a single side on the gob. The clusters can be inside the cheek, on the gums, the hard or soft palates, even on the tongue.

Severe mouth pain, along with the usual feverish temperatures, tummy aches, and tiredness, is also plausible.

Shingles in Throat Symptoms

Signs of internal shingles aren’t the easiest to pinpoint. Systemic shingles can develop inside the throat, but seeing it in the mirror is impossible. Here’s where the usual symptoms play a key role in prognostication.

Pay attention to swollen lymph nodes, burning, tingly, or numbed feelings underneath the epidermis, spiked temps or chills, coughing, and aching muscles.

Shingles on Lips Symptoms

Following suit, shingles on the lips symptoms include the same as above but also come with some disfiguring sores both inside and outside.

Neurotic pickers have to be careful not to mess with these, as there’s potential for scarring. Not to mention, the fluid inside the blisters is contagious as well.

Shingles in Mouth Treatment

Experts suggest ceasing all dental hygienic tasks until the rashes and lesions are fully healed. Before that, shingles in mouth treatment is not dissimilar to bodily shingles therapy. Antiviral meds will be prescribed to get the infection under control and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. Such drugs include famciclovir, acyclovir, and valacyclovir.

Your physician will consider your full medical history before choosing which antiviral route to take, and will probably recommend some pain relievers to manage the discomfort you’ll surely be experiencing. Tylenol or Motrin should be strong enough to get the job done. Additionally, make well use of cool, wet compresses to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Take your viral illness seriously by visiting your doctor and strictly following their suggested guidelines and prescribed methods of treating the rash. Rest and relaxation are also required for dealing with the fatigue that accompanies a zona breakout.



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