Scabies Treatment Over the Counter – Definition, Causes & Home Remedies

Often causing chronic itching and discomfort, scabies is a term that frightens many people. Whilst a pretty unpleasant condition that requires rapid treatment due to its highly contagious nature, scabies isn’t debilitating toward health with virtually every sufferer able to make a full recovery provided correct treatment is provided.

So, if you’re suspecting yourself or a loved one could have contracted scabies and want to learn more about the early signs, cure treatments and how it’s transmitted, keep reading!

What is Scabies?

Defined as a skin condition caused by the culprit of mites called Sarcoptes Scabiei, scabies is notoriously itchy and is typically physically presented as vibrant red bumps atop your skin. The mites involved in what is scabies literally burrow beneath the skin, subsequently laying eggs which keeps the condition active and alive.

Affecting a huge number of people worldwide of virtually all ages, sizes and races, scabies certainly doesn’t discriminate and is incredibly contagious. This is why urgent treatment is essential if you’re diagnosed with this condition, as it can occur virtually anywhere on the body including between fingers, wrists, elbows, buttocks, knees and on face.

What Causes Scabies?

A primary question many ask when investigating what causes scabies is whether it’s contagious? And how do you catch it? The simple fact is that this condition is absolutely contagious, merely requiring physical contact or even sharing clothes with someone who suffers the condition. Once contracted, the microscopic mites will burrow beneath your skin to create tracks in which they lay their eggs. Once hatched, new mites will progress back up to the skin’s surface to either infect other people in close proximity or spread further across their current host.

Scabies Symptoms

Whilst exact scabies symptoms can vary between individuals, most signs and photos of this condition remain relatively stable in characteristics. The most prevalent symptom on scabies it intense itching, with many sufferers describing an acute urge to scratch that’s almost possible to resist. Itching is often worse when lying down at night, with severity increased. Another common symptom is the presence of a rash, often peppered with burrow trails in which you can track where the mites have specifically been. Many state a scabies rash resembles hives, and in more sinister cases blisters can emerge.

Can I Rely on Scabies Images?

If perplexed whether you have scabies, it’s completely natural for you to scope the internet for pics of the condition. However, whilst symptoms are relatively standard across almost all cases, it’s silly to base your entire diagnosis on scabies images you’ve found on Google. As with any medical ailment, it’s crucial you visit your doctor to receive professional examination and an expert opinion. And if scabies is your confirmed disorder and it’s not an STD or an alternative skin issue, viable treatment options will be discussed.

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter

There’s a wide array of OTC treatments available for a variety of skin condition, scabies being no exception. Many scabies medicine options don’t have to be prescribed by a qualified doctor – you can simply visit your local pharmacist for advice and recommendations. Scabies treatment over the counter will typically consist of topical creams and ointments, with many popular pharmacy locations including Walmart, CVS and Walgreens being perfectly suitable. Due to the easily spreadable nature of scabies, any cream you obtain will need to be applied all over your body following all user instructions perfectly accurately. It’s also recommended that every member of your household undergoes treatment too.

Scabies Natural Treatment

Whilst OTC medications are the best recommended method for successfully treating this condition, scabies natural treatment methods can also be utilized to help ease itching and hopefully accelerate the overall healing process. However, it’s important to remember that the majority of natural remedies will only provide relief for itchy rash discomfort. After all, when asking ‘where do scabies rashes come from’, the answer is always rooted within the mites themselves and the eggs they lay. Therefore, the methods you’re about to discover will require further enhancement with professional medications to kill all traces of scabies.

Tea tree oil is renowned for as one of the most beneficial essential oils available. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties and able to alleviate uncomfortable itching and help reduce redness, topically applying tea tree oil directly to your scabies rash will likely ease symptoms. But don’t just apply raw tea tree oil without first diluting it with water, as it’s extremely potent and could irritate your skin.

More Scabies Home Treatment Methods

If your skin has shown previous adversity toward tea tree oil, it’s best to opt for other scabies home treatment options instead. Aloe vera is hailed for its calming, soothing properties and is likely to provide an instantly cooling feeling against the burning itchiness of a scabies rash. Better still, a wide variety of drugstore moisturizers and creams containing aloe vera can be purchased for reasonable prices, making it a relatively inexpensive option.

Whilst not as well known as tea tree or aloe vera, neem oil could perhaps be the most beneficial choice of all. With multiple studies demonstrating its ability to help kill scabies mites themselves as opposed to simply alleviating rash symptoms, simply apply organic neem vegetable oil to any trace of scabies rash or burrowing tracks to witness effect.



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