Scabies on the Human Face, Penis, Arms, Hands, Eyes & Elbow – Symptoms and Treatment.

Imagine your body being invaded by an alien parasitic life-form. It burrows into your skin and lays a batch of eggs. The eggs eventually hatch and form more eight-legged creatures that continue living in the skin’s layers. You itch and a painful rash forms. The biting process releases antigens that breakdown and liquifies the cells causing a localized reaction. Streptococci or staphylococci in bite sites are common. Eventually, the mites populate your body and you are swarming with thousands which cause thickened crusted of skin. The parasitic insects can live for 48 to 72 hours away from your body so they can easily spread to others. Scabies (parasitic dermatosis) afflicts 300 million globally. The body of the mite excretes endogenous molecules which acts as a shield to the immune response.

Wondering What is Scabies?

Do you have a raised, itchy red rash that is spreading? If you are wondering what is scabies? You might be surprised to learn that scabies is not just a simple rash but a living creature. Scabies is known as Sarcoptes scabiei. The microscopic mite is a parasite that requires a human host to live and reproduce.

An infestation can occur in a family home, school, daycare, nursing home, institutions such as jails or prisons, nightclubs, and other crowded areas. It spreads by skin-to-skin contact or through sexual relations. After becoming infected, it can take from four to eight weeks before a person starts exhibiting the itching and red bumps. Please see pictures. The mites are highly contagious.

Children with Scabies on Face

Undeveloped countries and poor communities are at significant risk of a scabies outbreak. If you see red, itchy spots on your child’s cheeks then the little one could have scabies on face.

Scabies rash on face. The female mite lays up to 15 eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae feed, then emerge long enough to mate before they re-burrow into the skin to start the cycle over again. You cannot visually see the larvae or mites, but the red bump appears to have a hole in the center. Please see pics.

Contracting Scabies on Arms

The bites are not what causes the itching, but it is the body’s immune system response that creates the rash. Scabies on the arms is very common because you might brush against someone in a crowd, on the subway, riding a transit bus, at a concert, or in a bar. Usually, it is hard to pinpoint where the transfer occurred because of the time lag between the day the mites enter your skin and when you suffer a breakout.

Having Scabies on Hands

You are always touching things with your hands. When you visit a store you touch the rod of the shopping cart, at a library you grab a book, or even laying the palms of your hands on a countertop gives a mite enough time to cling to your skin. Scabies, also called Norwegian scabies, on hands is common.

The Danger of Scabies on Penis

Brothels are often thriving with the mites. They can infect the bedding on the mattresses. Prostitutes often have scabies unbeknownst to their Johns. They mistake the rash for a razor burn from shaving their pubic hair. A condom does not provide protection against the mites. Once the mites infest your pubic region, they can easily spread and you develop scabies on penis. This is a common parasite transferred during sex. You can acquire the mites living a loose lifestyle and having many sexual partners.

Developing Scabies on Elbow

During the summer months, you are probably wearing short-sleeved shirts and tank tops. This exposes your arms to easy infestation. You can develop scabies on elbow, biceps, wrists, and forearms.

Exhibiting Scabies on Eyelid

If your eye becomes red, itchy, and inflamed you might think that you have contracted a stye. However, scabies on eyelid is common. The area is extremely painful and you can rub the delicate area around your eye so much that it swells shut. If you stay in a hotel room and sleep on the shared pillows, then you could contract scabies on the face from the previous guests and lack of cleanliness in the room. Remember, the mites live up to three days on surfaces. Babies laid down in shared cribs at a daycare or babysitting facility are at increased risk. This is especially true in group homes and orphanages.

Learn How to Get Rid of Scabies

If you have visited the doctor and been diagnosed with wretched scabies, then your skin is literally crawling in horror. You want to know how to get rid of scabies. How to treat scabies requires a scabicide lotion or cream. Over the counter products that are non-prescription will not work. All areas of infestation on the body must be treated. The entire face and scalp must be smeared with the lotion. They prescribe permethrin or sulfur for infants. Anyone who has been in contact with the infected person must undergo treatment because they could be infected but remain asymptomatic for up to eight weeks. All clothing, bedding, and furnishings must also be treated. If you are wondering how long it last and the answer is that it will not go away on its own.

Pursuing Scabies OTC Treatment

If you have scabies, you must seek medical help. The FDA has approved no scabies OTC treatment.

The only treatments are:

  • Elimite
  • Sulfur
  • Eurax (Crotamiton)
  • Benzyl benzoate
  • Keratolytic
  • Lindane
  • Stromectol (ivermectin)

Over the counter, remedies are rarely effective in a widespread case.

  • Nix
  • Sulfur soaps
  • Calamine to relieve the itch
  • Antihistamines

Prevention includes washing all clothing and bedding in hot water and drying on hot. Also starting treatment immediately even if there are no signs of infestation yet.



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