Scabies on the Human Face, Penis, Arms, Hands, Eyes & Elbow – Symptoms and Treatment.

Scabies is more of an infestation than it is an infection. It occurs when microscopic mites burrow into human skin and thrive there. The mites can be spread through skin-to-skin contact and the sharing of bedding or clothes. However, brief contact such as handshakes or hugs will hardly spread the mites.

Anyone can get infested with scabies mites regardless of their class, race, age and other such factors. People with weakened immunity and who live in social places such as nursing homes are more susceptible.

Mites that cause scabies can infest any part of the body, especially wrists and elbows. The infestation is extremely itchy and can be very hard to treat. In fact, the mites will not be eradicated with soap or hot water. There also are no over the counter drugs approved to kill the mites, unlike the way you can use over the counter kits for freezing skin tags at home.

Scabies in humans; images and pictures

In images and pictures, mites responsible for scabies in humans appear as eight-legged round mites. They cannot be seen with the naked eye. Female mites dig burrows into the skin while male ones stay on the skin. In the burrows, the females will lay eggs, which can take about 10 days to hatch and develop into mature mites which repeat the process. Males die after mating. If left untreated, it can cause the immune system to allergically react to the infestation.

Since they form burrows, close inspection of pictures, video illustrations and images of a scabies infestation will show patterns or lines of a red rash. It is important to understand that these mites only infest the outer skin surfaces. They cannot burrow into internal organs or into the mouth to cause white spots on gums or internal organs failure.

Information on Symptoms of scabies in humans

Common symptoms of scabies in humans include:

  • A very itchy rash that worsens at night
  • Blisters or bumps with a filling of clear fluid. The bumps are usually pink but can redden due to constant scratching. They are different from lobe-shaped blisters which indicate the causes of cold sores
  • Zigzag rows or grayish lines on which red bumps are present
  • Heavy infestations are common around feet and hands

If you have recently attended functions in social places and are experiencing the above symptoms, there are higher chances that you are dealing with a scabies infestation. This is even more likely to be the case if other close members of the family start experiencing the same symptoms.

Treatment for scabies on hands, arms and on palms

It is very common to suffer a scabies infestation on palms, hands and arms. Other than home remedies, the available treatment options have to be prescribed to you by a doctor. They include:

This is the top choice scabicide that will likely be prescribed. It works by killing the mites and therefore controlling the scabies infestation. Permethrin comes in form of creams that contain 5% of the compound.

To treat scabies on hands with permethrin, apply the cream over the whole body except above the neck. After a period of about 12-13 hours, wash off the cream and repeat the process for 7 days.

Permethrin has some itchy effects. It is important that a doctor be the one to direct its use in children. This is especially when being used to treat scabies in the eyes.

Crotamiton can also be used to treat scabies on the elbows and any other part below the neck. It comes in lotions and creams containing 10% of the compound.

To use crotamiton for scabies on the arms and full body treatment, apply the cream over the entire body except to above the neck. A warm bath is necessary before the application. Wait for 24 hours, take another bath and repeat the process for a week or two.

Lindane is a more aggressive treatment approach for scabies on the hands and full body treatment. Its main drawback is in the fact that its use can lead to neural toxicity. In fact, people with low immunity, children and pregnant women are not advised to use lindane. However, it can remove scabies when other treatments are of little effect.

To use lindane, apply a cream containing 1% of the compound from over the body except to above the neck. Wait for 12 hours, take a bath and repeat the same for a week.

This is an oral medication for treatment of scabies on the elbow and other body parts below the neck. Doses of 200mcg/kg are to be used on daily basis for 10 days. This medication is known to cause increased heart rate.

Antihistamines are not used to treat scabies but rather to ease the itch caused by them. Topical steroids such as creams containing 1% hydrocortisone can also be used. They are available without a prescription.

How to diagnose bumps of scabies on penis

Scabies on the penis can easily be confused with symptoms of conditions such as:

  • Syphilis
  • Chancroid
  • Folliculitis
  • Other parasites such as fleas, lice and bedbugs
  • Eczema
  • Contact dermatitis

In a clinic, scabies on the penis or any other body part will be diagnosed by taking a small sample skin and examining it under a microscope for mites, eggs, or their waste. An ink test can also be run to identify patterns in the burrows made by the scabies mite.

At home, you will need to rule out chances of being infested with other parasites such as lice. This can be done by simply looking for noticeable parasites. Lice and bedbugs are large parasites which can be seen with a naked eye.

Conditions such as eczema and syphilis will always be accompanied by other symptoms different from the ones identified earlier in this article.

There is always the option to check before and after images and pictures for scabies on the penis. These ones will help you run a self-diagnosis at home. If this fails, you will want to visit a clinic.

Treatment information on Scabies on the face and eyes

Scabies on the face and eyes may require something less aggressive and one that will not harm the eyes. In this case, you can try any of the following home remedies:

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil will help in soothing the skin as well as discourage the spread of the mites. It is also known to fight viral infections of the skin including anal warts. However, you will still require a prescription cream to kill mites eggs located in the burrows.
Tea tree oil can also be sprinkled on bedding and clothes thought to be contaminated with scabies mites.

Aloe Vera
Skin health benefits such syringoma treatment have been linked with aloe Vera for skin care use. Raw gel from the plant or processed gel found in stores can be used to treat scabies on the face. Just apply the gel on the affected areas before going to bed.

Essential oils
Clove oil, for example, has been used to control mite infestations in rabbits. Essential oils such as lavender have been used to treat skin conditions on other delicate parts such as a pimple on the penis. They are potential treatment options for scabies on the eyes and face.
Products such as soaps containing neem can be used to ease the pain and swelling caused by scabies infestations. Neem is also known to fight bacterial infections effectively.

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper has similar effects as antihistamines. It can be used to reduce the itch caused by scabies on eyes and other body parts.

Home remedies are relatively safe especially when used to treat scabies on face and other sensitive areas. However, you may still need to visit a clinic for more aggressive removal methods. As you may soon find out, getting rid of scabies mites and their eggs at home is not simple at all. In fact, unlike the way you can cover a hickey, you can’t help yourself from scratching scabies-infested skin areas.

Are skin bumps a sign of scabies in humans?

Depending on where the bumps occur and what they look like, they can be a sign of scabies or another skin condition. There are actually very many possible causes of skin bumps in humans.

Infections such as herpes will cause sores rather than bumps. In fact, any microbial infection will always cause other symptoms apart from an itchy rash.

Pimples on the head or on other body parts can also be confused with scabies. These are bumps caused by blocked skin pores. They are not itchy and will not occur in identifiable patterns.

Bumps on the skin will only be a sign of scabies when they are accompanied by an intolerable itchy rash which will in most cases be pink or reddish in appearance.

Note that scabies is only contagious when passed from one person to another. It cannot be passed from pets and animals to humans. The mites survive for approximately 72 hours outside a human skin and then die off. Use of soaps, detergents, and other home remedies may not remove the mites and their eggs entirely. A prescription medication may be required.