Remove Skin Tags during pregnancy: genital, vaginal treatment with causes.

Pregnancy, a period of great joy, the nine months when women bloom, fulfilling their birthright and bringing forth life, or is it? Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most exciting yet unnerving times in a female’s life. What is one of the most natural physical processes since the dawn of time is, however, not without its design faults. Urinary tract infections, random and bizarre appetite cravings, morning sickness…well, that’s a misnomer, it can be round the clock vomiting and nausea – bleeding gums, constipation, vaginal discharge, the list seems endless. Present also are skin tags, probably not a huge cause of concern bearing in mind the other items in this listicle but unwanted and unpalatable nonetheless.

What causes skin tags during pregnancy?

Aesthetically displeasing, skin tags don’t have to be an inevitable price to pay for a beautiful bouncing baby. Skin tags in expectant and nursing mums are caused by the increase in hormones during the gestational window. They popularly develop in the groin or abdomen but may not be visible until after the child is delivered for obvious reasons of accessibility.

Some women find skin issues actually one of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy to deal with psychologically and mentally. Perhaps this is because it is a symptom that is not so recognised, the big hitters getting all the press coverage. Hormone fluctuations are what causes skin tags during pregnancy but they can wreak other havoc on a previously flawless and radiant complexion too.

Getting skin tags while pregnant is one of a number of skin problems

Skin tags may actually be the least of your concerns. Around half of pregnant ladies develop a ‘pregnancy mask’, dark pigmentation around the forehead, cheeks and mouth which medics entitle melasma or hyperpigmentation. Acne is another gift, pouches or bags under the eyes and spider angioma or spider veins or telangiectasias which are clusters of tiny blood vessels that appear just under the skin’s surface, labelled because they give the appearance of a cobweb. Great, now you are ready for Halloween all year round without even trying! So getting skin tags while pregnant is not so bad after all and there are treatment options available.

Are there options for skin tag removal during pregnancy?

There are possible routes to remove them but because skin tag arrival is partly associated with the gain in weight, many mums find both the skin tags and the excess pounds vanish naturally after delivery. Skin tags arrive almost overnight, looking like little grains of rice populating areas that get hot and damp – that’s most of you – and folds where there are friction and abrasion, the armpits, underneath or on the breasts and in the genital region – labial or rectal. Skin tags are generally not itchy or irritating so desire to remove them is usually purely cosmetic, part of the bigger picture of a woman trying to regain control of her own body. Skin tag removal during pregnancy is generally ill-advised. Many women opt to wait until the infant is born before investigating the full gamut of treatments available that is, of course, if they have not already spontaneously disappeared of their own volition.

What are the post partum treatment options for skin tags?

You will be so occupied with the birth and those early, disorientating days that by the time you get around to investigating your body, those skin tags may well have vanished, a bonus of these gender orientated invaders. Treatments include freezing off with liquid nitrogen or burning by laser, your local clinic will offer this service.

They can also be cauterized with a sharp blade or pair of scissors. There are topical creams available from your online pharmacist or local drug store which causes the stalks that attach the tag to the skin to disintegrate over time. These are definitely not safe and out of the question and off-limits during pregnancy (both chemical and plant-based natural remedies) and clearly if you are breastfeeding and have tags on your nipples or areola as the suckling baby could ingest this.

Equally, if you try and use these in the vaginal area for labial skin tags, there is a risk of ingression through the cervix whilst the baby is in utero.

How to prevent skin tags during pregnancy

If there was a legitimate answer to this age-old conundrum, then the inventor will surely be a millionaire! There is no specific solution or strategy that will prevent skin tags from appearing. However, you can implement a good skin care regimen, a big focus for mums to be as they battle with the inevitable and much more permanent stretch marks.

Many women are plagued with acne during pregnancy. Some of these natural therapies are also effective for skin tags and other blemishes. Apple cider vinegar dabbed onto cotton wool and applied or a dab of baking powder. Some essential oils are effective but must be carefully targeted. Speak to a qualified aromatherapist of you are unsure. In truth, there is no foolproof method to prevent skin tags during pregnancy other than to be patient.



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