Pulling Out or Popping Ingrown Hair When They Hurts & Itchy

When an ingrown hair springs up your first reaction is to figure out who to remove the ugly spot. Popping it seems like a reasonable option that is viable. You can also try pulling out ingrown hair strands using pinchers, your fingernails, or any sharp object.

Tricks on Pulling Out Ingrown Hair Strands

Plucking that icky hair isn’t like picking lovely daisy flowers in a garden. It’s actually a gross endeavor but a necessity if you want the spot to go away.

Here a few tricks on pulling out ingrown hair strands.

  • Sterilize everything with rugging alcohol because a break in the skin can easily become infected as the germs invade the delicate tissue.
  • Bite the bullet because it is going to hurt. Nothing worth having is easy. Pluck it fast because speed reduces discomfort.
  • Avoid plucking if there is a large pus pocket surrounding the deeply embedded hair. You might need a professional to extract the inflamed hair if the infection is too intense or widespread.

Tips for Popping Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs do bear a comparable semblance to pimples but when you pop a zit, you only get the core of pus and not a thick, scraggly that is probably pitch black instead of your normal color. Ingrown hairs are deformed and do not bear a normal appearance. They bear a striking closeness to a wire.

If you decide that popping ingrown hair strands is the best route then here are a few simple instructions on how to treat:

Scrub your hands using antibacterial soap. If you cannot wash, then use a hand sanitizer to dowse your fingers. Pay special attention to the grime in the nail beds. Use bristles to reach deep into the fingernail crevices and pull the dirt forth. You don’t want to pinch and push dirt into the open crevice after it frees the hair. Sanitary practices are imperative.

Why is Ingrown Hair Itchy?

The entire blemish becomes infected, and the hair is trying to work its way outward. An ingrown hairy itchy bump can drive you crazy because you want to scratch but it also hurts. Remember, one cause of an ingrown hair itching is the entire healing process. As the site finally dries and flakes than it will slowly disappear.

When Your Ingrown Hair Hurts

Your hair becomes a foreign invader in your body. It is like an alien making a spaceship landing deep in your pore. Not only is the hair unwanted but it’s also protruding the wrong way into the hypersensitive follicle and tube. The hair’s tip is like a sword or a spear constantly impaling the delicate tissue. Your brain perceives the ingrown hair hurts and starts to fire off signals to the body’s nervous system to spring the white-blood cells to action. It is a lot like a soldier spewing orders to his troops. The white blood cells must assemble and battle the attacker. The war causes inflammation, redness, swelling, and is why ingrown hair hurts.

How to Cure an Infected Hair

If the condition has been serious, then its time to seek the skills of a pro at a dermatology clinic. You may need antibiotics or excision. If you prolong the situation, then you will face purple, mauve, blue, or brown scars which may be smooth, raised, pit-like.

Laser treatments reduce the appearance of scaring or you could try dermal abrasive techniques to try to remove the scar tissue buildup and achieve an evener skin tone and less spotty complexion.

A physician may prescribe:

When you fill the script at the pharmacy, be sure to discuss the directions and side effects in depth the pharmacist.

How to Stop the Itch

Is the itching driving you insane? Is sleep difficult? If you can’t stop the incessant scratch, then try these ideas that might bring you rest.

Ice Pack: Use an ice pack on the surface. Leave on for 10 minutes until the need to scratch subsides.
Oatmeal Bath: Oatmeal is a wonderous holistic remedy for skin disorders. Many use it for hives, chickenpox, poison ivy, eczema, blisters, bug bites from ants, bees, or mosquitos, and other insects. You can buy premade commercial brands or use simple stone ground oatmeal.

Types of oatmeal products:

  • Eczema Honey Oatmeal Bomb
  • Aveeno Baby Oatmeal Bath Treatment
  • Dr. Teals Eucalyptus, Spearmint Bath Bombs
  • Yardley London Oatmeal and Almond
  • CeraVe Soothing Eczema Body Wash
  • Bath Milk
  • Apply anesthetics such as pramoxine

Use menthol or calamine. Place the lotion into your freezer for five or ten minutes for immediate cooling.

Exfoliate the skin surface to remove the buildup of dead cells and spur new cell production. It will also stimulate hair growth so it can more easily break out of the tubal prison and rise to the surface.

Moisturize your skin

Ingrown hairs can rapidly become infected so never take the condition lightly. Prompt treatment and future precautions will save you the headache of experiencing the condition at a later date and help you maintain smooth skin.



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