Privacy policy

When we use the term “privacy policy,” the statement is used in the context of the website. In reference to words which have been used in this policy “we”, “us” or “our” will refer to the entity and its owners or directors. Similarly, use of “you”, “user(s)” or “visitors(s)” will be referring to the readers of our online content on this website.

We would like to let our visitors know that does not in any way collect personal information of our visitors for any reason. The only time or place where you will be asked for your name and contact information, via email or telephone, is if you would like to communicate with us. Outside of that circumstance, this information will not be collected, either with or without your personal knowledge. However, we do collect other information whenever you visit our site, through the use of  cookies and web beacons. There are also some aspects of information which we collect from third parties as well, to form a collection. What we usually collect from you can vary, but here are some of the main components of the data that we collect from our visitors.

When we use cookies, what we collect is how visitors on our webpage behave, such as the area that they are chiefly interested in. For example, if they are only interested on the advertisements on our pages, or if they are interested in the actual content in our website. We also use information collected from cookies to analyze how long our visitors spend on our website.

By using information obtained from third parties, we can gather information regarding our website users such as their age bracket, language or the region they are coming from. We also use third party information to try and understand what type of information our users are searching for, the number of visitors, and the date and time that visitors access our website.

The information that is collected from you is used in various ways, which include research and evaluation. In this process, information that is collected is analyzed by our team to see how we can improve the services that we offer on our website. For instance, we can use this information to understand who our main visitors are, and try to come up with innovative services that may suit them better or offer them a better all-round experience.  The information that we collect can also be used to offer you suggestions of other aspects of the website that you may want to visit, based on your past search history. The information can also be useful when it comes to the introduction of new services that may be pending for our users and the data we have collected from you is what guides us on how best to achieve this.

There is also a likelihood that we may use the information we have collected from you in our marketing as well as our advertisement. We may allow different marketing companies to provide you with ads that they think will interest you, based on your searches on our website. Third parties who collect information from us may use it, along with other information that they have collected from you, to send you advertisements of either products or services that might interest you based on your searches on our website or other websites. The cookies in our website will collect information that the third party will use to advertise their products that you are more likely to buy.

It is therefore proper for us to acknowledge this, in the case that we are acquired by, acquire, or merge with a third party entity. If we are compelled to transfer collected information or, in the highly unlikely situation our company is declared bankrupt or in such similar condition which may lead to control of information we have collected from you being handled by other parties, we will not be liable for any use or misuse of your data, if we no longer have no control of this information.

We also reserve the right to update, alter, or change this privacy policy, and posting these changes on this page will be done at our own discretion. The modification which has been done will become effective on the posting date unless we clearly state otherwise when the policy will be taking place. We therefore advise our users to periodically read through our privacy policy so that they can know the new changes that may have occurred. By using our services after the privacy policy has been updated, we are assuming that you have consented to any changes made thereof. However in the possibility that you do not comprehend any part of the changes made to this privacy policy, you are free to reach out to us through our Contact Us page and we will get back to you with appropriate clarifications.

It is also recommended that you go through our Terms and Conditions so that you can understand better some of the things that have been mentioned in this page. The information that you will find there will help you understand exactly what you can expect from us and how we have agreed to treat information that we collect from you or any information that we get from third party about you, as well as the information that the third party gets from you through our website.  This is an important issue that you may need to consider before using our website. Otherwise, if you decide to use our services without reading the policy, please be advised that your agreement is implicit.