Pimple on Nipple, Breast, Chest, Scrotum, Cheeks and under Skin.

Pimples occur when secretions from sebaceous glands (sebum) get trapped inside hair follicles. Sebum is the oil that keeps the skin from drying. It is secreted through canals known as follicles, the same canals from which skin hairs originate.

As dead skin cells are being shed off, some may find their way into the hair follicles. This will trap the sebum and prevent it from reaching the skin surface. With time, some bacteria may also find a way into this mixture. As the bacteria divides in large number, the immune system will move to attack, causing a chemical reaction. This is felt as inflamed, red and painful skin swellings known as pimples.

Information on causes and treatment for pimple under the skin

A pimple under the skin is commonly referred to as a blind pimple. Unlike the acne we are used to, this one will not form a head but will form a cyst underneath the skin. It is hard to notice the pimple from a distance, but a bump can be felt on the skin over where it has formed.

Sebum, dead cells and bacteria are responsible for blind pimples. Unlike acne, these pimples will form deeper into the skin. They are harder to treat and will persist longer.


Don’t squeeze them
The first thing you should not do is squeeze on the cysts. This will only work by irritating the infection and encouraging it to swell even more. Squeezing will also redden the affected area making the pimples more noticeable.

Topical medications
Topical medications such as clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide can help fight the bacteria responsible for infected pimple under skin. They also help in reducing inflammations and prevent recurring outbreaks.

Try a warm compress
Warm compressing on the blind pimples encourages the sebum to move closer to the surface where it can drain on its own. Repeat the warm compress method about 4 times a day.

Tea tree oil and honey
These two home remedies are effective in fighting bacterial and other microorganisms that may be contributing to an infected pimple under skin. Tea tree oil also reduces inflammations. You can use it in pure form or in products that contain it. In the case of honey, use raw honey mixed with water.

Acne stickers
Acne sticker containing salicylic acid are said to flush harmful bacteria from the blind pimples. They are available over the counter.

You will want to see your doctor if the pimples won’t respond to the above treatment. In a hospital, a doctor may consider cortisone injections to remove pimples overnight. Antibiotics are also effective in preventing other blind pimples from occurring.

Pimple on nipple; telling the difference from images and pictures

Pimples on the breast and nipple are common both in men and women. Most of the time, they are completely harmless. They can be caused by:

Acne will occur on any part of the body. This result from blocked follicles. These types of pimples are common in women who are physically active and are bound to sweat in the bra. Acne on the breasts takes the form of whiteheads.

Yeast infections
If a rash is to accompany a pimple on the nipple, chances are high that you are suffering from a yeast infection. They are itchy and redden with time.

Areolar glands
These are glands that keep the areola lubricated. They form tiny bumps all around the areaola. Men and women have them and they are of no health risk.

Breast cancer
Rarely will a pimple on the breast be a symptom of breast cancer. Rather than pimples, breast cancer starts with a painless small lump that continues to grow in size in the breast.

Subareolar abscesses
This is a condition that mainly occurs in breastfeeding women. It is characterized by a painful lump beneath the areolar gland. It should be checked by a doctor to avoid the chances of it ending in breast cancer.

You may need to check different pictures and images for the parts of the breast mentioned here. You can also watch full video illustrations for the same.

Naturally occurring acne rarely calls for treatment unless it gets infected and painful. The rest of the conditions described above should be treated in a hospital.

If pimple on the breast turns into a lump or is accompanied by a rash, you will need to get medical attention. This also includes possibilities that it changes in size, color or becomes painful.

Causes of pimple on scrotum

The scrotum is rarely completely smooth. In almost all men, you will find a pimple on the scrotum. Most of them are benign while other may need medical attention. In fact, you may be taking a scabies invasion for bumps or pimples. Let’s look at the potential causes of pimples on the scrotum.

STDs are less likely to form pimples. Rather, they form sores which occur in clusters. They are mostly painful and accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, itch and foul discharge.

Jock itch
With jock itch, a rash will develop and spread to the groin and inner thighs. It is usually painful and very itchy.

Sebaceous cysts
These are very common causes of pimples on the scrotum. They are not dangerous and may heal after some time. They are small but hard skin limps which form on the scrotal skin.

This is a condition in which pimples develop on the scrotum due to dilation in blood veins. They will most likely bleed but are not harmful.

Skin bumps
Poorly shaving the scrotal skin will cause skin bumps to occur. These are generally hair strands that have been trapped under the skin and tend to curl inwards. They are not dangerous and will go away on their own.

Cancerous lumps can occur inside the scrotal sac. If you notice a hardened lump that is painless and continues to grow in size, it probably is a testicular cancer.

Folliculitis results from infected hair follicles which makes them swell. The pimples formed will likely be whitish in appearance. With time, they may be painful but are not harmful.

Pictures, images and video illustrations can help you identify a specific cause of pimples on the scrotum. If not certain, you are advised to check with your doctor. You may also consider learning more on how to get rid of moles. Moles occurring on the scrotum can be mistaken for signs of skin cancer or STDs.

What causes pimples on cheeks?
Constant outbreaks of pimples on cheeks are a common experience. You will be surprised to know that this is actually caused by manageable factors. Here are the probable causes:

  • Changes in hormonal levels
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other abused drugs
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Lung problems
  • Gastric disorders and infections
  • Medical drugs and medications
  • Allergic reactions
  • Heavy application of skin cosmetics
  • Dirty hands, including touching your cheeks with your smartphone and unwashed pillow cases
  • Poor dental hygiene

Aloe Vera gel can be used to reduce the inflammations of pimples on cheeks. An iodine solution can also be of help in this case. You can also consider taking a steam bath. Steam melts away oils stuck on your face. It also opens up sweat pores effectively. Some reviews recommend cutting ginger, tomato or lemon in half and rubbing the infected parts with the same.

Should the pimples on the cheeks persist, medical attention should be sought. In a clinic, you may be prescribed antibacterial creams and oral medications. Unlike a cold sore on the lip, pimples will rarely require treatment with liquid nitrogen or surgical removal.

Information on pimples on chest

Syringoma may be the cause of a cluster of pimples occurring on the chest. They are not hard to treat but often require recurrent treatment.
Pimples on the chest can be caused by other several factors. In most cases, clogged sweat pores will account for these pimples. They can also be caused by allergic reactions to cosmetics. If you wear tight clothes, issues with thermoregulation may cause the same.
In some women, hormonal changes during menstruation will make pimples on chest to appear. Diseases of the reproductive system may interfere with hormonal levels contributing to this issue. Other possible causes include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Poor hygiene
  • Cold of flu
  • Weakened immunity
  • Stress

Pimples are easy to treat but can be persistently recurrent. Just like skin tag removal cost, you will not have to drain your pockets with expensive treatment. Simple home remedies and proper hygiene may keep you free from pimples.