Perianal Skin Tag and Warts Removal – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment.

The area around and in the anus fosters the development of several skin growths and conditions. These include warts, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and skin tags.

Any of these conditions can be confused with another. For this reason, you may need to browse through available images and pictures for comparison.

Guides and information on perianal skin tag causes

Perianal skin tag causes revolve around factors that encourage a lot of friction to the areas around the anus. Any of the following factors will encourage them:

  • Pregnancy – changes in hormonal levels endured during pregnancy are a common cause of skin tags. During delivery, a lot of friction and pressure will also contribute.
  • Anal sex – the walls of the anus are bound to endure a lot of rubbing. This will certainly create the friction we identified as the main cause of skin tags.
  • Constipation – just the same way it causes hemorrhoids, it will encourage tags to form on the skin of the anal walls.
  • Obesity – this need no explanation. It has everything to do with pressure sustained on the buttocks when siting.

Perianal skin tags removal

Perianal skin tags removal is best done in a clinic. In this case, a doctor will perform a quick surgery to cut off the tags. It is a simple operation and a patient will be given leave on the same day the operation is done. Some post care services will be needed to ensure that the area doesn’t become infected.

If you are not open to surgery, the same method used to freeze off moles can be used. If all those fail, laser therapy will be considered. It is more effective for clustered skin tags and when surgery is not open to consideration.

Perianal skin tags removal at home

You may be considering options to remove perianal skin tags at home. Well, there will be difficulties in achieving that. The fact that they are perianal means that the use of over the counter creams and products is advised against. Even remedies such as tea tree oil, which show so much success in treating conditions such as cold sores in the mouth, are not encouraged.
The best option in treating such skin tags at home is to use a TagBand or a dental floss to ligate them. Since this may obviously present a challenge unless you are spectacularly flexible and have strategically placed mirrors, you can have a friend or partner help you to place the ligation. Either that, or you can go to a doctor who is not only more qualified to do this, he is likely to be less horrified by the procedure than your friend or partner.

Guides and information on Perianal warts symptoms

Perianal warts symptoms are rarely felt until the warts have grown in size or have spread. In fact, an outbreak can occur and naturally heal without you ever noticing. It is common in guys with a very active immune system.

Just like skin fungus will keep spreading without treatment, perianal warts too will appear on other body parts courtesy of the initial development.

When they occur, perianal warts symptoms and common features include:

  • Fleshy growths around the anus
  • The growths can be flat or raised
  • Clusters will continue to form from the initial growth
  • With close inspection and as seen on on images, the growths will share resemblance with tiny cauliflowers
  • Normally, the growths will not hurt, itch or bleed. The reverse happens when they become irritated and infected.

Perianal warts treatment and removal

Perianal warts treatment is quite demanding. The problem is that you cannot apply some essential oils or cover them with a duct tape just like that. No one is willing to try options such as a syringoma cream, which contains an active acid, on their genitals. Such attempts will invite other more serious infections of the genitals.

Luckily, there are a couple of prescription medications that are quite effective for small and young warts. Some will be applied by the doctor while some are to be taken routinely at home until the warts clear off.

A doctor may choose to have the warts removed by surgery. This is the fastest and most effective method. They can also be poisoned with laser beams or frozen. Warts that do not respond to topical medications are removed this way.

Over the counter perianal warts and skin tags removal

If you are considering some over the counter removal options for perianal skin tags and warts,  very few options will be open for consideration.

Well, someone may suggest a remedy such as tea tree oil. In any case, it works perfectly on white spots on toenails or even warts on hands. These are hardy body parts however. It is not the same with the anal area.

For a penis skin tag or one on the anus, the best over the counter removal product is a TagBand device or a dental floss. You can also try a freezing kit for sole and small skin tags.

In the case of perianal warts, freezing at home will work, but only for very small warts. You can use such a method when the warts are identified in very early stages.

Other than that, just have a doctor treat them or wait for them to go away naturally. The important thing to remember is that they are very contagious, both to other people and to other genital areas.

Prevention information for perianal skin tags and warts

For skin tags, avoid habits that will encourage rubbing against the anal area. Avoid wearing tight clothes and thongs for example. You can review the causes identified above again to know what to avoid.

In the case of warts, they will keep coming back even after treatment. Since the body naturally fights active HPV, measures to improve the immune system like healthy lifestyles and not smoking will help. Sex is the main way in which warts are spread. You may want to avoid that or take the necessary safety measures. The problem with warts is that they can be contracted after skin to skin contact even when sexual intimacy is not involved.

Also, it can help to get tested for warts or any related condition. In this case, a doctor may prescribe some medications that work by containing the causal organism.