Penis Skin Tags – How to Remove Them from Genital Area Safely.

Whilst skin tags are considered an incredibly prevalent condition, few people think of the penile area regarding their origin. However, developing skin tags on, around or near the penis is more commonplace than you might imagine with numerous men suffering the complaint. Luckily, all skin tags are utterly harmless and display zero hazard to comprehensive health. The only issue they pose is purely cosmetic, with many males simply disliking their appearance.

Luckily, penis skin tag removal methods are pretty straightforward provided you know what you’re doing. By reading this article in its entirety, you’ll discover what causes penis skin tags, how to differentiate them from genital warts or another STD, and best therapy methods with reciprocal pictures.

Can You Get a Skin Tag on Your Penis?

When wondering whether you can get a skin tag on your penis, the answer is a roaring yes. Whilst perhaps less common than other bodily areas, genital skin tags can occur naturally with nil warning. Currently possessing no proved single cause, penis skin tags are thought to occur from frequent friction, obesity and even increased age. Luckily, they aren’t dangerous to health.

However, a primary difficulty many men have when inspecting their genital skin tags is being unsure whether they’re genuine tags or warts. Warts are typically slightly raised bumps whereas skin tags possess ‘stalks’ attaching them to the skin and are usually flesh colored. If unsure, visit your doctor for confirmed diagnosis.

Does a Skin Tag on Penis Head Affect Sex?

When questioning ‘why do I have a skin tag on my penis head?’ the most common concern many men experience is whether it will affect sex. As the head is usually the most sensitive area of the penis with a plethora of intense nerve endings, it makes sense to assume a skin tag may disrupt sexual excitement. However, skin tags themselves don’t cause pain on their own and shouldn’t interfere with your sex life – especially if small in size.

Could a Skin Tag on Penis Shaft Be an STD?

As mentioned, differentiating between skin tags and STI’s is comparably demanding unless you’re a qualified medical professional. Developing a skin tag on penis shaft directly is usually the least common genital area to develop them, but it can still happen. So if you detect an array of minor lumps or bumps on your shaft don’t forthwith jump to conclusions and inescapably assume you’ve contracted a case of warts, herpes or syphilis. Consult a healthcare professional and undergo a thorough STD check to be assured.

Are Skin Tags at Base of Penis Painful?

Many men and women assume any unsightly bump appearing on their skin will elicit some form of pain – notably if arising within the genital area. However, due to the totally harmless and benign nature of skin tags it’s unlikely you’ll experience any discomfort whatsoever. But skin tags at base of penis have the potential to snag on clothing or underwear due to their awkward positioning, meaning you could encounter some degree of pain from snagging action. If becoming unruly and relentless, you could consider removal.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags on Your Penis

Undeniably the safest method of how to get rid of skin tags on your penis is to sustain professional treatment. Visiting your doctor and explaining why you seek removal should suffice, and an array of eradication methods will likely be discussed. Trivial surgery, laser treatment and even cryotherapy in which the tag is speedily frozen causing it to fall away within a few days are all viable, successful methods. In fact, once completed it’s highly unlikely your skin tags will be recurring.

Remove Skin Tag on Penis at Home

Whilst it’s frivolous to disregard the effectiveness and safety of professional removal techniques administered by a qualified healthcare practitioner, there’s specific methods you can try to remove a skin tag on penis at home. However, all home based options should be approached with extreme caution when tackling the genital area, as skin within these parts is chiefly sensitive and fragile.

A popular practical method is tightly securing a delicate portion of cotton or even dental floss directly around the skin tag’s stalk base. This will inhibit the blood supply to the skin tag, eventually causing it to weaken and fall off the skin. This method may take a few days to become effective, but is generally considered safe and pain-free provided it’s done correctly and isn’t agitated. Once the tag fritters away, you shouldn’t experience bleeding, scarring or pain. If you do, a visit to your local doctor is actively recommended to evaluate for potential infection or further issues.

If not enjoying the idea of tying something around your genital skin tag, you can try topically applying natural substances like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and even baking soda powder to the tag. These solutions intensely dry-out the tags and slowly break down skin cells. Over time with regular application using a cotton bud or pad, you should witness results. For ease of reference, consult online images to compare how your tag is likely to appear as treatment progresses.



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