Painful, Soft or Hard Lump on Collarbone: Causes, Symptoms & Pictures

When contemplating lumps and mounds in varying bodily ranges, the collarbone is an infrequent location that commonly springs up. However, miscellaneous lumps can occur on collarbones for a variety of reasons, some more urgent than others.

Luckily, many collarbone lumps are completely harmless and aren’t cause for concern. But it’s paramount to be watchful and judicious, and getting any form of lump checked out is essential to maintain the finest health. Disregarding size, pain or smoothness, all lumps should be investigated by a professional doctor if consistent. But if hunting to learn more about potential lumps your collarbone could develop for contentment and satisfaction, keep reading to determine relevant causes and symptoms – with comparable pictures for reference.

What Causes a Hard Lump on Collarbone?

Perhaps the most common type of lump within the collarbone area near shoulder is hardened and stiff. This singlehandedly depends on causation, as the most common culprit for a hard lump on collarbone is injury or traumatic upheaval. A fracture or neat break can often result in unexpected lumps cropping up, and can occur even in the most unimportant of breakages.

If you’ve endured an injury but aren’t pronounced you’ve broken your collarbone, other signs to watch for are excessive swelling and blackening bruising, limited movement, and even sagging of the flawed shoulder.

If suspecting collarbone injury, it’s needful to visit your doctor speedily – regardless of lump development or not. They’ll refer you for an X-ray scan to analyze probable damage, and will recommend treatment options shifting onward.

Are Hard Collarbone Lumps Always Painful?

f originating from injury, the answer is staunchly yes. Virtually any form of bone break or fracture will cause some level of pain, especially if swelling is embroiled. But if your hard lump isn’t due to a car accident or fall, it could be the sign of something foreboding – especially if not painful.

Whilst rare, cancerous tumors can develop on the collarbone as a syndrome of bone cancer or secondary tumor spread from elsewhere. If undeniable you’ve not undergone an accident and hurt your collarbone, a hard lump veritably needs to be checked to examine the likeliness of a tumor. Characterized by hardness, rigidity, and ineptitude of being moved underneath skin, it’s almost guaranteed your lump isn’t a carcinogenic tumor if squishy and soft. Instead, it’s likely a lipoma. However, ensure to visit your doctor to be 100% positive as home self-diagnosis is rarely accurate.

Why Do I Have a Soft Lump on My Collarbone?

As mentioned, lipomas are a common cause of soft lumps arising on the collarbone. Simply a collection of excess fat cells, this form of lump isn’t considered harmful and rarely entails treatment. However, if your lipoma is eminently large and exasperating, surgical removal could be a viable treatment option if proposed.

Another form of a soft lump on collarbone is swollen lymph nodes, with many completely bypassing this idea when researching. Swelling of lymphatic nodes is commonly associated with the base of neck or the right side of the neck, but they can extend as far down as the collarbone in circumstantial individuals. A common repercussion of underlying bacterial infections or viruses, distended lymph nodes are typically accompanied by rampant fever symptoms and pained tenderness when touched. Rarely hardened and easily treatable provided your doctor targets the elemental cause with medication, swollen lymph nodes are rarely concerning if guilty infection is confirmed.

Causes of Painful Lump on Collarbone

Due to the sheer sum of potential collarbone lumps, it’s certain greater than one type can be painful. However, one of the most common styles of painful lumps on collarbone is infected cysts, and this possibly hard, moveable lump must be treated with utmost carefulness. Defined as fluid-filled sacs that can occur implicitly anywhere on the body, cysts are just as likely to emerge on the collarbone as anywhere else. Uninfected cysts are relatively harmless and don’t cause pain, but if infected and united with redness, swelling and leaking pus, they can be excruciating for the sufferer.

Another form of potential collarbone cyst is a ganglion cyst. Whilst most commonly found on the hands, they can stem from the collarbone too. Visibly witnessed beneath skin, attached to joints or tendons and still represented as fluid-filled pockets of skin like general cysts, ganglion cysts are ordinarily benign and painless. However, if notably close to a nerve they can be incredibly painful and debilitating, meaning treatment is likely unavoidable.

Is Lump on Collarbone Near Throat Dangerous?

Whilst most likely harmless swollen lymph nodes, other collarbone-related lumps stretching further toward the neck can generate severe consequences. A relatively frequent symptom of thyroid cancer is neck swelling and lumps, especially if fast-growing with no sign of disappearing independently. So if you have a seemingly continuous, enlarged mass within your throat accompanied by other signals such as difficulty swallowing or breathing, visit your doctor purposefully. But it’s still imperative not to panic, as a distinctive throat swelling could be caused by plenty of other harmless conditions – only a professional can provide a concrete diagnosis.



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