Painful Lump Under or Behind Nipple in Male and Female – Diagnosis, Treatment

There’s a popular misconception that breasts are exclusive to a woman. Females have boobs and guys have pecs. The sexualization of this body part has created a stigma of femininity. Even pink breast cancer awareness ribbons confuse some individuals over the universal nature of breast related illnesses. There are disparities in the prevalence and frequencies of diagnoses between genders.

Are breast diseases exclusive to women?

Likewise, disparities in symptoms exist as well. The difference in anatomy lies in the fact women, on average, have swelled, enlarged boson in comparison to a man. Some males do suffer from gynecomastia, the scientific term for moobs. Both can be the result of estrogen levels. Being overweight may also do it due to excess fat. A male 14 or older may be having some hormonal imbalances due to puberty that will go away on their own. Males do have mammillary glands as well. This gland produces milk for a suckling infant, and while men don’t produce breastmilk on their own in normal circumstances without hormone therapy to induce lactation sing prolactin, it’s possible if you’re so determined.

Looking at pathology, women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Incidences do potentially share some common risk factors. Differences in the overall rate of diagnosis may be indicative of gender specific trends in pathogenesis, overdiagnosis, or additional risks. Overall, they share similar symptoms and, as they are the same disease, the physiological properties are comparable. The moral of the story is that anyone can suffer from breast issues. It doesn’t make you more feminine or less masculine and you should never be discouraged to discuss your health problems with a trained physician.

Why do men have nipples?

To answer one of life’s greatest mysteries, male nipples are pretty useless. The vestigial body parts are a product of the human blueprint. We are all humans and are built by the same genetic instructions. Real changes start at puberty, but while developing in the womb, we all kind of look alike for a while. It’s just how humans develop in the womb.

There are no mammalian species where the males are responsible (or naturally capable) of nursing the young. At about six to seven weeks of gestation, the Y chromosome (girls are XX, boys are XY) will induce testes to further lead to the growth of the male reproductive system. Without this, you just grow a uterus and vagina. Interestingly, androgen insensitivity syndrome exists where the body of genetic males refuse to respond to testosterone and phenotypically express as a female in external genitalia and appearance. Before all of this, though, when the fetuses are developing in the womb identically, the nipples are formed (along with appendages and so on). It’s just in our program and is not intended to serve a purpose.

Causes of a lump under the female nipple

A lump under a female nipple could have a wide range of explanations. For one, women who are nursing, very pregnant, or recently welcomes a baby into the world will experience tender breasts in general. A lumpy breast is commonplace for breastfeeding moms, and lumps in this area may be due to the physical strain of nursing a grabby newborn that may clamp down a little too hard at times. There are special nursing bras you can wear or tactics to breastfeed in different positions (consider referring to pictures of diagrams for guidance positioning). Other causes such as tumors are also popular, but fluctuating hormones may hold most responsibility depending on your life.

What’s to blame for a lump under the male nipple

While males don’t have to worry about infant jaws, hormonal fluctuations may also be a responsibility in males. About half of all boys will develop gynecomastia around puberty, but they lose it after adolescence.

Men should also be aware of the possibility of a breast tumor. These are often benign and merely fat cells going a little out of hand, but malignancies do occur in rare cases. Make sure to keep an eye out for any major changes in your body.

Treatments for a lump behind the nipple. Preventing discomfort of a painful lump under the nipple

A painful lump under the nipple can be hard to manage. For a woman, a bra may be torture, keeping it off may reduce some irritation. Avoiding tight or ill fitting clothing can be a solution for both sexes as it can reduce friction and further irritation. As the area has a high density of nerves, applying ice directly may be uncomfortable, but a cold compress may alleviate some discomfort. Painkillers like Advil or Motrin can provide temporary relief. Talk to your doctor about what may be impacting your mammillary health.

Is a hard lump more distressing than a soft one?

Hardness and stiffness, as opposed to squishiness and pillowlike, are traits you don’t want to observe. Cancerous masses are more often harder, and this may warrant alarm. Still, cancer is rarer than other, nicer explanations. As tempting as it may be, don’t jump to conclusions immediately. Visit your doctor for them to decide what the next steps shall be in order to alleviate your worries and discomfort.



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