Over the Counter Wart, Skin Tag & Mole Removal: Cure, Treatment.

Warts, always have a bit of a bad press because of how easily they can be spread between sexual partners. There is always just that slight whiff of STI around warts. In fact, they are caused by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV but intimate contact in the genital area can easily spread them. Warts are surprisingly most prevalent in young children with an immature immune system. Think of the swimming lessons as a child and verruca outbreaks. The strike rate can be 1 in 3 juveniles decreasingly vastly to only 3-5% of adults.

What do warts look like?

This depends to some degree on where it is and whether the skin is thick or thin. They can appear as rounded mounds, blisters or even cauliflower-shaped. There are different categorisations of which the most routine are pigmented, flat, common and plantar, that is on the feet.

Warts can take years to get rid but two thirds will have vanished within two years’ of onset. Thankfully, there are plenty of at home medications to attack the problem.

Learn how to remove warts

There are all types of treatment options depending on their location, how stubborn they are and whether they are causing any other complications. Most doctors and nurses will advocate the long haul of natural home remedies although there are surgery based options such as laser therapy, electrocautery, prescribed chemical interventions or antigen or allergy injections to boost the response of the patient’s natural immunity.

An easy favourite is painting them with nail varnish or polish, leaving for two or three days and then gently filing with a nail file before reapplying. The coating suffocates the wart although some say you can achieve the same result with a strip of duct tape. There are countless other old wives tales such as soaking a cotton wool ball in apple cider vinegar or even urine- presumably super acidic – and fixing it to the wart for a few hours a day. Whichever one you pick in your quest towards the ultimate trick of how to remove warts, you must be doggedly assiduous and diligent in your efforts. Persistency really does have its rewards.

What is the best wart removal product you can purchase over the counter?

There are so many players in the marketplace for wart removal without prescription, which one should you choose? Many medics recommend you start with a drugstore or pharmacy product which could well work, only coming into the clinic if you are really struggling. Most over the counter treatments are salicylic acid based in either gel, liquid or cream format. This substance softens abnormal skin cells and dissolves them. There are also freezing sprays which contain liquid butane. Try Walmart which offers a comprehensive selection of all the main styles of wart remover, known brands such as Equate, Dr Scholl and DuoFilm. The best wart removal product over the conduct is really the first one you find that works for you and fast.

Are there skin tag removal products available otc?

Skin tags can also be managed in the privacy of your own home. There are innumerable skin tag removal products accessible from internet retailers. If you are hesitant about shopping online, opt for a tried and trusted reputable outfit like Walgreens. Buy Provent skin tag remover, a reliable homoeopathic item or Revitol. Both gradually deprive the skin tag of moisture so it dries up and eventually falls off. These are the safest products to use even for facial skin tags. Revitol is suitable for all skin types and contains only natural ingredients such as sunflower oil for premium moisturising, Soybean oil, Sweet Almond oil and Thujaoccidentalis. This last constituent is an evergreen tree belonging to the cypress family, the leaves of which are cultivated for use in human medicine in different areas one of which includes skin conditions. It penetrates the skin tag, making it dry and parched until it eventually detaches.

Is it a safe idea removing skin tags yourself?

It is always best practice to get your skin tag evaluated by a doctor. If it is small with a narrow base, he may suggest home removal. This can either be done over a period of time with a topical application as discussed or manually removed either cutting off with sterile scissors or tying off with either fine cotton or dental floss, known as ligation.

Removing skin tags yourself is not recommended without medical input. Anything large will bleed profusely.

What about mole removal at home?

Moles require careful analysis if they are altering or changing to ensure they are not something more sinister. However, a routine, static mole can easily be removed with any one of a number of kitchen table panaceas varying from apple cider vinegar to half a clove of garlic. There are also products your local pharmacist can supply to facilitate mole removal at home.

Otc mole removal products

CVS is a great provider of pharmaceuticals for all you stateside residents. There are manifold otc mole removal products, you will be spoilt for choice. Try a skin lightener like Illuminaturali, chemical free and FDA approved, an alternative way to handle moles or Haloderm an organic and herbal mole remover.



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