Over the Counter Wart, Skin Tag & Mole Removal: Cure, Treatment.

It isn’t really a matter of debate that a doctor can remove skin growths or common infections such as toenail fungus easily enough. The problem is that you will likely have to part with more than $100. Chances are high that scarring will also be left behind.

Moving away from the issue of finances, skin growths such as warts or even skin tags will keep coming back even after you have had them removed. These factors combined, over the counter options provide a more strategic option.

Do OTC wart, skin tags and moles removal products work?

Top reviewed over the counter wart removal kits and products produce effective results even for skin tags and moles as long as they are used correctly.

It is natural to be skeptical when it comes to over the counter products. Luckily, the basis on which such top reviewed products work is largely understood. You will not have to worry about hidden ingredients or wasting your money on garbage products.

Which are the best over the counter removal medications?

Creams are the most popularly used over the counter wart removal medications. The secret behind their effectiveness is a compound known as salicylic acid. When an acid is applied on the skin, it works by corroding the top layers. This can be a bit scary but only when dealing with strong acids.

Salicylic acid is very mild. In fact, it is not even used in its purest forms. In regards to the best OTC removal medications for warts, go for creams or ointments containing 17% of the acid.
Some other ingredients you can look for include alcohol, ascorbic acid and castor oil. Castor oil can in fact be used with baking soda against corns and calluses.

Which over the counter wart removal cure to buy?

If you are stuck with not knowing which the best OTC freeze product to use against warts is, here are some of the features you can look for:

Ease of use
A product that that doesn’t need too many precautions and preparations is better suited. Remember that you will be using it for a couple of days or weeks.

Customer reviews
Wart Mole Vanish, Dr. Scholl’s Freeze and Compound W are good examples of top reviewed freeze compounds. You can start from there and see what other users have to say about a removal product that has your attention.

Duration taken to work
Of course you’re too smart to go for a product that claims to work overnight. On the other hand, a product that requires more than 4 weeks to work may not be the one to settle for. 2-3 weeks will do.

Most of the available products will are not to be applied on sensitive areas such as eyelids but will work for hands and hardy body parts.

Which is the best over the counter skin tags removal product?

OTC products used against warts also work on skin tags. However, there are additional options in the case of skin tags removal. You can choose from any of the following:

Wart removers
The same salicylic acid that corrodes warts will have the same effect on skin tags. Remember to look for products containing 17% of the acid and ones that have been top reviewed.

Since a skin tag attaches to the skin through a stalk, a string can be tied at the point of attachment to literally choke off the tag. The problem is that it can get a bit cumbersome and painful to tie the tag with a thread. The TagBand device provides a more friendly and customizable option.

Tea tree oil

Although there are other remedies that can work, tea tree oil is perhaps the best. It will neither leave scars behind nor will it irritate your skin. To add on that, the oil has been known to fight fungal infections and can be used against white spots on nails.

Homeopathic remedies

All natural removers have been included in this category. Their main selling point is based on the claim that they clear off skin tags and leave no evidence in form of a scar behind. Since there are an awful lot of them available today, the best approach is to see what previous users have to say about them. Amazon.com client reviews section can help.

Which is the best over the counter mole removal and cure?

Like warts and skin tags, there are quite a number of over the counter mole removal and cure products. We will need not repeat the main mode of action.

Unfortunately, OTC removal products for moles have not had a lot of success. This is the part that you will really need to read what previous users have to say.

Amolis is a good example of an OTC mole remover. Most of its users affirm that it really works. In fact, you can use it against the other two skin conditions that we have discussed above. The important thing is to follow guidelines provided by the producer.

Another such product is Tag No More. While it has been noted to require patience before desired results can set in, a significant population of clients did find it effective enough.

You can check out reviews for other OTC mole removal products such as tea tree oil. The best place to get genuine reviews is on external sites such as Amazon. As you will find out pretty soon, testimonials on the official product websites will rarely say something negative about the product they are attempting to sell.

Other over the counter skin tag, mole and wart removal options

The products we have been discussing so far are best used for growths on hands, neck and such hardy areas. For a genital wart, mole on face or skin tag, you will have to consider twice before using such products. In any case, you don’t want some acid, however mild, finding its way to your genitals or eyes.

That brings us to freezing the skin growths at home. Over the counter, you can purchase a freeze kit that works almost similarly to liquid nitrogen used in clinics for freezing skin tags and moles.

Such freeze kits make use of butane. It comes in spray which you can apply directly on the growths. The drawback with this cure option is that it may require quite a number of applications before being effective as needed.

The nitrogen used in clinics is about 3 times colder than OTC freeze kits. This enables it to penetrate deep into the skin and produce effects faster.

So which is the best over the counter removal product?

Some people will tell you that over the counter remedies are overrated. Others will tell a tale of the many such products they have tried without success.

For instance, remedies such as castor oil are sometimes advertised as potential syringoma treatment. If you are to ask any professional, they will confirm that syringoma hasn’t shown much response to such remedies, or even to clinical medications.

The point we are trying to drive home is that a product about which a few people are saying effusively nice things may not work all that well for you. However, many genuine reviews confirming that a product is actually effective can be relied on.

If you are certain that the skin condition you are aiming to treat is not a case of infection or symptoms of an underlying health condition, you can try any top rated over the counter available product. More specifically, try some of the products we have mentioned here and other top rated ones that you will come across on genuine reviews. A bit of patience is necessary and a lot of sticking to the provided guidelines by the manufacturer.

If all those fail to work, your dermatologist will provide a way forward. In any case, skin tags, moles and warts are easy to get rid of.