Not Painful Hard, Small, Pea-sized Lump on and Near Anus: Symptoms, Diagnosis

Quite a frightener to get busy with the toilet tissue only to uncover a small hard lump where there should only be smooth, pink flesh isn’t it or, an unexpected streak of blood. A bit like a spot on your face, anything on your backside feels about ten times the size too.

First, a biology lesson

The anus or bottom is the last portion of the alimentary canal where waste material exits the body controlled by a strong sphincter muscle. Between the anus and the vagina in women and the scrotum in men, sits the perineum. Adjacent to the anus, it lies underneath the pelvis supporting the pelvic floor. It is shaped like a diamond. Bacteria and germs thrive here.

The cause of a lump both on and near the anus

This can have a wholly unthreatening explanation such as a blocked hair follicle or skin pore which has trapped dirt and become infected. After bouts of norovirus and food poisoning which cause loose stools and vomiting, personal hygiene is crucial especially after diarrhoea to keep the skin in this area clean and to avoid spreading contamination to others.

Lack of sanitation and fastidiousness can create whopping spots, boils and abscesses which love the dark, warm environment of the nether regions around your anus, flourishing in sweat and faecal matter. An itchy anus can be the outcome of a fungal spread of thrush or an athlete’s foot type outbreak. However, a lump on or near your anus can also have a more defined medical causation.

What are the implications of a hard lump near your anus?

There is a range of non-life-threatening conditions to account for this so don’t fret and fear the worst. A hard lump or dark lump near your anus could be a haemorrhoid, known in popular parlance as ‘piles’, these may be inside the anus or external, outside the anus. Tiny veins in the rectum swell and dilate; the blood pools in the available space and the bulge expands into the surrounding rectal membranes and tissue. They manifest as a purple lump not necessarily painful. Another option is a rectal prolapse where literally, a section of bowel protrudes out of the back passage. Or warts, migrating from the genitalia and probably caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

What is the role of anal sex?

Anal play and anal sex may cause damage, tiny tears and lesions, fissures and sores vulnerable to infection creating small lumps which impede future activity. It can spread disease from normal penetrative intercourse too. Adequate lubrication is imperative to safeguard delicate internal structures. The vagina naturally self-lubricates with stimulation, the anus does not. There are three main types of ‘lube’ – oil, water and silicone based. Oil and silicone products are thick and long lasting but beware, the former can have a degrading action on condoms leaving you potentially in jeopardy of breakage or leakage. Some devotees will employ numbing gels but this is dangerous; pain is a useful guide and monitor. There is loads of counsel and direction online and tips and tricks about how to enjoy sodomy and buggery, to use Biblical language.

How to assess a pea-sized lump in your anus?

Almost impossible to see, feel or palpate with a clean finger and carefully. A pea-sized lump in your anus is likely an infection or haemorrhoids, very unlikely that it is anal cancer. Due to its hidden location, the assessment will need to be conducted by a medical clinician. A lump like this can inhibit bowel movements through the constriction and inadequate space. Even if it is a commonplace diagnosis, there could be other health implications.

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer is rare. In the UK about 1,300 people per annum are diagnosed across the population. However, because the symptoms can mimic other less serious disorders, any lump either inside or outside the bowel should be checked out. Rectal bleeding, pain, itching and small lumps are key indicators.

A doctor will also be interested in your digestive traits and bowel behaviour. Diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist oncologist using biopsy, essentially a tissue sample and either sigmoidoscopy or proctoscopy, the examination of the inside of the rectum and lower bowel using a proctoscope or camera.

Good hygiene habits and a sensible diet

Good anal sanitation should be practised daily and also between partners who share a physical relationship in whatever format. General dietary health is also important as it influences what emerges at the other end. For instance, a bad outbreak of haemorrhoids will discourage most sufferers away from the curry house. Hot, spicy food is known to charge on exit and can aggravate and inflame an existing condition.

Does a lump near my anus need investigation, it’s not painful?

A shiny pink lump near your anus is probably just a boil or a spot and may not be painful until the pus builds. Unless you are absolutely certain, you should head to your local surgery for an appointment and advice on the relevant treatment just in case it is something more sinister.



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