Mole on Face, Neck, Lip and Elbow Meaning – Hidden Messages on Different Body Parts.

The study of moles appearing on different body parts and their meanings formed an important part of traditional Chinese and Indian cultures, and also featured in Islamic cultures. Although there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the purported meanings, they are still fun to study, on top of the fact that the meanings can have a motivating placebo effect.

There are various types of moles. They range in size, shape, color and even when they formed. For now, let’s examine what moles on different parts of the body say about you.

Mole on face meaning and body parts

The meaning of a mole on the face depends on the part of the face it appears on. Here are the common parts that moles on face can appear on and their meanings:

  • Head (scalp) – maybe some guardian angel is always by your side; apparently, you will have a tendency of getting the best out of a seemingly bad situation. In short, you just are lucky.
  • Eyebrow – you will live long and richly. You also are good-hearted and responsible.
  • Eyelids – individuals with moles on upper eyelid are always looking for freedom. They will not stay in one place for a long period of time before moving. When the same is to appear on the lower eyelid, well, you might want re-consider getting into long-term relationships. They just might not last very long.
  • Outer edge of the eye – they are charming, either for bad or good reasons. Whatever the case, chances that you will fall for their charms are incredibly high. You may want to avoid getting too close if their motives are not clearly understood.
  • Forehead – your home might not the home you always longed for. If that is confusing, just try getting out of town for a couple of weeks. Chances are high that you won’t be coming back soon. To cut a long story short, a mole on the forehead is an indication that you are better away from home and relatives.
  • Nose – when they occur on the top of the nose, you are a shylock of some kind. Money will not be a problem to you. If the mole is to drift to the right or left side, well, your financial conditions may drift as well.
  • Lip – a mole on the lip meaning is dependent on where it appears. A mole on the upper lip indicates a person anyone will feel comfortable having in their circles. Know the great Gatsby? On the lower lip, a mole indicates much cemented family values. They are the persons you will find with very large circles of friends from opposite sexes.
  • Mouth – When it occurs above, it is an indication that you will not do well in exile or new locations for that matter. However, you might give birth to twins. Below the mouth, a mole indicates nomadism, or constant moving from one place of settlement to another.
  • Ear – on the ear, a mole is a good sign especially in regards to luck. Behind the ear, a mole is not so much a good sign. You either did not get along with your folks or everyone just wants to hit or take something from you.

If the meaning of the mole on your face is not working to your advantage, you can always have the mole removed with home remedies or in a clinic. In fact, over the counter kits used for removing genital warts on the penis or on any other body part can be used for mole removal too.

Mole on neck meaning and mole on back meaning

A mole can even appear on a scar after boil removal on the neck. It can also be present at birth or develop later in life.
The meaning of a mole on the neck can be good or bad depending on which part of the neck it occurs. If it is easily visible and located on the side, then it is a good sign mole. It means that you generally are humane and will succeed in artistry.

If it appears on the front part of the neck, it means that you will have a successful career. If the mole is to appear on the back part of the neck, well, someone may need to keep their distance. Generally, you are easily provoked and don’t do well in social circles.

The meanings of back moles and shoulder moles are closely related. On the shoulder, a mole indicates practicality and responsibility. Such a person will listen and act in response to sense.
Back moles’ meaning depends on the side that they are located on. If they occur on the right side of the back including the shoulders, they are a sign of bravery and courage. When they occur on the left side, they are a sign of anti-socialism but diplomacy of its own kind.

Moles on the back especially directly on the backbone are indications of being famous and recognized world-wide.

Mole on elbow meaning and mole on thigh meaning

The meaning of a mole on the elbow is dependent on its exact location and type. Generally, moles on the hands are indications of good luck to others. If a holder of such a mole visits you, you definitely should take comfort in their presence.

A mole on the thigh takes the form of enthusiasm in a particular art or task but very little concern with other fields or circles. When they occur on the genitals, they are a sign of great want for sexual intimacies.

Moles on hands can be easily removed especially if they are showing signs of developing into melanoma tumors. Methods such as used for cutting off skin tags or the use of specially combined essential oils can help you get rid of potentially risky moles.

Mole on breast, under breast and placenta meaning

The meaning of a mole on the breast also depends on where the mole occurs exactly. If it appears on the right breast, it is an indication of little or no plans for the future. Just live in the moment and let time be the healer.

The meaning of a mole when it occurs on the left breast is completely different. It signifies order and solid plans for the future.

For girls, a mole under the breast meaning has something to do with becoming famous in the future. She will capture the love of both young and old in her heydays. In boys, a mole on the breast meaning revolves around not having the ability to maintain faithful relationships.

A mole on the placenta meaning may be good or bad. Sometimes, it is a sign that the child is from the heavens themselves. Those who will seek her destruction will not succeed. However, it can be a sign that the child will never see later days of her/his life.

Significance of Mole on the face meaning and other body parts

Moles can appear on any part of the body. While the causes of some have not been explained scientifically so far, most can be explained. For this reason, moles on different body parts should not discourage you from trying something new or going ahead with something.

Remember not to confuse a pimple under skin or another skin condition with a mole. When it comes to their significance, moles and their meanings are no better than placebos; in that they don’t have any significant connection with the reality of life.

To interpret mole on neck, lip and other body parts meanings

The meanings associated with moles were developed and explained in ancient days, when mole astrology formed an important part of traditional cultures. The Chinese, Indian and some Islamic cultures are most famous for this.

To know what moles on you mean, you will need to read about their associated meaning online or from ancient encyclopedias.

Some moles have been associated with melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. However good a mole meaning may be to you, you should not hesitate to have it checked and possibly removed by a doctor, should it show signs of irregularity in shape and overgrowth. In fact, creams and home remedies used for removing skin tags around the anus can also be used to clear potentially dangerous moles.