Melanoma Under Toenail, Fingernail, on Toe, on Finger: Symptoms, Treatments

Melanoma is a dangerous skin cancer that is generally known for attacking fairer skinned individuals. Not all melanomas have a strong connection with UV exposure, and these may not even be highest in proportion in Caucasian populations.

Dark skinned vulnerability

Acral lentiginous melanoma is one such disease that is more common in darker toned individuals. These can be dangerous due to the notion that it’s impossible to contract skin cancer when you’re dark (not true!). Make sure to regularly visit your physician and seek medical attention quickly as early diagnosis is crucial to beating the disease.

Symptoms of melanoma fingernail

Melanoma has this connotation as a mole or raised freckle, however, this is not the case with fingernail melanoma. It can appear as a dark, vertical line and won’t present any painful lesions or sensitive areas until it progresses.

Spotting it early on is key, but it can easily be misidentified as something else. It spreads fast and the window where you have to act is rather small.

Being aware of melanoma under the toenail

The fingernails are more apparent to you as you check them more often and are more conscious of injuries that befall them and so on. They are also easier to see in comparison to the nails on your feet. Be careful and cautious to check your toes every once in a while as melanoma under your toenail may be easily hidden by poorly applied nail polish or you may mistake it for being a bruise from slamming it into your nightstand.

Treatments for melanoma on toe or finger

Recommended treatments of melanoma on the toe, finger, or virtually anywhere else will be for you to get it removed. Doctors will prioritize saving your appendage and generally start with simple removal of the blemish when possible. When it spreads or becomes too large, amputations or radiation and chemotherapy may be instituted. Experimental drugs are in clinical trials, but these are the current popular treatments.

Homeopathic melanoma on the finger or other appendages

Unfortunately, there are no natural alternative to cancer treatments. The side effects of treatments are undesirable and awful, but it is a horrible disease. The reality is that any blogs or centers that offer toxic free cures for melanoma on your finger (or anywhere else for that matter) are lies. While they may have the best intentions and truly believe what they’re selling, it’s just not real. Many founders behind these get into trouble with the law, or die when they fail to go through with treatment. They paint these pictures of miracles, but unfortunately, cancer is a complex problem that we have more to learn about. This causes people to gamble their lives when signs all show it won’t work. Instead of relying off forums with images as miraculous progress when they drank their urine or only ate avocados or so, just listen to your trained oncologist.

Issels Treatment

Based on the beliefs of Josef Issels, this homeopathic treatment claimed it helped defeat cancer without harsh side effects or pharmaceutical interventions like chemo. It claims to be nontoxic and helps rebuild and restore the immune system in a personalized manner. They believe that holistic treatments were the way to go. He took in countless desperate patients at his clinic but was charged with fraud and manslaughter as he made fake promises to terminal cases and had at least three deaths under his care as they refused life saving surgery due to his promises.

Legalities got complicated and as he was found guilty in one charge, it was overturned in the belief he was sincere and not purposing misleading people. Despite legal problems and lack of any sufficient evidence supporting his methods, he leaves his website active and still preaches. Don’t resort to this. The American Cancer Society lists it as a Dubious Treatment as it’s totally ineffective. Without a shred of evidence in the support of this treatment, it poses dangers as it may deter patients to quite effective treatments or give false hope.

The Tragedy of Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley, famous Jamaican singer, and songwriter had an untimely death at the ripe at of 36. He’s known for hits like Natural Mystic, War, Redemption Song, and Iron Lion Zion, and Ganja Gun. The reggae pioneering icon tragically lost his four year battle with melanoma in 1981. Stereotypically, you wouldn’t associate someone from Jamaica as one who’d contract melanoma. It began under the toenail, and against doctor’s advice for amputation on the grounds of religious concerns, he opted for a toenail removal and skin graph.

He continued touring and was planning a world tour as no disease could deter him from performing. He tried alternative treatments at a clinic run by Issel in Bavaria but died when it spread to his lungs. While the death of this treasured musician is a devastating reminder that no complexion is immune, he remands a legend in the music industry and will be continued to be remembered more for his work as an artist than unfortunate passing. His last words were spoken to Ziggy, his son, with his final breath of wisdom. Money can’t buy life.



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