Large, Painful, Small Lump Below, Under, in Middle of Sternum – Causes & Symptoms

Regarding unsought bodily lumps, we tend to focus on what’s visible with the naked eye. Chiefly centered around the skin and limbs, the vast majority of emphasis is fixed on body parts we can touch and feel. However, plenty of innermost structures like the sternum can be affected by lumps originating from multitudinal causes – both male and female.

If deliberating you have a large lump, painful lump or small lump that’s causing discomfort, this article can guide. Providing deeper insight into the potential causes and symptoms of sternum lumps and bumps with a variety of conditions explored, keep reading to learn more and discover relevant pictures.

What is the Sternum?

Before inspecting sternal lumps and growths, it’s essential you grasp an exhaustive intellect of what your sternum is. Informally referred to as the breastbone, your sternum forms the mid segment of your rib cage and is responsible for stabilization.

An incredibly important structure, it also triumphantly protects multiple crucial chest organs including the heart.

How Do I Know I Have a Lump in the Middle of My Sternum?

Due to the rough, ribbed texture of the sternum, it’s often characterized with a bumpy finish anyway. But if noticing pain or hardship throughout the sternum area, this could be an underlying gesture of not just a lump – but a concealed medical condition.

A common cause of painful susceptibility within the sternum is a condition called costochondritis. Defined as severe sternum inflammation, many symptoms can occur including stabbing chest pains, pressurized feelings in the middle of your chest, and overt tenderness. Costochondritis arises via varying causes, but some of the most commonplace include chronic coughing placing considerable tension on your chest, infection, or injury resulting in sternal osteomyelitis. Upon doctor consultation, a scan may be performed to identify whether you carry any lumps in the middle of your sternum, for further diagnostic investigations and establish befitting treatment.

What Causes a Lump Below Sternum?

One of the most common points within this area to experience pain or lumps is just below the lower sternum. This special section is scientifically known as the xiphoid process, and represents a very small bone piece just underneath. When we’re born, the xiphoid process begins as cartilage and slowly hardens into bone as we progress into adulthood. This hardening practice can cause complications as our age boosts, ensuing potential discomfort and pain.

As mentioned, inflammation is a common source of sternal pain – and the xiphoid process is no exception. This can originate from violent trauma on clavicle or chest to something as insignificant as simply overeating! Typically, pain in this area isn’t considered worrying unless ongoing for longer than a week. Therefore, if you’ve experienced profound lower sternum pain for longer than 7 days, visit your doctor for examination.

Can a Lump Under Sternum Be Dangerous?

The worst case scenario for a lump under the sternum would be a cancerous tumor. One of the most common structures responsible for such lumps are tumors occupying the chest wall, many of which are benign and undeadly. However, if any form of tumor is present it’s essential to be investigated further to receive a complete diagnosis. Sternal tumors can form not just from bone cancer, but from lymphoma and even leukemia too.

In addition to physical symptoms such as tumors, sternum inflammation itself can be caused from cancer too. For example, lymphatic cancer can cause a condition called lymphadenitis, and if the affected lymph nodes are located in close proximity to the sternum they can cause swellings to form.

Can Other Conditions Cause a Lump at the Bottom of My Sternum?

In addition to cancerous causes, inflammation and even injury, there’s further reasons why sternal lumps may form. It’s no secret the human body can contract an almost endless amount of medical conditions and ailments, some of which reaching to affect the sternal bone.

A classic example is nutrient deficiency, as this can be responsible for abnormal sternal swellings if chronic. It’s highly unlikely you’ve thought a poor diet could be the culprit behind breastbone lumps, but it can happen! The fact is, a severe lack of meaningful nutrients such as vitamin D and C can wreak havoc on bone health and maintenance. Osteomalacia is a condition directly derived from vitamin D deficiency, and causes bones to become worryingly soft and weak as a result of not receiving optimum influx of vitamin D. This condition is referred to as rickets if occurring during childhood, and can cause sternal deformities and swellings.

Can Sternum Swellings Be Easily Treated?

As with virtually any medical problem, treatment solely depends on the root cause. So before thinking about administering any form of treatment, it’s essential you receive a professional diagnosis from a qualified doctor and seek expert advice. If nutrient deficiency is confirmed, dramatically changing your diet is likely to help considerably. But if something more severe is settled like cancer, you must have lengthy discussions with your consultant to establish the best action.



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