Inguinal Scrotal Hernia: Symptoms, Treatment, Repair, Recovery Time, Support

There are many different types of hernia named after their particular characteristics. By definition, they refer to the potentially dangerous event where a portion of your body tissue protrudes from the wall of the cavity meant to contain it.

What is an inguinal scrotal hernia?

An inguinal scrotal hernia refers to a specific hernia located near the scrotum. Specifically, a part of the intestines drops into the testicular area near the testes. Similar in appearance, but don’t be confused with hydroceles (which fluid fills a sac in the inguinal canal).

What are the symptoms of a scrotal hernia?

Like other hernias, one of the biggest outward signs is a lump in or around the groin. The swelling may or may not be tender. Only about 25 percent of sufferers experience the painful symptoms of a scrotal hernia. Painful sensations or discomfort may be reported.

This testicular hernia may be instigated my engaging in activities that add pressure. Straining during bowel movements, being overweight or obese, or having chronic fits of coughing or sneezing can make you more susceptible.

What is the scrotal hernia treatment?

Part of that quarter of victims experiencing the negative signs? You don’t need to worry. There are complications which may arise, but the urgency of your hernia will be assessed and evaluated. From there, they can let you know the steps which need to be taken to deal with your testicular hernia. Surgical intervention is the single way to fix it permanently.

Are there other methods of scrotal hernia support?

Surgery is, unfortunately, the only approach which removes or reverses the impact of hernias. There are some scrotal hernia support treatments that offer short term relief. Your doctor may advise you to wear a truss or a belt. These adjustable contraptions lock the hernia into place and restrict moving. If you currently find your hernia particularly distressing, this may be an effective idea. This is only a temporary solution and you must be sure to purchase the successful model.

Products that are improperly sized or fastened too tightly can cause further damage. If a hernia becomes incarcerated (or strangulated) applying firm pressure in efforts to push it in place for protective garments can be incredibly harmful and cause a ruptured hernia. If the pain becomes excessive and unmanageable, it’s possible your case requires emergency attention and a hospital visit. Applying warm or cold compresses or taking some painkillers like motrin, advil, Bayer, aspirin, or ibuprofen (prescribed or not) can serve as adequate treatments.

How does inguinal scrotal hernia repair surgery work?

Before an official procedure is carried out, sonography or radiography is investigated. By referencing either x ray or ultrasound images, a surgeon can determine the route your case will take. Depending on the size, location, and personal preferences, physicians will determine the details of your inguinal scrotal hernia repair operation. All diagnoses and actions taken can be looked into or discussed with your insurance by looking at the CPT code assigned to your records and paperwork.

Open surgeries are those traditional surgeries where the patient is cut with their insides exposed to offer a direct perspective. Laparoscopy is the indirect route where you use a laparoscope (tiny camera fixed to tubing) to guide the operator. Both have their perspective advantages and disadvantages. Another variable component is the internal wound where the weakened tissue gave away will be sutured with a prosthetic. The two ends of the original tissue can be sewed together using stitches. Protheses, surgical mesh, can be sewn into place. Meshes can be a combination of synthetic, biological, biodegradable or permeant.

How long is the scrotal hernia surgery recovery time?

It can be difficult to determine the duration of time you’ll need to completely heal. The recovery time of scrotal hernia surgery patients will be a function of how severe the hernia was, personal fitness, and techniques used. If you encounter complications, these can lengthen the time your body will need. An infection or deformity of the repaired tissues may lead to accidental damages and a need for further operations. Regardless of your strength or initial health, you’ll be advised to adhere to some restriction for a few weeks following the surgery. This means no strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. Failing to follow these may hurt you and send you to the operating table.

How does this event impact my sexual activity?

By the time which the hernia becomes apparent and must be operated on, the symptoms you experience will likely kill the mood. If you are straining yourself during sex, you must be aware of the risks for the progression and worsening of a hernia as well as posing a hindrance to the healing of reconstructed structures.

You should wait at least a week, but if you feel pain during sex, stop. Individuals have reported sexual dysfunction following hernia surgeries conducted in the groin area. Talk to you doctor about this as there are theories on how to deal with this or cure it completely.

Most times, erectile dysfunction (ED) has more to do with psychological feelings rather than pure physiological ones. The insecurity and anxiety one feels surrounding the scrotal problems may make you shy or too pressured to perform in bed with your partner.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and open relationships full of trust and communication have outstanding impacts on the ability to achieve and maintain an erection or ejaculate. Be assertive with this as dissatisfaction is often a matter of confidence and mind power.

When psychotherapeutic treatments are futile, enhancement drugs like Viagra can solve it.



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