Ingrown Hair with Usual Medicine: Tweezers, Brush or Removal Needle

When you have an ingrown hair, you need to turn to the removal tools that work. The beauty section of your local store or salon usually sells various brands and sizes of instruments to help you extract the hair from the follicle without minimal discomfort. There is also ingrown hair medicine that might help you conquer the pain.

The Best Ingrown Hair Tweezers

Are you seeking a little removing help then you will want a pair of specialty pincers to grab the hair without slipping so you can successfully thread it to the surface? The best-ingrown hair tweezers are a wise investment if you frequently suffer from the affliction.

Tweezerman: The pointed tips make insertion and corralling he hair a breeze. Just be cautious because the tapering tips make them keen-edged.

Chimocee: Bonded from surgical-grade steel, the Chimocee prongs are sold in a package of three. Each set has different ends. Premier design precision makes these also A-1 for shaping, eyebrows, first aid, ticks, hobby, splinters, and facial applications. They are precision machined with tight jaws and no gap. There are three designed that have flat, slanted, and pointed. Make these part of your daily routine and tackle ingrown hairs while they are still in their infancy. Comes with a leather protective travel case that will slip into your purse or pocket.

Epilady Coil: These unique instruments rely on patented coil technology. Small and lightweight, you can get the hair by the root in one fast squeeze. Great for a quick touchup.

Guru: The Guru makes perfectly aligned tips for plucking ease. There are even thumb and index finger pads for a firm grip so you can grab the hair loop and pull straight up and out. You won’t feel frustrated using these stainless steel gems.

Choosing Ingrown Hair Medicine

No one wants to visit an expensive medical clinic to pay for prescription medications if there are other options.

Choosing an ingrown hair medicine means that you will need to perform an online search, talk to your local druggist for over-the-counter options, or accept a decree for a pharmaceutical preparation.

  • BeautyRX Skin Care by Dr. Schultz: Buff your skin before using these saturated pads. Each pad contains glycolic acid and green tea to break through the skin and also provide relief. These are ideal for men battling pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) on the neck and chin.
  • Bliss Eliminating Pads: These cushiony soft pads contain salicylic acid.
    LagunaMoon: This tea tree formula comes with a dropper for on-the-spot application. It boasts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties to provide a triple whammy for rapid expulsion.
  • Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing AHA Skin Care Kit: This is a powerhouse case of glycolic acid body wash, salux cloth, and glycolic acid lotion.
  • Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel: A true wonder of the Earth, the succulent plant Aloe Vera is known for its skin-soothing capabilities. This is all organic and cold-pressed to create a top-shelf-product that is color-free and fragrance-free.
  • Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream: This is plant-based and contains papaya, pineapple, vitamin B5. The citric aspects of the formulation work as an acid to naturally treat your skin.
  • Treats Folliculitis Maximum Strength Skin Repair – Kills three times the bacteria of other lotions.

Using an Ingrown Hair Brush

The firm micro-bristles exfoliate without chemicals. Just give your skin a vigorous scrub with the ingrown hairbrush to break apart the dead cells and free the hair. Leading brands include Wizker, Coolife, and TailaiMei. Use the polisher after shaving or waxing to whisk away cells and free trapped hairs. If the brush hurts then scrape it across the surface using lighter pressure. You do not want to break capillaries and cause the blood to bead up on the surface of your hair. There are also gloves and mitts that slide on your hands in a shower. While wearing the hand covers, you run your fingers over your skin and the bristle-like surface brushes away the deceased cells to release the curled hairs from their tubal prison so you can pluck them.

Choosing an Ingrown Hair Removal Needle

You can use an extractor to delve beneath the pustule and hook the hair. An ingrown hair removal needle looks like a very long sewing needle that has a hook on the end similar to a fishhook but without the barbs.

The first time you see it you might think it is some torture device designed during the Dark Ages for the Inquisition. The medical term ‘hair removal needle’ is straightforward. You probably require no detailed instructions. Usually soaking the irritated location with hot water will loosen the skin and make it less uncomfortable. Feita makes a marvelous hooked needle that comes in a useful handy pack with various other utensils.

Brands of Hair Removal Tools

We have listed a few individual brands, but you will also want to check out these leaders in the field. Your bathroom cabinet should house at least a couple of these.

  • Rubis
  • Majestic Bombay (great digging reach)
  • Flawless
  • SongWal: Korean company that makes useful exfoliating mittens
  • Allongs



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