Ingrown Hair on Vagina (Labia) & Vag Lips: Symptoms, Prevention, Removal, Treatment. ingrown hair on vagina

Rarely do an anatomy lesson and beauty tutorial collide, but presently we are at the crossroads. One path of beauty over health could lead to the emergency room while the other could get some quirky stares at the beach. Hopefully, you find a middle ground in caring for the lady parts that keep you out of the hospital and sunning at the public pool.

Explanation of labia minora and Labia majora

The term vagina is regularly spoken as a blanket term to describe female genitalia, but that utilization is technically incorrect. vagina refers to the internal canal that connects to the uterus. All the external parts are the vulva like the clitoris and vag lips. Even the lips have two parts to them: the labia minor, which are the smaller inside lips (usually pink or purple colored like the rest of the vulva and vagina) and the labia majora, which are the larger outside lips that connect to groin tissue.

Past the vagina internally are the reproductive organs like the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

It is important to understand the proper names of female anatomy so a patient can effectively communicate symptoms to a health care professional. A bump on the labia majora will have a distinctive diagnosis than a lump on the uterus.

How to prevent ingrown hairs on Vagina

Speaking of bumps, let’s talk ingrown hairs. pubic hair is prone for becoming impacted. The follicle is thicker and wavier around the genitals which contributes to the predicament. It is compounded because women wear tight clothing like silk panties, leggings, pantyhose, and yoga pants. Many of the fabrics don’t allow oxygen airflow to the skin, causing outbreaks of bumps. starting with the right clothing and hygiene habits is how to prevent ingrown hairs on the vagina.

Try to let the area breathe frequently by sporting cotton clothing. If possible, sleep without bottoms to provide a few hours of freedom in the night. You don’t have to avoid tight lingerie if you desire a certain aesthetic, but limit the time to a few hours, a few days a week.

When cleansing, avoid heavily perfumed or dyed soaps. An allergic reaction irritates the sensitive skin making ingrown hairs more likely. A gentle exfoliation of outer skin will slough off dead skin cells that can clog pores.

How to remove Ingrown Hair Near Vagina

If prevention failed you, you can remedy the situation. The area is delicate, and difficult to access alone, going to the doctor or dermatologist is the best step.

Are you prone to ingrown hairs? The only permanent way how to remove ingrown hair near the vagina is with laser hair removal. A specified light wave targets the roots and kills it. A few rounds of treatment and the hair doesn’t grow back.

Number one rule: do not pick at it! fingers are ripe with bacteria. popping the pimple can spread germs and infection. Ingrown hairs can progress into vulvar abscess which is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition. One OB-GYN reported that she sees a woman in the icu about every other month with complications from a vulvar abscess.

Symptoms of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

An assortment of conditions can cause a bump on the skin, so how can you determine what is an ingrown hair?

Two things: seek a professional opinion and know the symptoms of ingrown hair on the vagina.

  • Raised bump colored red, purple, white, or brown.
  • A pimple appearance that can be filled with pus or fluid called pustules.
  • A curled hair that hasn’t broken the surface. occasionally, the infection will drown out the
  • hair so you can’t view it with the naked eye.
  • Pain.
  • itching.

It is probably not an ingrown hair if:

  • The wound is open. Unless circumstances forced the bubble to burst, it will not be bleeding or oozing.
  • It is hard. harder circles are more likely to be an abscess, cyst, or tumor.
  • It is bigger than a quarter.

Pictures of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

The above information might not be enough if you are a visual learner. Instead, browse this photo gallery for confirmed cases.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair with treatments for Pubic Hair

Treatment can be costly and take forever if a rash has already sprouted in your bikini line. forgoing hair removal is at the top of the list of how to prevent ingrown hair, but many women aren’t willing to rock a full bush.

Here is how to prevent ingrown hair, while maintaining your preferred look.

  • Prep skin before shaving. The razor is the most popular method of hair removal because of convenience and affordability. You don’t have to retire the blade if you’re not ready, instead prepare yourself first. exfoliate to remove dead skin cells then use a creamy lotion, foam, or oil to moisturize and protect.
  • Shave last. The warm water softens skin and hair as you shower. The longer you wait to shave, the better the chances to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Exfoliate and moisture afterward, too. Keep buildup of oil and skin turnover at bay for 48 hours after you shave.



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