How to Treat Diaper Rash with Natural Remedies like Cornstarch Powder

When approaching a standpoint like diaper rash, many parents assume medical intervention and prescription medicines are compulsory. Whilst there’s no disservice in being cautious, these assumptions are generally wrong as many instances of diaper rash can be easily rectified from the comfort of your home – with no professional intervention.

Whilst severe rash cases involving cracked, damaged skin and bleeding will likely require a trip to your pediatrician, many milder diaper rash conditions can be treated at home. In this article, you’ll discover a range of best natural remedy options perfectly safe to be administered to immature infants, as well as how to use an assortment of surprising kitchen cupboard favorites to your advantage!

Symptoms of Home Treatable Diaper Rash

As mentioned, sinister cases of this condition will likely require a doctor’s commentary. But if you’re a parent not educated in the medical world, it’s tough to establish whether or not your child’s diaper rash is mild or severe – especially if it’s their first ever flare up.

Generally, most home treatable cases involve a profound pink or red rash spreading across the genital area, buttocks and even thighs. Skin is likely to look sore and afflicted, and can even become scaly in particular babies. Provided the rash appears free of noticeable abrasions, open wounds, blisters or pus filled lesions and your child isn’t suffering a lurking illness like diarrhea, treating it at home should be relatively unambiguous.

Is Cornstarch Good for Diaper Rash?

Creams, petroleum jelly and ointments typically take focal precedent when fabricating diaper rash cures. And whilst they’re often very effective and form an integral component of many treatment cycles, plenty of simpler products also do the trick! Corn starch is a relatively common food ingredient used to thicken sauces, but provides surprising enhancements when tackling diaper rash.

A celebrated method of eradicating excess moisture and keeping your baby’s skin soft, dry and smooth, cornstarch is considered valuable for diaper rash. Some parents naturally feel concerned applying a seemingly primitive, unrelated product to their child’s skin, but corn starch isn’t considered harmful or damaging. In fact, it’s often regarded safer than many baby powders as their fragrances could cause respiratory problems if your baby breathes it into their lungs.

Cornstarch for Diaper Rash Treatment

A preeminent drying agent, corn starch can work magic for your baby’s once velvet soft skin. A primary culprit behind diaper rash is the presence of too much moisture resulting in irritation and chafing, but applying generous helpings of corn starch can work wonders in diminishing moisture and bettering the whole rash.

One of the easiest methods of utilizing cornstarch is applying it to your baby’s clean skin each time their diaper’s changed or they take a bath. Ensure their skin is 100% purified and dry, and apply a small amount of cornstarch powder to the skin before securing a new diaper. Rerun every time you change or wash your baby’s skin, and you should see visible improvements in the rash. Affordable and effortlessly easy to retrieve, cornstarch can be safely used on both a baby girl and boy.

Further Natural Remedy for Diaper Rash

Whilst productive, some parents don’t enjoy the process of placing powder on their baby’s skin. If you’re not judicious or are simply in a rush, it can create a colossal mess and isn’t perhaps the most controlled, easy product to work with. However, regular cornstarch can be transformed into a cornstarch paste to increase convenience and help reduce messiness, making it a great backup natural remedy for diaper rash.

Simply combine corn starch with petroleum jelly or coconut oil and mix until you achieve a paste consistency. Generously apply to your baby’s diaper area with each change, and you should notice a similar improvement. Better still, the inclusion of petroleum jelly creates an instant watertight barrier for the skin to prevent moisture from urine or stools making further irritating contact.

How to Treat Diaper Rash with Other Products

Plenty more normal household products can also be used to treat irritant-based diaper rash, including plain yoghurt! Surprising to some, the anti inflammatory hallmarks of plain, natural yoghurt mean it’s a great method of how to treat diaper rash not caused by antibiotics.

Its pre-existing probiotics also make it brilliant for warding off yeast infections too, making it a truly versatile method of treatment. Simply apply to your baby’s bottom like a lotion, but make sure there’s no artificial sugars, colors or flavorings involved – pure, natural yoghurt is the only form appropriate.

Aloe vera is also renowned for its soothing properties, and is available in many handy topical creams and gels. Complete with the ability to eliminate certain bacteria with its impressive anti-bacterial qualities, aloe vera is also a powerful healer – it’s not been used for centuries to help alleviate pain and soothe inflamed skin for nothing! In terms of diaper rash, accessing a cooling aloe vera gel is probably best as it’s not only the easiest to quickly apply but will also feel incredibly pleasant for your baby.



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