How to remove skin tags in groin area by yourself with pictures?

Projections that attach to the skin through a thin stalk and take on the color of the flesh are likely going to be skin tags. They can appear on any part of the body but areas prone to friction are more susceptible.

Removal options for these skin growths are varied. It all depends on user preference and the size of the tags. Even if left untreated, they will not develop into serious health conditions. They are a source of discomfort and potential embarrassment however.

What do skin tags in groin area look like in pictures

In pictures, skin tags on groin area resemble literal tags that are skin-colored. In fact, you can compare them to a flesh-colored tick from a distance.

Since the groin area is prone to constant friction, the skin tags can sustain injuries, become irritated and cause pain. Under normal conditions, they should be not itchy or painful. In fact, they may just detach from the skin with time. This can take longer than you may be willing to wait.

What causes skin tags in the groin area?

You may have noticed a tendency of developing the tags in the groin area. In fact, they will usually develop into large tags, as compared to ones on other parts such as skin tags on the neck.

You will find that as long as the source of friction that led to formation of the initial tag is not addressed, the tag will keep increasing in size. This is the common cause of large tags in the groin area.

Other possible causes include:

  • Hormonal changes – it is thought that hormonal changes, especially in pregnant women, contribute to the development of the tags on the groin. Adding to the fact that more pressure and friction will be exerted on the groin, the chances of developing tags are multiplied.
  • Obesity – too much accumulation of fat under the skin causes skin folds. The folds will continuously rub against each other. It will be only a matter of time before skin tags appear.
  • Use of steroids – steroids work by collecting the pulling tissues of the skin together. (This is a layman’s explanation but it will serve). For this reason, they will encourage the formation of skin tags.
  • Age – age comes with loosened skin due to loss of collagen. This encourages the formation of tags on the skin.
  • Diabetes – diabetes and other factors that result from insulin disorders are thought to encourage the growth of skin tags.

Any of the above factors can individually cause skin tags. When more than one factor comes together, large tags are bound to form. This is especially true in parts such as the groin.

Are skin tags on groin area sexually transmitted

Skin tags even on the penis or vagina are not transmitted through sexual intercourse. In fact, they are not contagious at all. You should be worrying more about unlikely conditions such as herpes on the fingers where matters of skin issues being contagious are concerned.

However, bruised and red skin tags especially around the genital area can act as entry points for the causal virus of various STDs and bacteria. Any sore or crack near the genital area will encourage the spread of herpes even where no active sexual intimacy has occurred.

How to remove skin tags in the groin area

You probably don’t find it comfortable to get medical assistance for removal for tags on the groin. In this case, over the counter and home remedies are likely to be the options of choice.

Here are the over the counter options that are available:

  • Freezing kits – just like clinical cryotherapy, some over the counter kits can be used to remove the tags in the privacy of your home. They come with instructions on how to use.
  • Electrocauterization – there are all types of over the counter skin tags removal kits these days. In this case, you can use a cauterization tool to kill off the tags by burning them.
  • Tying them – a TagBand is more user friendly and customizable. However, you can simply use a string to cut off the blood supply into the skin tag. With time, it will fall off.
  • Cutting them off – although they contain blood vessels, the stalks that join skin tags to the skin are thinner than the tags themselves. For this reason, you can use a pair of scissors to manually cut them off.
  • Tea tree oil – unlike apple cider vinegar for skin tags, tea tree oil can be used even on the sensitive groin area. It is very mild and in fact will protect from potential infection on injured tags.

Can you remove large skin tags in groin area yourself?

Unless you are confident enough to get medical treatment, you should not let allow large tags to develop. As we saw earlier, the chances of large tags developing in the groin are very high.

All of the self-removal methods that we have discussed above will work for small and averagely sized tags. Large tags are another issue. For the purposes of this article, large tags are anything measuring more than 1 cm in diameter.

Even if you were to try creams, home remedies or even incisions on large tags on groin, chances are that the methods will fail or you will end up suffering more injuries that will need immediate medical attention.

If you think about it, removing large tags on your own will do more harm than good. Just get medical attention for them. In any case, there are more serious and private things that doctors deal with every day.