How to remove skin tags in groin area by yourself with pictures?

Were you aware that you don’t necessarily need to see a dermatologist to get your nasty, scrubby little skin tag removed? While we’re huge proponents of de rigueur Western medicine approaches, there are some things that can be taken care of in the comfort of the home. How to remove skin tags in the groin area yourself happens to be one of them.

Alongside photos, we’re providing an in depth, detailed guide of getting rid of these suckers for good.

Skin Tags in the Groin Area

Skin tags (or “tabs”) in this region aren’t unlike those on other parts of the body. In adults, these are the most ubiquitous growths that can appear. Sometimes they’re found in numbers as high as hundreds on one single person.

These rubbery bitsy bumps are wholly benign, but can be displeasing, if not downright disconcerting. Not to mention, they’re kinda ugly too.

The most usual locations for a skin tag are in folded skin bits and creased areas. You might discover one on the eye, in the neck, under the armpits, and—for the purpose of this article—in the groin, or inguinal region.

Besides they’re unsightliness, these babies are asymptomatic. They’re also tiny, and their size is measured in the smallest of units—millimeters.

What Causes a Skin Tag in the Groin Area?

Before a quarter of the population approaches retirement age, they’ll grow a skin tag or a multiplicity of skin tags. Certain risk factors exist as well, making those who are severely overweight, morbidly obese, and/or diabetic, more prone to them.

They stem up as a direct result of strong friction and irritation. Hence, their tendency to materialize in areas where the skin perpetually rubs together.

Spanish scientists published a paper about a heavy lady who needed to raise her arms daily in lifting objects as a part of her job requirements. Consequently, the resulting patterns of skin tags that appeared where her bra sat materialized from the relentless chafing in those zones.

Similar happenings could force the development of skin tags in and around the groin. Sports, athletics and various other physical activities can cause lots of extra rubbing in this area.

More specific, proper etiology hasn’t been pinpointed yet.

Skin Tag Removal in Groin Area

Before we get to removing the skin tag, let’s just address something first: they can be left untreated. They don’t posture any dangers to your wellbeing. So, many people will just ignore their existence. Also, outta sight, outta mind, right?

Why Should I Know How to Get Rid of Skin Tags in the Groin Area?

If your skin tag is itchy, infected, painful, unusually large, or just too hideous to bear, then you may want to figure out some ways to eliminate the baby balloon permanently.

How to Remove Skin Tags in the Groin Area Yourself—Step by Step

We’re excited to share these pointers and images on exterminating these nuisances independently. This is our favorite method of strangulation. All you need for this procedure is one item.

  • Pinpoint the skin tag and confirm the diagnosis.
  • Grab your dental floss from the bathroom cabinet.
  • Carefully wrap the string around the base of the skin tag, but just above the normal, unaffected skin. The lower you can place the string, the better, as you ideally want to target the stalk as well as the tag.
  • Use the knotting skills that you learned in cub scouts or girl scouts and tie a knot tightly around the growth. Ensure it’s super tight—the aim here is to hinder healthy circulation. This will stay in place for some time.
  • Check on the tag every day, without messing with it. Leave it be to die on its own.
  • Within a week, you’ll find the skin tag has fallen off.
  • If oddly, the tag doesn’t disappear within seven days, you may have failed to tie the bow tightly enough. Have another go.
  • If the skin tag is still resilient, the base of it may be to thick and wide to effectively halt the flow of blood.

Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags in the Groin Area


Skin tag removal in the groin area can also be done in a dermatological setting. Your doctor, perhaps flanked by their assistant—nurse, technician, or otherwise— may try cauterizing the tag, freezing it away, or merely taking medical scissors to it and chopping it off in one fell swoop.


Tea tree oil, banana peels, vitamin E, garlic, and apple cider vinegar are all individually practicable concoctions for applying to the skin tag. Antioxidants, antibacterials, antimicrobials, antivirals, and antifungals—properties the ingredients above yield, are all helpful in trying to remove a skin tag.

You can also find in holistic shops products such as SkinProv or TagBand which are marketed toward the safe removal of skin tags at home.

Skin Tags in Groin Area Pictures

Peppered throughout this piece you’ll find skin tags in the groin area pictures. These pics should serve as a reminder of just how innoxious they actually are. Whether you move forward with homemade, makeshift, random techniques or confabulate with a healthcare professional, there are numerous opportunities for extinguishing these balls of tissue.



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