How to Remove Scars – Best Remedies and Removal Procedures That Actually Work.

The skin is prone to many types of scars. A burn, a skin tear, surgery or even trauma will result to a scar. A scar mark only poses cosmetic concerns and in most if not all cases they are benign. During the process of healing from a wound, fibrous tissue forms on the injured part of the skin. Depending on the size of the wound, age, sex and treatment procedures used, scars will vary in size and appearance.
It is important to accept the fact that a scar cannot disappear for good. Any effective scar remover will just aim at making it less conspicuous.

How to remove a scar; best way to remove with home remedies

Some readily available home remedies can effectively be used for removing scars. They include:

  • Aloe Vera – This has withstood the test of time as one of the few home remedies that actually work in removing scars. Aloe Vera softens damaged skin and aids in generating new healthy skin to replace the damaged area. It works best for scars from burns. It is better if you can get it directly from the Aloe Vera plant. However, processed forms work almost the same. Just apply it on the scar two to three times each day. Aloe Vera can also help get rid of a boil fast.
  • Essential oils – Essential oils with skin healing abilities can act as good scar removers. For example, tea tree oil can successfully reduce acne scars and surgical scars. Additionally, it is a strong antibiotic, and thus will keep your skin safe from bacterial infections. Tea tree oil can at the same time be used to remove fungus on face as well as clear off facial spots and scars.
  • Lemon juice – It is mainly popular for the high content of citric acid. Lemon juice contains powerful alpha acids which exfoliate the skin from dead cells. It also boosts the growth of new skin cells and lightens up the scars to match your skin color.
  • Honey – Honey is the only food that does not go bad. When used as a scar remover, it keeps the skin moisturized, thus lightening up the scar. It also boosts skin cell regeneration. It also can be applied on fresh wounds to hasten the healing process.
  • Onion extract – Onion extract inhibits inflammation from occurring in a wound. This hastens the healing process and limits how much a wound will spread. It also limits the production of a compound known as collagen which makes scars more noticeable.
  • Apple cider vinegar – This remedy is perfect to remove pimple scars with. It also eliminates dead skin cells and in the process helps scars to fade. Apple cider vinegar produces effective results when used to heal razor bumps.

Best way to remove a scar mark

The best way to remove a scar mark is to make use of clinical options. The good thing with such options is that they will get a scar mark removed quickly. The options include:

  • OTC creams – An effective scar remover cream can be bought over the counter. You can also opt for gels and lotions. Don’t use such creams when undergoing plastic surgery.In most cases, creams contain antihistamines and particular types of steroids. Silicone gel is also used, but as a preventive cover. Although most of these creams can be accessed over the counter, it is necessary that a doctor be the one to advise on the best cream to use for removing scars.
  • Surgery – Deep scars, especially ones that have damaged the dermal tissue. can only be treated successfully through surgery. This usually happens in scars due to deep burns.The particular type of surgery required will depend on the intensity of the scars. They include: excision, laser surgery, skin grafts and dermabrasion. As it is to be expected, laser surgery is expensive, with the normal cost for removing one scar costing about $750.
  • Injections – steroids can get injected into your body system directly. This is an effective method to get rid of keloids. Sometimes, fillers may be injected in deeply-cut scars.

How to get rid of marks on face; best way to remove pimple scars

Marks on your face can lower your self-esteem or even ruin your skin smoothness. The good news is that you can remove pimple scars fast with simple remedies and OTC products.

Use natural skin lighteners such as lemon juice. In fact, it is unlikely that you will encounter a scar-fading cream without lemon juice as one of its ingredients.

Use acne removal products that have been proven safe for use. Additionally, avoid applying many facial creams and lotions at the same time. This may cause irritation to the skin as the products chemically react with one another. Below is a simple process to follow to remove pimple scars and dark spots from your face.

Apply a small amount of tretinoin cream on the scars, especially acne scars. This cream will require that you have a prescription, so your doctor will need to be involved, and will give you the application directions.

How to remove pimple scars with surgical operations

Schedule an appointment with the doctor. Here, it may be necessary that chemical peels be used to get rid of the dead topmost layers of the scar. This helps in lightening and, in turn, fading the scars. Don’t worry about having your face corroded by the chemical peels. In most cases, such peels use fruit acid, which is very low in concentration, to cause skin burning.

Undergo a dermabrasion operation. This is a medical operation that uses sanding equipment to scrub off the top layers of your skin. As you might expect, it will cause a kind of wound in the whole of the sanded facial areas. It will even form a scab after the operation. However, you will be taken through a recovery process which will successfully give you a smooth face free from pimple scars and spots.

You can opt to remove pimple scars through a laser surgery. This is the case when the scars are mild and accompanied by dark spots on your face. This operation involves killing off the cells responsible for skin color. This is achieved by targeting these cells with a laser beam. It also promotes the production of collagen. Laser surgery will take about a month to start showing its results. The bottom line is that the scars will mostly fade away. It should be carried out by a qualified doctor.

How to get rid of scab scars; best way to remove scab scars

Below is a simple but effective 4 step solution to get rid of scab scars:

  • Wash clean the part of body where the scab scars are. Here, it is necessary that you use a bandage to protect the scab when washing.
  • Apply a vitamin E cream to the scab scar. You can also opt for Vitamin E oil instead of a cream. Both work much the same. Also, it is necessary that you eat fruits, especially ones rich in citric acid. They help in the regeneration of new skin cells to replace the scab scar.
  • Afterwards, apply cocoa butter cream. Ensure that the cream covers the whole scab scar for best results.
  • Finally, apply any of the many scar-fading products that are available to you. Here, it is important to ensure that the products have been approved as safe to use in removing scars.