How to remove large skin tags yourself at home, with pictures.

Skin tags often grow to the size of your pinky finger. Located in the armpit, under the breast, on the eyelid, on the thighs, and in folds of fat, the incessant rubbing of the bump causes it to turn red, swell, and bleed. You probably don’t want to go to your family practitioner to have it removed because of the staggering expense. So you are searching for at home kits that safety and painlessly remove the dangling mass. Please see pictures.

Wondering Can you Remove a Skin Tag Yourself?

Are you brave? Can you bite a bullet and clip off the hanging appendage yourself without screaming or crying? If you answered yes to these couple of questions then when you ask, “Can you Remove a skin tag yourself?’ the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

How to Remove Large Skin Tags At Home

Skin tags looking ugly and hurt. If you are wondering how to remove large skin tags at home then keep reading and look over pics.

Grab a bottle of alcohol and douse the nail clippers. Pull the skin tag up and away from the skin’s surface and clip it off with the clippers. Firmly hold a sterile compress against the site to staunch the flow of blood. You can also slice it off using a straight-edge razor blade. This is the fastest way. Watch YouTube videos to perfect the technique. Holding an ice cube on the spot numbs the area and slows blood circulation.

Invest in a home cauterizing kit and burn off the skin tag.

Purchase a cryo-kit made for warts from your drugstore and freeze off the tag. They are sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Kmart, and RiteAid.

Tips on How to Remove Skin Tags at Home Fast remove skin tags at home fast

There are many homeopathic and naturopathic ways to rid yourself of the growth. You can remove skin tags at home using the following products:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Douse a cotton ball in the substance and cover the skin tag. Tap the cotton ball on the site to help dry out the skin tag so it falls away.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Known as Melaleuca alternifolia, this Australian tree extract is ideal. Follow the above informative directions for apple cider vinegar but substitute tea tree oil.
  • Iodine: This can be harsh for healthy skin smooth on a glob of petroleum jelly across the skin. Then apply iodine.
  • Banana Peel: Place directly on tag every day.
  • Garlic: Crush a clove and fill the bandage with the substance.
  • Paste: Mix baking soda with a few drops of castor oil to form a paste and apply.
  • Honey: Apply Manuka honey to the region.
  • Vitamin C: Rub organic Vitamin C oil across the tag.
  • Lemon: Squeeze a lemon and use the acidic juice.
  • Onion; Juice an onion using a blender, Magic Bullet, or juicer. Apply the liquid using a bandage and gauze.
  • Aloe Vera: Crush aloe vera and smooth on the gel.

Thuja Occidentalis for Skin Tag Removal

The Eastern arborvitae is a lovely evergreen tree that is a native of much of North America. Native American tribes have regularly harvested the rich, dark green needles to brew into medicines. Extremely potent, the skin tag will fall away in about four weeks if you consistently apply the formula to the area. Remember, if you consume a large dose orally it could prove fatal because of its high toxicity. The smell of the conifer is very woodsy. It is reminiscent of a Christmas tree with the smell of fir. Please see images.

Understanding the Dangers of Removing Skin Tags Yourself

You certainly don’t want an expensive bill from the doctor clinic so you are going to handle the skin tag yourself and abstain from medical care. However, please remember the dangers of removing skin tags yourself. The site could bleed profusely. Also, it could become infected. Prior to treating the tag, it is imperative that you keep the area cleaning using antibacterial soaps. You can also use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to sanitize the location.

Using Cedar Leaf Oil

You can purchase cedar tree oil at any apothecary that sells essential oils for aromatherapy. You might want to use a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil before applying it. Remember, that the active ingredient in the pharmacy medication called Tag Away is cedar leaf oil.

When shopping for the product, remember it also called cedarwood oil. Most people love the smell because its fragrance is that of rich cedar trees.

Oregano Oil for Skin Tags

You might think oregano is nothing more than a key ingredient in my Italian or Middle Eastern cuisine recipes. However, Oregano oil has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions.

A Historic Treatment

Another homeopathic option is to gather black walnut hulls. You will usually find them throughout the summer and fall month. Often the squirrels devour the nut’s rich insides and discard the hulls. Once you have a bucket of hulls, boil them on your stovetop in water for at least an hour. Use a colander to siphon away the water from the shells. Allow the oil-laden water to cool. Pour it in a jar and use a cork or cap to seal the formula. Apply the black walnut hull water to the skin tag daily until it falls away.



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