How to Remove Ingrown Hair on Penis (Shaft), Scrotum, Balls (Testicles): Treatment, Pictures

In the technology-centric world we live in, the unsolicited dick pic has raised some intriguing conversations about the tie of masculinity and sexuality to the actual male body. According to one psychologist that studies the phenomenon, men have always valued the size of their penis. The story he tells is about ancient artwork on display in the city of pompeii (preserved after that volcanic eruption that devoured the city) of a man with a gigantic erect penis (the size of an adult guy’s leg). In the painting, the man has his unit set upon an old scale with piles of gold to balance the weight. The interpretation? A man’s penis is worth its weight in gold.

Fast forward to the present, and the idea of illness falling upon the penis is many men’s worst nightmare. An unidentified bump can spark a downward spiral of internet searches that confuse the situation. We don’t want to contribute to that, so we will help evacuate the smoke and uncover the mystery. The statistics designate that the bump is probably just an ingrown hair.

Ingrown Hair on Penis: What Does It Look Like?

At the base penis, many men have a circle of pubic hair. Because it is on the shaft of the penis, friction from underwear or intercourse can cause ingrown hair on the penis.

The bump looks comparable to a pimple, but you can oftentimes see the loop of hair beneath the top layer of skin. Seldom the bubble will fill with blood or pus.

Ingrown Hair on penile Shaft: pictures for Identification

For some, a written description isn’t adequate for them to recognize what they are experiencing. visual representation is available in these pictures of ingrown hair on penile shaft.

These are real-life images and may contain adult content. We recommend viewing in the privacy of your own home, rather than at your place of employment or around your children.

Causes of Ingrown Pubic Hair Penis

A number of things can cause bumps near the penis, stds for example, but for the purpose of this article, we are focusing on the misdirection of pubic hairs. The following are some contributors to ingrown pubic hair penis problems.

  • Soap, lotion, or laundry detergent. The chemicals in body products can cause an allergic reaction that irritates skin. irritated skin doesn’t allow for proper hair growth and leads to ingrown hairs on the penis.
  • Hair removal. The number one cause of ingrown hairs is the removal of hair. When pulled out or cut extremely close to the skin, the blunt edges of the follicle sometimes curl under. The coarse and curly hair in the penis area makes it prone to ingrowth. shaving is the worst offender, especially if you use a dull blade or move against the growth pattern.
  • Friction. continually rubbing from clothing or sexual activity (including masturbation) can push the hair follicle downwards.

How to Get rid of Ingrown Hair on scrotum

The delicate sac under the penis is the scrotum. slang terms for this body part abound including balls, ballsack, nuts, juevos, junk, and many more. Hair removal is a tricky business in this wrinkled, soft spot and often leads to ingrown hairs. Here’s how to get rid of them:

  • heat and moisture. While these two elements may have put you into trouble in the first place, it can also help you dig out of it. apply a warm compress to the area, a couple of times a day. This will keep skin soft and eventually open up the impacted hair after a few consecutive days.
  • tweeze. Again, tweezing may have gotten you into this mess, but it can also be how to remove the problematic hair. If you can see the hair emerging, take clean tweezers and gently pull the hair out. follow up with an antibacterial ointment to prevent infection.
  • retinoids. This popular acne treatment controls oil production in the skin and can aid those prone to ingrown hairs in controlling future outbreaks. There are drugstore options available and prescription strength possibilities from your dermatologist.
  • wait it out. Ingrown hairs mostly resolve themselves after a couple of weeks. abstain from shaving or waxing during the process and you will be fine.

Treatments for irritation at Base of Penis

Irritated skin can compound the itching, burning, and pain associated with ingrown hair. To minimize discomfort there a few tactics to try.

Cold. Using ice or an icepack on the groin will alleviate pain for a short period of time. It constricts blood vessels to reduce inflammation. Advice: do not put directly onto the skin as it could burn or stick.

Glycerin. A moisturizer with this ingredient will moisture to the upper layer of skin, reducing flakiness. Since dead skin cells are the main contributor to clogged pores, you may find it quite soothing.

Skip fragrance. avoid using soaps that have smells and opt for a mild, natural soap instead. Avoid spraying cologne in the private parts too.

Coconut oil. This organic moisturizer is great for irritated skin because it has antiseptic properties.



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