How to Prevent Skin Tags – Keep Them Away From growing on Face and Neck.

Soft projections attached to the skin by a thin stalk are likely going to be skin tags. They are very common. The good thing is that they are benign.

Although some individuals have a tendency towards developing them more than others, no one is immune. However, just as it is with genital warts and razor bumps, some measures can be undertaken to keep them from growing or coming back after removal.

How to prevent skin tags from growing

It is necessary that their causes be understood in order to know how to prevent skin tags. Generally, the tags appear when some parts of the body experience constant friction. Think of iron fillings, only that they will be attached to the source in this case. Below are the common contributing factors to skin tag development:

    • Diabetes – diabetic patients have been observed to be more prone to this skin condition. In fact, any factor that will bring about irregularities in blood sugar levels will encourage the formation of skin tags.
    • Obesity – obese individuals have increased chances of experiencing friction between body parts. They also have the extra skin needed to form the tags.
    • Pregnancy – both hormonal changes and rapid weight gain in pregnant women are contributing factors.
    • Steroids – collagen is the layer of the skin that steroids pulls closer together. This encourages formation of skin projections when a source of friction is present.
    • Age– with age comes lost collagen and therefore looser skin. This is a condition necessary for tags to develop. Aged, diabetic and sexually active men are almost guaranteed to get skin tags on the penis.
    • Genes – some family lines are more susceptible to skin tags.

Information on how to prevent skin tags

Although it is quite easy to remove skin tags, preventing them from growing is a better approach. Below are some tips and important information on how to prevent skin tags:

Check your dress code
Tight clothes will keep rubbing against the skin. They can also interfere with healthy skin formation. Always ensure that your body gets some space to breath.

Review your diet and meal plans
As we identified earlier, diabetes is closely related to development of skin tags. Try decreasing your intake of processed sugar-containing foods such as snacks and foods with too many saturated fats. Lean more towards foods with vitamins.

Stop smoking
Smoking will give you cancer. But before that, it will first weaken your skin. It is common to see wrinkles on the faces of habitual heavy smokers.

Try some powder
Powders can help keep your body smooth and dry. It is not without a reason that skin tags prefer body areas such as the groin, underarms and neck. You find that such areas are always moist and prone to sweating.

Shed some pounds
If you can, hit the gym and lose some weight. Apart from keeping you free from skin tags, it will also help you manage many other health conditions.

Guide to information on how to prevent skin tags on the face

Are there ways to prevent skin tags on the face? Generally, the most you can do to prevent skin tags on the face is to learn their causes and avoid them.

On the face, tags can develop on the eyelid or behind the ear. The common feature in these areas is that they are mostly sweaty and therefore prone to friction.

To prevent the tags from developing, you can try using essential oils to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Such oils can also help you get rid of hickeys. Multivitamin creams and lotions can also help.

Another way to prevent the tags is to avoid habits such as smoking, excessive use of steroids and other habits that weaken facial skin. Along with that, eat food products such as vegetables, fruits and other sources of vitamins.

Images/pictures on how to prevent skin tags on the neck

On images and pictures, you will notice that skin tags on the neck usually appear on the back and side of the neck. The two most common causes are friction from clothes and sweat.

When it comes to how to prevent skin tags on the neck, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight around the neck. Even if your job requires a more formal uniform that includes a tie, there are ways you can achieve the same without literally strangling yourself.

Powders can also improve the situation. In fact, you can even apply some normal baby powder and you will be ready to go.

For people with real mass on the back of their necks, losing some weight or even getting it surgically removed can help.

How to prevent skin tags from growing back

Once you have had some skin tags removed, you will need to ensure that they do not come back.

The most important thing you need to consider is the initial cause of the skin tags. From there, you can try any of the methods on how to prevent skin tags from growing that we have discussed here.

Immediately that you notice a skin tag developing, you can use home remedies or over the counter kits such as ones used for common and plantar wart treatment.