How to Prevent Skin Tags – Keep Them Away From growing on Face and Neck.

If possession is nine-tenths of the law then there must be a similarly suitable mantra about avoiding disease being a cleverer idea than contracting a malady and then struggling to cure it. This point is very much at the forefront of current policy in the National Health Service in the UK. The unique funding system is creaking at the seams.

An ageing population is living far longer than was ever envisaged at the inception of the service in the 1940s plus madly sophisticated and expensive diagnostics and the development of constant new wonder drugs at ridiculous prices – the pocket is not bottomless. The NHS is majoring on education and prevention, better for the general health and wellbeing of the populous and so much more economical to encourage and educate than treat the aftermath and resultant illnesses.

A particular example of this is their campaign on obesity and its link to Type 2 Diabetes. Lose weight, get fit, feel better, change your diet, avoid a serious and nasty disease and save your government a whole heap of money into the bargain. Genius! it’s a no brainer. Oh, and considerably lower your chance of skin tags too; there is a definite connection with insulin resistance and the development of skin tags, now medically proven to be a pre-diabetic symptom. Kill two birds with one stone!

There are, of course, always a certain sector in society who want to engage with their health and rather intelligently, would like to prevent problems occurring. It is a particular mindset to take responsibility for one’s health and this extends to all aspects of preventative medicine including skin issues.

Can skin tags be prevented?

Not necessarily high on the priority list of undesirable skin trends and disorders but remember, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Whilst a condition like psoriasis might seem far worse to manage, skin tags nevertheless cause huge amounts of distress particularly appearing on the face or eyelids. But if you are looking for a silver bullet miracle cure to halt skin tags from the get-go, then prepare to be disappointed. There is no one easy fix from which skin tags can be prevented.

A common online search question, how to prevent skin tags

A quick wander around the internet will demonstrate that this is a path trodden by many, type ‘how to prevent skin tags’ into Google and it will finish the statement for you. And it does yield some interesting results and links.

So how can an individual prevent skin tags from forming?

If you are worried about skin tags forming or already suffering or have previously experienced manifold skin tags then a visit to an appropriately qualified dermatologist will assist you in formulating a strategy to, if not eliminate, then certainly reduce the occurrence of skin tags from growing. There are massive generic lifestyle changes you can implement. Maintain or target a healthy weight with sensible balanced nutrition, a dietary regime which is low in calories and saturated fat. Exercise regularly, high intensity for five out of seven days per week. After bathing or showering, keep yourself super dry.

Pat the skin with the softest of towels, now there’s an excuse to ditch all your old ones, lurking somewhere between cardboard and sandpaper and invest in some uber soft Egyptian cotton. Use talcum powder to absorb moisture in folds of skin i.e. the underarms and under the breasts. A great tip is to utilise baby powder for excessive sweating during sporting activity. Try and identify fabrics and jewellery which might aggravate your skin – some people have a sensitivity to silver, for example. Wear only naturally breathable fabrics such as cotton, keep the tight spandex for the gym or running track. How to prevent skin tags from forming could lead you on a journey to a much healthier life.

How to prevent skin tags on the face

Ultimately, more of the same medicine but especially paying attention to factors which cause irritation including makeup, cosmetic products and jewellery. Interestingly, skin tags increase in incidence due to age but once women head past the age of 50, the chances diminish, perhaps this has something to do with the effect of the menopause and falling oestrogen levels.

How to prevent skin tags on your face is about vigilance and taking care over what substances come into contact with your skin.

How to prevent skin tags from growing on your neck

The neck is a very popular and commonplace location for skin tags mainly due to the friction and corrosion of clothing constantly abrading and excoriating the skin. Keep your neck as dry as possible, an area often overlooked after a bath or shower. Ammens Medicated Powder is formulated specifically to mop up excess dampness. Ditch the necklaces, more of a hazard than earrings. Get your partner to check the back of your neck to prevent skin tags from spreading. Skin tags are horribly visible on the neck. How to prevent skin tags from growing on your neck may involve some tough decisions when it comes to fashion.

Home remedies

Learn on the internet just how many potential home remedies there are available for skin tags. Read some substantial peer reviews to isolate the ones that you actually think will work for you.



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