How to get rid of psoriasis: natural home remedies that are fast for all.

Home remedies for Psoriasis or natural remedies cover all manner of non-prescribed or so-called alternative therapies.

Natural home remedies are fashion driven. The next great wonder is ‘discovered’, used often by someone famous for one or two conditions and, in next to no time, it is heralded as the ‘cure all’ for everything, the wonder potion. Turmeric is probably the latest discovery, prior to that, tea tree oil was all the rage and cider vinegar. The population are reconnecting with nature’s healing powers. Before the invention of modern pharmaceuticals, people were adept at turning to the natural world to provide a solution. Much of the knowledge and folklore has been lost, that is until it is found again and shared online globally.

Myth busting

Number one, if something is perceived as natural, it doesn’t mean it is absent side effects, potentially quite serious ones too. Number two. It is likely not a new find but just something that has long been forgotten.

Crucially, you need to view the situation holistically as supposed natural remedies can interact quite badly with regularly prescribed medication, rather than complementary, they can actually prove pretty destructive Delve a little deeper, it is more complex than initially appears.

The psychology of home remedies

Are you driven by a refusal to accept there is no total cure or prefer to avoid mainstream pharmaceuticals due to the prospect of damage long-term? For instance, steroid-based creams clear up bad skin like snow in summer but over time, damage the structure of the skin causing it to become paper thin, a particular problem for those with Psoriasis on their face or in the genital area. Do you subscribe to the general and pervading ethos that natural remedies work with your body rather than against it? Getting rid of Psoriasis naturally seems so much better and more permanent than taking potent and harmful medication with a host of nasty side effects but is that a realistic approach? The reality is that most people use a combination of the two, supporting the work of regular drugs with other treatments, a belt and braces approach.

If you are looking at home remedies then you are doubtless desperate to know how to get rid of your Psoriasis

There is no magic bullet when it comes to how to get rid of Psoriasis. So far, science has not delivered a cure. The best way to approach the problem is twofold. Firstly, try and identify your particular triggers. Is it stress induced? Is it triggered by another primary bacterial or fungal infection? Managing flare-ups is part of a successful Psoriasis control regime. Secondly, you can’t stop it happening but you can minimise the symptoms when they do arise.

What are some of the natural remedies available for Psoriasis?

Natural remedies tap into nature’s own anti-inflammatory response to Psoriasis. These may be substances you eat to provide a systemic answer or lotions and potions that you apply to the skin’s surface. They are all attempting to achieve the same outcome, calming an inflammatory response.

Many do not have any formalised scientific justification but masses of anecdotal evidence. If you are in perpetual discomfort and troubled by the appearance of your skin, then you will likely try anything as you have nothing to lose. Bear in mind that as these are not regular and legitimate medications, they are not subject to any legislation or testing, standardised packaging or quality control. This is because many are classified as food stuffs by the FDA and not pharmaceuticals, hence the absence of regulatory input.

What are currently the most popular home remedies for Psoriasis?

  • Tea tree oil- a perennial favourite, popular in shampoo form as a home remedy for Psoriasis on the scalp, far less pungent smelling than comparable coal tar products, cooling and antiseptic, it gently flakes away dry, scaly skin cells.
  • Turmeric – love your spices then dive right in! Spoon it into your curry, an internal antidote to the pain and inflammation of Psoriasis arthritis. Easy to make into a paste – there are thousands of recipes on the internet. Paint directly onto your skin and harness the known anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin, the component of Turmeric that heals. Particularly beneficial for Psoriasis scars as borrowed from the acne community who know a thing or two about indented and pitted skin, this is definitely not a top home remedy for penile psoriasis. It can be a little warming not to mention the vivid ginger orange colouring.
  • Dead Sea Salts – a concept that “goes back to ancient times” so says the Chairman of the National Psoriasis Foundation Medical Board, Professor Mark Lebwohl. He actually recommends jumping right into the Dead Sea which is ten times saltier than the oceans.

Home remedies for Psoriasis tend to be steered by two factors, the location of the outbreak and the severity of it. Remember to get rid of Psoriasis fast, you need at least a triple-pronged attack – bathe daily, moisturise deeply and support the skin with topical salves and balsams which ward off secondary infections and promote comfort.



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