How to Get Rid Of Pimples – Conventional Drugs, Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes.

Pimples are not really a serious health concern, but they can raise self-confidence issues by making a person feel miserable about their appearance. They may pop up unexpectedly overnight but take seemingly forever to go away.

Acne is the most common manner in which pimples manifest. It is estimated that more than 75% of people will develop pimples during their teenage years. In adult men and women, pimples may still occur, but they tend to be mild and non-persistent.

Luckily, there are all sorts of removal options that are available today. You can choose to modify your lifestyle, use conventional medicines or try home remedies. All these options are discussed in this article.

Pimples can occur on the neck, back, shoulders and most frequently on the face. They sometimes are painful and turn red. People are mainly concerned about them when they seem to affect facial appearance negatively or cause a boil on the skin.

Home remedies for pimples removal

Since home remedies are relatively safe and available, we will discuss them first in relation to how to get rid of pimples.

Tea tree oil
Some bacteria strains will cause sweat pores to clog, leading to the development of pimples. Bacteria can also worsen the infection.

Tea tree oil has excellent bacteria fighting capabilities. It is also an anti-inflammatory remedy. To use it, use a piece of cotton wool to apply the oil on your face. Give it about fifteen minutes and then wash your face with warm water. You can also add some coconut oil or aloe Vera gel to it and repeat the same application method. Tea tree oil can also be combined with castor oil for moles treatment.

Ice cubes
Ice cubes are potential pimple removers. They can reduce the reddening caused by the pimples as well as improve blood flow in your face.

Use a piece of cloth to wrap the ice or ice cubes and hold the cloth on the parts of the skin with pimples for one minute. Ice can be discomforting when held on your skin for too long, so don’t let it get to that point. This process can be repeated as many times as you are comfortable with.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid. Although commonly used to treat headaches, it is alleged that crushing the pills and making a paste out of them is a potential pimple remover. This is possible because it can act as an anti-inflammatory.

Steam treatment
You may have seen it in movies if not tried it yourself. The fact is that steam melts the clogged oils that are blocking your sweat pores. It also discourages the presence of the bacteria that causes pimple infections.

Raw lemon juice keeps pimples dehydrated. With time, the pimples are bound to wither and heal on their own. Apply the juice to the affected area with clean cotton wool prior to retiring to bed. You can also add some cinnamon powder to the juice. People whose skins easily react to foreign agents should avoid this option.

The use of garlic in different skin disorders treatment is very popular. It helps fight fungal and viral skin infections. Use of garlic for pimple removal only requires you to cut it in half and rub the fleshy part on your skin several times throughout the day.

Get rid of pimples overnight; conventional pimple remover medicines

Some people will choose to visit a doctor for more conventional treatment options. This is especially true when there is need to get rid of pimples overnight. Although prescribed options are relatively effective, they come at the cost of a list of potential side effects.

You may have come across brands such as Zenatane and Claravis. They contain a compound known as Isotretinoin. In some brands that use this compound, side effects such as depression, aggressiveness and blood pressure related issues have been reported.

A certain research study conducted on a certain brand of pimple remover that used isotretinoin showed that the substance can be very effective and also works in a short time. However, the study warned that users risk being predisposed to many known and unknown side effects. In fact, miscarriages and abnormal development of babies in the womb have been reported.

Minocycline is yet another compound used to get rid of pimples overnight. It is very effective, but, again, also comes with its own share of side effects.

Depending on your preferences, you may choose to go with a conventional pimple treatment option. The most important thing is to get clear details of the side effects that may be involved. Once you have been able to weigh the pros and cons, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Another good approach is to have your doctor advise you on the best and fastest pimple removing medication for you.

What causes pimples and infection?

You may be wondering exactly what causes pimples. First, we will need to understand what they actually are. A pimple is basically a small papule that occurs on the skin.

Beneath the outer skin layer is yet another layer that is involved in the secretion of oil, which is meant to keep the skin from dehydration. Naturally, the body keeps shedding outer skin cells and producing new ones to replace them. In cases where some old cells are shed unevenly, they clump up and trap oil and bacteria which cause a sort of a skin bump. With time, the immune system will attack this unnatural phenomenon which will ultimately end up as a painful pimple.

Although it may be hard to determine exactly what causes pimples, any of the following factors will encourage or contribute:

Hereditary factors
There are some people who are genetically predisposed to pimples. This can be attributed to the fact that pimples are caused by natural body reactions such as hormones and glandular secretions.

You will be astonished by the number of different bacteria strains that thrive on your skin. In fact, they are partly responsible for the awful smell produced by sweat, and the ‘old people smell’. When trapped inside sweat pores, they will invite the intervention of the body’s immunity which will end in a pimple.

Hormonal changes
It is common for most severe pimple attacks to occur during puberty. This is attributed to the large production of androgen hormones. Naturally, the hormones over-activate sweat glands and this causes pimples to occur.

Immune system
One of the natural ways in which the immune system responds to bacterial attacks is by producing inflammations. It is actually responsible for causing painful and reddened pimples.

Over active sebaceous glands
As we have seen, skin oil or sebum plays a central role in the development of pimples. If for any reason an individual happens to have over-active sebaceous glands, the chances of developing pimples are high. It may be inevitable as in the case of puberty, or it can be self-inflicted as in the case of taking androgenic steroids.

How to cover a pimple and avoid infection

Apart from learning how to remove pimples quickly or overnight, you may also find details on how to cover up a pimple important.

It mainly revolves around finding the correct makeup, applying it correctly and also taking care of your skin.

First, you will need to identify the correct makeup for you. Mineral-based makeups are the best. They help get rid of unwanted skin oil and also conceal reddened skin which may be caused by a pimple infection. When applying the makeup, use a soft primer to avoid irritations to the skin. You can also use a powder and a concealer that matches your skin color. Note that a shimmery finish will attract more attention.

Prior to applying the makeup, make sure that you have washed your face with lukewarm water. This will help open up the sweat pores. You should also consider applying a sunscreen, since this rarely promotes pimples.

With a clean sponge or brush, apply your makeup, wait for the moisturizer to be absorbed and then apply the primer. After some minutes, apply the concealer carefully around the pimples you intend to hide.

Concealing pimples can be an effective way to avoid irritations to the pimples which will only make them worse. In fact, many celebrities and famous people you may see on magazine covers or in movies rely on pimple-hiding tricks.

How to get rid of pimples with essential oils pimple remover

Oils and essential oils are very popular skin care products. Some may require you to use them in combinations, so you may want to check detailed guides on how to use a specific oil of your choice. They can also be used for other purposes such as to get rid of razor bumps, skin tags and sunspots.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender oil has lots of skin related benefits. For example, it aids in the production of new skin cells. It can also remove skin spots and scars that are left behind by healed pimples. It also has anti-inflammation benefits on top of having an amazing fragrance that will help you relax.

Other oils and essential oils for skin tags care you can consider include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Apricot Seed Oil

Lifestyle modifications to get rid of pimples quickly
While removing pimples quickly with home remedies and conventional medications can be effective, there will always be a need to adopt lifestyles that can help in the long-term management of pimples and help to avoid possible infection. They include:
Diet and meal plans
Your general appearance is a reflection of what you eat on daily basis. Water, for example, keeps your skin moisturized, which will eradicate any reason for excess production of skin oil. It also detoxifies the body. Omega fatty acids and vitamins are also of great skin health benefits.

You are also advised to cut down on the level of sugar that finds its way into your meals. Processed sugar will increase insulin levels in the body. When this happens, the body may react by causing inflammations.

Maintain physical exercises
Physical exercise will flush out any clogged oils that may be trapped in the sweat pores. It will also keep blood flowing efficiently in the body. As you may know, all cells in the body, including skin cells, need enough oxygen if they are to remain in the right health conditions.

Rest and sleep enough
Try spending two consecutive days without enough sleep and see the results. Apart from some big fat pimples that will show up on your forehead, you will also experience some forms of stress that has no apparent actual causes.

Enough rest and sleep is very important for the body. It is the time that most new skin cells are made while the dead ones are shed effectively.

Maintain skin hygiene
Keeping your skin clean is very important. For one thing, it helps open up sweat pores and also get rid of dead skin cells. Using antibacterial soaps will flush bacteria from the skin. This ensures that the chances of the bacteria making their way into the sweat pores are minimal.

Always make sure to choose the right soap brand. In fact, avoid some of the fancy soap brands that you will see in the market today. They are really a bad idea, especially for people with a sensitive skin.

Final thoughts
Chances are high that you have experienced pimples and wished for a fast and effective removal remedy. Well, we are all concerned about our appearances and how others may feel about it.

It is possible to get rid of pimples very quickly, even overnight for that matter. However, this will most certainly call for a lot of caution and informed decisions. Remember that you will be trying to manipulate the body’s natural way of doing things. That doesn’t always end well.

The best approach is to talk to a professional or a doctor to get their take on the issue. You can also inquire more on the best soap and makeup brands to use for natural skin.