How to Get rid of hickeys fast: Definition, How to cover, overnight removal.

Also going under the aliases hickie or love bite across the pond in Britain, this is a marking caused by sucking onto the skin. Normally, on the neck or arm.

What is a hickey?

They are created with the region is sucked with enough pressure and suction to cause the superficial blood vessels under the skin to burst and create bruising. These are bruises, purple, yellow, or brown in varying degrees of intensity. They normally form in an oval or circular shape as a reflection of the shape of the mouth.

Why do people give hickeys?

Traditionally, these are the result of engaging in flirtatious or erotic behaviors. Some argue they originate as an intimate mark of possession by a partner. They are also something some people receive sexual gratification from. A mild form of sadism, these marking are mildly painful and often turn people on. While some people make them intentionally, it is the unfortunate, and sometimes unwanted, aftereffect of fooling around.

Some people find them embarrassing due to the negative stigma surrounding them emanating promiscuity. This problematic stereotype has a double standard where women will more likely be discriminated or socially ridiculed over visible markings. Sometimes, people do them on the arms of their friends just for fun, especially adolescents and teens. They are prevalent with lovers, especially teenagers. Some people enjoy them and there’s nothing wrong when participating parties are safe, consenting, and no one’s hurt.

Are hickeys safe?

A bruise is all what a hickey really is. There are virtually no risks besides a small amount of pain, discomfort, and discoloration. Keep in mind during intercourses or encounters of intimacy that the herpes simplex virus can be transmitted if the skin is accidentally broken and an outbreak is on the giver’s lip, even a bit.

Incredibly rare instances of complications of hickeys are blown out of proportion to scare people from sex or over exaggerated due to misunderstanding data. While stroke and death have been reported, the chances of it are next to nothing and often involve very specific circumstances or undetected, underlying medical conditions. Individuals with a conservative perspective may be forced to ask themselves, are hickeys bad?

Negative connotations of this activity had led others to shed it in a degrading light, but there is inherently nothing wrong with them. By definition, they’re just bruises no different from when you fall off a bike or bump your toe. There’s no shame or real danger in that. It’s still easy to see why some shy away from judgment.

How to cover a hickey

Whether you need to be dressed up for pictures or are just visiting mom and dad, you may want your little mark under wraps. People have been mastering how to cover a hickey for a millennia. They aren’t the accessory you want to gloat to grandma or clients while volunteering at kindergarten. In some settings, they are considered inappropriate and should be addressed to remain professional. There are simple ways to hide them without trying to facilitate quicker healing.

Wearing turtlenecks, scarves, and shawls are normally effective. A jacket, hoodie, or collared shirt may suffice. Extra points for long hair to drape over on your neck. When a wardrobe change isn’t an option, makeup is useful. Makeups are great for covering up any unwanted blemish. The right color coverup or foundation can work. Be aware this method is not waterproof or sweat resistant. The sooner they leave, the sooner you drop excessive clothing or cosmetics.

How to remove a hickey

There is no surefire way to make any bruise heal instantaneously. Instead of trying to learn how to remove hickey, learn how to create a healthy environment that will encourage them to disappear faster.

The best way to encourage this quick healing would be to reduce blood flow during formation (as a preventative measure) and keep the skin healthy and comfy.

What are some hickey remedies?

There are a number of myths over what can cure a hickey, meaning, you should be careful to do your research. Putting cold compresses on the wound is a good idea. Make sure to reduce irritation and refrain from constantly touching or pocking at it.

Don’t attempt to make a hickey over the original either. Keeping the wound fresh and clean is a great way to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

How to get rid of a hickey overnight

While there is no way to get rid of a hickey overnight, acting immediately after triggering that can reduce the noticeability of your mark. To do this, you need to act fast. As soon as you’ve finished lovemaking, run and grab an icepack. Apply it to the region for about ten minutes. Make sure to wrap the pack in a towel as applying ice to the skin directly can damage it. If you keep reapplying this and cross your fingers. There is no guarantee this will work but may make things easier for you when you need it hidden later on.



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