How to Get Rid Of Corns Permanently – Fast Removal, Prevention & Treatment Methods.

If you are a self-conscious lady who likes to dress up in the latest fashion and don a pair of high-heels then having corns on toes and on feet is not only painful but a self-conscious nightmare. You probably paint your nails with polish and enjoy a regular pedicure but unsightly corns make you want to stick your feet into the enclosed confines of a pair of Croc or Nike shoes so the world never sees their ugliness. The emotional scars of corns devastate your self-esteem and send it spiraling to an all-time low. All you want to do is rid of corns fast.

Learn How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes Permanently

The most successful way to treat corns is a have a podiatrist perform surgery. Surgery is how to get rid of corns permanently in most cases. Although, with some individuals who have a club foot or some other abnormal defect, the corn can return.

How to Get Rid of Corns Fast

Are you seeking the fastest way to naturally treat the imperfection? A pumice stone will whittle down a new corn rapidly. You can sand even a corn on the pinky toe smooth. Please inspect the pictures.

How do you Prevent Corns on Your Feet

Okay, you have just undergone extensive foot surgery to remove your corns. You have had to wear foot encasement and hobble around for almost a month.

Then you faced three long months of healing. How you want to how do you prevent corns on your feet because you don’t want the nasty bumps to spring up again.

  • Trim your toenails with a pair of clippers to prevent the pressure
  • Wear socks
  • Buy shoes that fit
  • Place adhesive donut-shaped pads over pressure points to provide cushion and redistribute pressure point.
  • Stay moisturized to prevent dryness.
  • Wash and scrub using soap and water
  • Use a motorized and jetted foot bath

Understanding How do You Treat Corns on Your Feet

Look on the internet and you will locate a bevy of home remedies that proclaim success at treating corns. If you are wondering how do you treat corns on your feet, then continue reading. Corns are the body’s way of responding to pressure. The body sends out messages for corns to grow in a massive effort to protect the delicate foot. They do not differ from the calluses that form on hands in response to a career.

If you play a stringed instrument, then you have ridges of dry skin on your fingertips. A mechanic, welder, ditch-digger, roofer, landscaper, road worker, gardener, and carpenter all sport calluses that have developed form continued manual labor. If a man spends a lifetime working as a plumber, tailor, electrician, oil rigger, cowboy, farmer, or rancher then his hands show the hardship, but a few years after retirement his palms become as soft as a newborn baby’s backside. Your feet are the same. If you relieve the pressure, then the corn will slowly soften and disappear.

Homeopathic Ways to Dissolve a Corn

Book an appointment with a homeopathic podiatrist. Such a medical care provider will be less likely to want to cut the corn off and will offer suggestions on how to get rid of the burgeoning blemish. Often topical phytotherapy will remove the corn.


Antimonium crudum. This solution works fantastic on thickened or hard corns that appear yellow(Hyperkeratotic). There are often multiple lesions. This is one of the best medications for massive horny corns.

Nitric acidum: Is the callus a soft golden hue? It might have fissures that bleed. When you walk you feel like the area is being stabbed with flaming hot needles. It is often inflamed with a burning sensation. Apply nitric acidum.

Ferrum picricum: This medicine works on dark-skinned individuals who have yellow corns.
Rannuculus bulbosus: For corns that are very hard and thick.

Hypericum: Any corn that sits at the end of a nerve or directly atop a blood vessel is referred to as neurovascular corn. It is always inflamed and burning. When you put weight on the site it causes a stabbing, mind-numbing pain that can even make you feel nauseous and sick to your stomach.

Silicea: A wonderful solution for soft corns that sit between the toes. Especially if the corn suppurates. Many notice that the location of the toe causes a nasty, foul odor. However, the application of silicea remedies the situation immediately making your feet smell more pleasant.

Hepar Sulph: Does the corn burn, seep pus, and sting? Hepar sulph renders almost immediate relief even if the corn is hyper-sensitive to touch.

Lycopodium: An ideal formula for inflamed corns.

Walking is such an important aspect of life. If you cannot walk because of chronic pain then you quickly become housebound. Your help takes a nosedive because you can no longer exercise. Weight gain and obesity take hold making it even hard to stand and walk because of the added pressure on the corns. Your feet are a mess and it’s time to seek professional help so you can get your life back, stop being depressed, and enjoy the freedom of boundless movement.



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