How to get rid of Acne scars: home remedies, removal and treatment.

As if acne wasn’t depressing enough, it can leave ugly scarring and pock marks, regrettably a natural part of the healing process.

Why does acne leave such hideous scars?

Scar development is relative to the level of inflammation and trauma that existed beforehand. Essentially, the more severe the festering eruption, the greater the recovery process for the skin. Acne scars occur because of the damage to the skin layers, typically not a problem with regular pimples and blackheads.

Deep-seated, angry pustules, the hallmark of raging acne, permeate far down into the skin breaking the wall of the follicle allowing in infection to migrate into the dermis, the functioning thick level that contains blood vessels, nerve endings and sweat glands. This breaks down healthy tissue. To counteract this, the skin grows new collagen fibres, key components offering strength and suppleness but nature’s repair job is never quite as pristine and flawless as what went before.

Effective removal of acne scars

The approach to tackling acne scars is multi-faceted. Be proactive and learn how to treat acne when you are in the throes of an outbreak. Understand how to clear acne efficiently. The quicker and more efficaciously you banish acne, the less destructive the invasion will be. Start your acne scar removal war today by fighting the lesions and minimising their destructive trail. This is the best treatment you can muster against the war that is acne.

Master exactly how to remove acne scars

Acne kindles a depressing acceptance, a lingering sense of fait accompli because make no bones about it, acne is hard to manage and very formidable to permanently eliminate. The psychology of controlling something that so radically affects your appearance is what moulds this defeatist attitude. Engage with acne, study how it performs and tackle it. The better you fight, the less scarring will be your legacy. The challenge of how to remove acne scars commences when the first papule erupts. This is the best way to start the process of eliminating ugly and unsightly blemishes.

Enjoy a spa treatment and pamper session for your acne scars

Beauty salons offer deep cleansing facials specifically for sufferers for acne, to thoroughly cleanse and treat the skin, ridding it of excess oils, stimulating circulation before soothing and calming irritation with essential oils. Gentle steam treatment encourages the skin to surrender its impurities, exfoliating scrub envirogrates natural drainage followed by a calming clay mask and massage. Many people with acne find this supports their own daily routine providing a weekly or fortnightly boost to both their face and their mood. This is a very pleasurable acne scar treatment. A chemical peel is an option for post acne scarred skin, a procedure that offers different levels of impact. Forget Sex and the City, you don’t have to look like Samantha!

What are the optimum home remedies for treating acne scars?

A skilled beautician or dermatologist can advise you on the best products, here is an appropriate regimen which you should adhere to with ruthless military efficiency.

  • Cleanse – keep your skin scrupulously clean by washing twice daily with premium and gentle creamy products absent harsh chemicals and soap but with anti-bacterial and salicylic acid bases. Remember, clean is Queen but aggravating and irritating skin promotes inflammation which is the principal cause of scarring
  • Exfoliate- remove dead skin cells with a mellow scrub or peel
  • Moisturize – adding moisture to skin already in oil overdrive seems an anathema but overly dry and taut skin will feel compelled to produce even more oil. Alternate between proprietary quality skin care brands and different types of essential oils which offer calming and soothing properties

Take control and instigate your own home remedies menu for treating acne scars.

Add in nourishing and relaxing face masks for pinch points and how to get rid of a bad outbreak overnight.

Did you know there is a range of distinct acne scars?

A scar whether caused by acne, surgery or a healing wound, is an excess of collagen on the surface of the skin.

The medical name is keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

Acne favours the creation of depressed or atrophic scars, there are three sub-categories:

  • Rolling scars created by bands of scar tissue which gives the skin a contoured and rolling profile
  • Ice pick scars which are pits and craters
  • Boxcar scars which are depressions in the skin commonly round or oval

In addition to scarring, acne also causes hyperpigmentation after the inflammatory process has subsided known as PIH. The skin colour alters and people worry about how long it may take to fade but it will revert back to a healthy tone given time.

How to get rid of stubborn and persistent acne scars

There are cosmetic options available at specialist skin clinics ranging from dermabrasion which is similar to a peel but using a brush or laser. Laser therapy has proven effective in how to heal acne scars which are classed as mild to moderate. Something called a punch technique is used to treat crevices and holes which is more surgically invasive and may involve skin grafts. How to get rid of acne scars involves a concerted approach from you at home, your family doctor, the support of a good salon and if necessary, a specialist in dermatology. Always use qualified and reputable specialists to treat your skin.



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