How to Freeze Warts, Skin Tags and Moles – Removal Products with Reviews.

Cryosurgery is the art of using cold therapy to treat certain body part such as moles, skin tags, or wart. The freezing action painlessly destroys cells. Nowadays, you can even purchase you own cryo kit at drugstores without a prescription. The name, ‘cryosurgery’ translates into cold handiwork. It is also frequently called cryogenic, cryocautery, and cryocongelation.

The History of Using Freezing Temperatures to Treat Skin Ailments

The ancient Egyptians are credited with first using cold therapy for its strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Hippocrates is also known to have turned to cold as a viable remover of unwanted blemishes. Dominque Jean Larrey is infamous as the personal surgeon of Napolean. During the Moscow retreat, he turned to ice and snow to facilitate amputations.

In the mid-1900s, James Arnott, a respected physician in Brighton, England illustrated the use of cold to relieve the pain of headaches and neuralgia. However, his revolutionary cryo treatment that included the use of salt mixed with crushed ice and held at a temperature range of -18 to -24 C was used to freeze off tumors on the breast and cervical region.

He was ahead of his time and dabbled in scientific engineering. Arnott would design a very peculiar mechanism that was used to freeze cancers. He exhibited it at the Great Exhibition which was held in London, England.

The cumbersome apparatus was unable to achieve the freezing capability required to function. Despite the flop, Arnott did make medical strides by truly recognizing and acknowledging the numbing capabilities of cold and suggesting it could be used to anesthetize areas of skin prior to surgery.

Wondering How to Freeze Off Skin Tags?

Purchase the formula Compound W Freeze Off at any supermarket, pharmacy, or drugstore. You can also order it offline at sites like Amazon. The liquid nitrogen kit averages around $20. If you have a dermatologist freeze off a skin tag then you will pay upwards of $150 or more. The at home kit is easy to use and effective. The removal is uncomplicated.

Of all of the non-prescription products available this is probably the easiest and most successful. If you are wondering how to freeze off skin tags, then you simply touch the applicator to the tag. Wait the required seconds and then remove the applicator. It is a pain-free process. If you are wondering how long before the tag falls off then rest-assured that you will not have long to wait. The tag usually detaches within two to three days. The entire knob and root are removed and will not grow back.

Additional top reviewed cryo removal products include:

  • Claritag
  • Verruca Freeze
  • Histofreezer
  • Dr. Scholl’sFreezeAway
  • Bovie Freezepoint Cyrosurgery Device

Using the Option of Skin Tag Removal Freezing skin tag removal freezing

Most people when polled readily agree that over-the-counter cryo products work wonderfully and are easy to utilize. Skin tag removal freezing processes are always effective, pain-free, and usually prevent the tag from regrowing at the site. One advantage of freezing is that you will not blister as you might with acids. The kit can be used for skin tag on face and on body.

Tips on How to Freeze Off a Wart

Freezing warts is an effective solution. You can use a medical freeze spray that lets you target the area with expertise. Spray solutions cool down to -60 degrees Celsius. You can treat warts on your hand, feet, or body. It is generally advised not to use the product on genital warts, however, some people have frozen warts in the pubic area without any problem. The reviews appear favorable

Wondering Can you Freeze Off a Mole?

Moles often reach deep into the skin. A dermatologists office, the doctor might make a cut or excision and then freeze the mole so that the liquid coolant reaches deep into the skin to target the root. Skin moles which tend to be reddish or brown are caused by melanocytes on the skin’s surface. When a dermatologist freezes a mole it can cause swelling or blistering because of the intensity versus the at-home kit. However, if you are wondering can you freeze a mole off then the answer is a resounding yes if a dermatologist takes the assignment.

Freezing a Mole Off at Home: What You Need to Know

Most moles go through several stages as they develop but they normally completely materialize by the time that you are twenty. If a mole starts to change or darken, then you should not undertake freezing a mole off at home. Instead, opt to have the mole removed and biopsied for possible skin cancer.

Here are possible signs of skin cancer:


  • The mole develops into a sore that will not heal.
  • Pigment changes such as the development of a dark border, dark spotting, or red discoloration.
  • Ithy
  • Tender
  • Bleeding
  • Painful
  • Swelling (especially behind the mole’s perimeter)
  • Oozing
  • Scaliness

Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Often mistaken for a wart
  • Appears flat or raised
  • A pinkish translucent appearance that might seem shiny. On close examination, there may be pearly bumps detected with bluish or black discoloration.
  • Raised growth with a concave center
  • Blood vessels protrude out from the center of the growth in a wagon wheel spoke pattern.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma+

  • Often mistaken for a wart
  • Rough red patches
  • Scaly patches
  • Patches form a crust

The risk of skin cancer is very prominent because of the depleted ozone layer. Before freezing a wart off, you should always have a qualified physician evaluate the area and perform a biopsy if necessary.



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