How to Cure Shingles in Three Days: Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural and Homeopathic Ways

A shingles diagnosis can seem pretty grim, what with all the purulent, icky blisters that bubble up in bands of rashes on the skin, along with the subsequent crusting over traits of said sores, the accompanying weariness and weakness, and overwhelming impulses to scratch the area raw to the bone. However, this condition, when caught early enough is relatively breezy to manage and control.

Here we’ll provide some information on alternative curing methods if Western medicine doesn’t appeal to you. Mother nature offers us some extraordinary gifts in terms of wellness and healing, and we owe it to the earth to take advantage of them.

Is There a Cure for Shingles?

Currently, no cure for shingles exists. This applies to all fields of medicine, not just traditional. There also doesn’t exist any natural cure for shingles, however, there are countless remedies that will relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

For all intents and purposes, informational this article, we’ll go forward with the term cure—signifying an effective counteragent in the fight against shingles. Thwarting the virus, though, doesn’t end its residence in your nerves. The varicella zoster virus is resilient and irrepressible and cannot be permanently killed off.

Mainstream Treatments

In allopathic medicine, antiviral medications are administered to treat shingles. This includes renowned names like Zovirax, Famvir, and VALTREX. These drugs lessen symptom severity and stop the further spread of the virus from taking shape on other zones of the skin.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is based on the principles of similarities or similia. The origin of the coinage is Greek: homios means ‘similar’ and pathos means ‘suffering.’ It was developed in the late 1700s by Samuel Hahnemann who claimed that ailments could be cured with substances similar to the illness, in larger amounts, in order to provoke the appropriate response from the immune system. These substances, however, are natural and never synthetic.

In layman’s terms, homeopathic medicine encourages the body to heal itself with the proper stimulation.

A confabulation with a homeopath will be inclusive of elements beyond your physical state. They consider your emotional and mental wellbeing as well before prescribing a treatment plan. Homeopathic doctors think about all the signs that led to your prognosis, far beyond the medical sense.

All Natural Homeopathic Cures for Shingles

The list of homeopathic treatments for shingles is significantly more exhaustive than that of allopathy. Some of the most tried and trusted potions include the following ingredients:

  • Arsenicum album
  • Cantharis (Spanish fly)
  • Sulfur
  • Clematis erecta (Clematix)
  • Mezereum (spurge olive)
  • Aconite (wolf’s bane)
  • Rhus Toxicodendron (poison ivy)
  • Spigelia
  • Iris versicolor (harlequin blue flag)
  • Mercuris
  • Ranunculus bulbosus (bulbous buttercup, St. Anthony’s turnip)
  • Apis mellifica (honey bees, crushed)

Using these substances to treat the pain and burning of shingles breakout will not be an easygoing process. Symptoms may seem to worsen before lightening up, it’s imperative to trust the process.

In an effort to reduce pain and suffering, big doses of the above compounds can be fruitful.

Your homeopathy specialist will employ a method relied upon called potentizing or dynamizing, where they will potentize the recipe by adding water or alcohol and violently shaking the mixture.

Local vendors of homeopathic remedies will offer ointments and creams and various other forms of the chosen ingredient, sugar pellets, droplets, even capsules.

Using Olive Leaf Extract to Cure Shingles

Olive leaf extract contains an extremely potent polyphenolic compound that goes by the name of oleuropein. The therapeutic properties of oleuropein can be found in olives and argan oil too. Little research has been done, but preliminary findings are promising. Oleuropein has anti-oxidative, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Additionally, oleuropein also strengthens immunity, making the shingles sufferer better prepared for future illnesses.

Olive leaf extract cures shingles by erecting an indestructible shield around the virus, thereby stopping it from reproducing and outspreading.

Pick it up from a health food shop and start with a heavy regimen of four per dose, four to six doses daily. Don’t worry about the high dosing, oleuropein isn’t toxic.

Achieving Shingles Pain Relief with Apple Cider Vinegar

Were you aware that you can keep your herpes zoster under control with a common household formula? Found on countertops in most kitchens, apple cider vinegar can be the answer to your woes.

Achieve shingles pain relief with apple cider vinegar by making a soothing compress to apply to your sore wounds. Follow this easy recipe:

  • Mix two cups of cool, filtrated water with just half a cup of apple cider vinegar.
  • Grab a washcloth and fully submerge it in the mixture.
  • Wring off excess moisture.
  • Firmly press the compress on the affected skin for 10 to 15 minutes at a time every four hours or pro re nata (PRN).

So, is there a cure for shingles? Sorry to say it, but now. However, there are remedies aplenty for natural cures for shingles that you can employ in the comfort of your own living room with natural ingredients found in your cupboards on the shelves of your local health mart. Hopefully, we’ve successfully equipped with you with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat that pesky rash via an effective homeopathic cure for shingles.



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