Hard & Soft, Pea Sized Lump in Scrotum: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

A lump elsewhere than on the testicles induces rising fear but a lump on the scrotum sack generates blind panic in numerous men. There are countless causes of hard lumps and soft lumps. Read on and educate yourself so you are broadly familiar, saving yourself unnecessary concern and anxiety into the bargain. Any lump, even if you suspect it is benign and trivial, must be confirmed by a doctor rather than an ill-informed judgement formed by trawling the internet. This is dangerous territory. No decent medical professional will ever criticise you for being a timewaster.

What are the possible outcomes of a hard lump on the scrotum?

There are three principal causes of a hard lump on the scrotum. Top of the list is a Cyst which although full of fluid, feels hard and bulbous to touch. Second, is a Varicocele produced by swollen veins in the testicular area and third is a Hydrocele, a swelling usually present following infection or injury.

Sure, a lump could be testicular cancer, that’s why you need it ruled out promptly but incidences of this are pretty rare. The American Cancer Society quotes data which suggests only 1 in 263 men contracts this disease with mortality currently sitting at 1 in 5,000.

Name the specific symptoms

With testicular cancer, not to be confused with prostate cancer which is far more commonplace, the symptoms mimic other benign and inconsequential conditions hence the unnecessary concern. Pain is often absent although there is usually a lump. Occasionally, the scrotum or abdomen aches, one testicle may hang lower than the other. All slightly vague stuff really which is why informed examination is the sole way forward, plus regular self-checking and observation.

How can I check myself?

Women have a breast examination protocol, so men should be in the habit of checking their genitalia for anything novel or suspicious. A great time is during or after a shower. Stand naked before a mirror. Examine the testes for swelling or tenderness of the skin. Next, place the first two fingers of each hand around each ball with your thumb on top. Feel gently by softly squeezing to detect any lumps, tenderness or irregular thick areas. Recommended intervals to perform this task are monthly.

There is a UK charity called Orchid solely dedicated to male cancers. Their website provides masses of useful and accurate commentary plus disclosing some interesting statistics. 47% of men are diagnosed below 35, the average age is 33, 98% of sufferers are still alive a decade after treatment. Caucasian ethnicity is top of the incidence tree.

Focus on Male Cancer Awareness Week, a time to encourage men to engage and discuss all male cancers such as prostate and penile as well as testicular. Don’t stick your head in the sand, get informed. Girls are included! Have you heard about their ‘Check your Chaps’ initiative? A partner rummaging down there during an intimate encounter might just spot something awry.

I have detected a pea sized lump in my scrotum, is this cancer?

Guys are often bothered that a cancerous growth will manifest as a big, squidgy lump and will be overlooked as just part of their anatomy. In fact, testicular cancer usually produces a pea sized lump in the scrotum, hard and possibly painful, not definitively.

Similarly, females worry they will miss a mass in their soft breast tissue but breast cancer is often a hard lump too, the size of a bean.

How to take care of your scrotum?

Good hygiene in this area promotes health discouraging the more minor issues reviewed here. The three words you should focus on are, cool, dry and clean. Chill means more than just your attitude. Sperm count is affected by excessive heat so no tight trousers and ditch the laptop from your lap and the cell phone from your back pocket. Baggy boxers are best for your danglers, let the air circulate.

Dry equals loose clothing so that sweat can evaporate. If you do dip into lycra then shower thoroughly afterwards. Talcum is an old trick borrowed from the ladies. If that is not sufficiently manly then try something like a wicking powder – Jack Black’s Dry Down Friction-Free Powder or even your under arm deodorant. Cleanliness minimises infection from dirt and sweat. These are your crown jewels remember so take good care of them.

Lumps on the skin of the scrotum

Superficial small red lumps on top of the scrotum are normally of less gravity than a lump within the scrotum. An itchy lump could be something as simple as a spot found anywhere else on your body or another skin disorder. As with any irregularity, get a lump on your scrotum skin evaluated by the clinic without delay.

Men frequently exhibit a bizarre attitude to health matters. Young blokes, the strata most likely to contract testicular cancer by virtue of their age, happily, are not cast in the mould of their elders. They seem more open and prepared to discuss private and personal concerns about male sexual affairs.



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