Hard, Small, Painful Lump on your Wrist: Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms

A lump is never a fun thing to detect. We don’t hide lumps on Easter and send our kids out to hunt for them. When they materialize on our wrists and hands, they are hard to neglect. Magnified are the lumps that send pain signals to our brain. We can’t open a jar, write a letter, or make a phone call without an unpleasant reminder. Add in the social embarrassment of unattractive hands and the problem is multiplied.

Here we want to get to the bottom of how to live with, treat, and diagnosis that foolish bump on your person.

What Causes a Lump on Your Wrist

Our hands and wrists take the brunt of so much daily activity. We use them to work, to play, and to do just about everything. When you find an unusual glob in this area, it can create paranoia.

What causes a lump on your wrist is determined by the classification and the location. Outlined hinders are the qualifications and labels for different types.

Speaking in general terms, the causes include overuse, repetitive use, aging, inflammation, and injury.

Lump on Top of Wrist with Pain

The Ganglion cyst is the most common lump in the upper arm quadrant. The most frequent appearance will be a lump on top of the wrist, but they have been seen surrounding the perimeter and in the fingers. Those buggers are wild, shape-shifting, fluid-filled sacs. Almost always, the dissolve on their own, but they can be removed.

They transfuse from joints up to the surface skin. The fluid that fills the balls is similar to the fluid that lubricates joints.

The trigger is unknown, but there are some common factors. They occur more often in younger people aged 15 to 40 years old, with the exception of a specific version. The mucous cyst is a ganglion cyst that pops up at the top of a finger and is related to arthritis. These cysts occur more regularly in 40 to 70-year-old women.

Type of Lump on Wrist Bone

Ganglion cysts can develop from joints and seem like they are on the bone. There are some other classes of tumors that identified by their placement as a lump on wrist bone, like:

  • Carpal boss. Your carpal bones are 8 small bones that comprise the wrist. A carpometacarpal boss is an overgrowth of skeletal material where the index and/or middle finger meets the carpal bones.
  • Enchondroma. A non-cancerous tumor that grows from cartilage.
  • Inclusion cysts. This is a growth that develops after a trauma or injury. The body overacts in healing.
  • Cancer. It is extremely rare to develop a cancerous tumor in the wrist. Habitually, cancerous growths do not originate in the hands and wrists, but are metastasized from cells elsewhere.

Treatment Hard Lump on Inside of Wrist

Surgical options are generally avoided for wrist and hand problems because the area is so delicate. Benign tumors on the wrist with pain can be surgically removed if necessary. A fluid sac can be drained with a scalpel by a licensed professional.

That being said, surgeries are performed if the lump is big and painful enough to negatively affect daily life.

Physical therapy has proven effective for some patients that want to gain mobility and range of motion back after a bone spur. Strengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility can make living with a hard lump on the inside of the wrist more comfortable.

Lump on the Wrist Under the Skin After Cannula

Peripheral venous cannulation is a common procedure to deliver medicines and fluids intravenously for hospitalized patients. The cannula is the term for the tube device that is implanted underneath the skin.

Sometimes irritation occurs during insertion or after cannula removal and a lump on the wrist under the skin appears. This is labeled as Phlebitis, or inflammation of the vein.

Only in extreme cases is anything more than antibiotics required to treat the condition, but if left untreated it can burgeon into sepsis. Trained nurses and medical professionals are educated in prevention techniques to avoid that possibility.

Big Lump Below the Thumb

Ganglion cysts again are typically the culprit here. A big lump below the thumb can be generated by other conditions, however, like:

Arthritis. Bones with arthritis can become gnarly and knotted especially on heavily used joints like the thumb.

Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath. These benign tumors sprout up from the joints in the fingers. The thumb is a popular target because of its wide range of motion.

Lipoma. A deposit of fatty tissue that resembles a cyst or tumor. Not problematic for most people, except for vanity reasons. Sometimes these dissipate naturally or they can be removed.

Pictures of Ganglion Lump on Wrist

Curiosity may compel you to search for images to support your suspected diagnosis. Clear, focused, and verified pictures of ganglion lump on the wrist can assist you in your health expedition. Enjoy this photo spread:



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