Hard, Small, Painful Lump behind ear: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Discovering surprising oddities on your body is probably not your favorite hobby or your college major. When it is on our head it can elevate your concern as that part steering the ship. It is also our most liable area, constantly unguarded to the elements. Finding a lump behind your ear isn’t always cause for concern because the stimulus pool is wide with mostly benign outcomes. Identifying the texture, size, and tenderness will help you determine the origin. Except in anomalous situations, treatment is moderate.

Reasons for a Soft Lump Behind Ear on Bone

Most abnormalities on the back of the ear will be mushy. Most other illness causing these squishy bumps are minor conditions that can be handled easily with first aid, medication, or short treatments.

Read on for examples:

  • Acne. The oil glands on the face, neck, and hairline are among the most prolific in production. A soft lump behind the ear could simply be a pimple or cystic acne. You can choose to leave it be or apply treatments. If you find yourself breaking out a lot, it might be time to see a dermatologist.
  • Cyst. The ears, for whatever reason, seem to be prone to cysts. They can vary from small to huge, stable or moveable, and full of various bodily fluids. A doctor can drain or remove a cyst with a simple outpatient procedure. There are two main categories that occur near the ear. Epidermoid emit yellow, foul, smelly pus. Sebaceous leak oil.
  • Limpoma. Scary sounding name, benign issue. Limpomas are just overgrowth of fat cells. Generally, these exist on surface areas but have been found behind the ear on the bone. If the bump is tiny and fleshy, it is probably this.
  • Abscess. The damp, oily patch of skin behind the ear is a ripe atmosphere for infections. Abscesses are categorized by hot, red, inflamed spots sometimes filled with green or white pus.
  • Otitis Media. An infection of the middle ear. Happens more often in childhood than adulthood.

Causes of Hard Lump Behind Ear

Finding a firm bump is one of the funkier sensations. Even with strong bone structure and powerful muscles, most things on the human body are soft.

Mastoiditis produces a bony feeling hard lump behind the ear. This is the progression of an untreated infection on the inner ear bone, the mastoid. Allowed to incubate and it could turn into the disintegration of the bone tissue and even a brain abscess.

What is this Painful Lump Behind My Ear?

Bacterial and viral infections of the throat and ear canal can spread to create a raised painful lump behind the ear. Lymph nodes swell when infected. Since the lymphatic system is the garbage disposal system of the body, infections can travel through it and affect multiple body parts. There are prominent Lymph nodes that drain from the ear canal and can become inflamed when you are sick.

Infections that cause a swollen lump around the face include strep throat, mononucleosis, HIV/AIDS, measles, and chicken pox.

Is My Lobe is Causing Headaches?

Added pressure around the head, whether from a sinus infection or another source, is truly uncomfortable. Could my lobe be causing headaches too? If there is tension, it is possible.

Alternatively, the lobe can offer relief of migraines with a precise piercing. The Daith piercing operates similar to acupressure or acupuncture by putting a needle through a pressure point. The earring stimulates the area and has reportedly helped loads of people reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.

Sore Lump Behind Ear on Neck

The lymph nodes and sinuses drain from the face, making the ears and throat a collection dump. If you find a sore lump behind the ear on your neck, it is most likely tied to a minor infection that has swollen your drainage spheres.

Some potential diseases include Lyme, tonsillitis, syphilis, or mumps. In very rare cases, soreness and bulges in the neck could show cancers like lymphoma or leukemia that target the circulatory systems.

Should I Worry About a Painless Lump on My Ear Lobe?

The earlobes are prone to cysts from a buildup of dead skin cells. The appendage, which is mostly cartilage, doesn’t get as much circulation as other extremities. Less blood flow means slower healing time.

A painless lump is likely nothing to worry about. As long as there is no pain, it is probably harmless, but if it bothers you, a doctor can treat a lobe cyst easily with quick surgery or a flush.

Pictures of Small Lump Behind Ear

If this article helps point you in the right direction, we have done our job. To aid you a bit more on the journey, here are some pictures of varying kinds of small lumps behind the ear and their professional diagnosis. Seeing is believing when it comes to taking control of your health.



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