Hard, Painful & Sore Lump Under Jawbone – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pictures.

A lump under your jaw bone may be a number of things like a bump, swelling, or mass. Certain diseases may also be to blame for your random inflammation. Injury to the face may also offer a more apparent and obvious source of our temporary deformity.

Possible causes for a lump under the jaw bone

If you have recently fallen or gotten hit near your jawline, this could be an inflammatory response for your body trying to repair damage to soft tissues. If it is more like a blister, this could be a boil (a pimple gone rouge) or an infection in response to shaving off hair or trimming your beard. If you can eliminate the possibility of these environmental factors, you should visit your doctor or dentist for a proper diagnosis. They can assess the nature and severity of your condition.

Is a hard lump under jaw bone cancer?

Even if it is a tumor, a hard lump under the jaw does not automatically mean it’s cancerous. Tumors happen and often, they are benign, not giving an immediate threat with no potential to grow or spread. You will not be able to diagnosis yourself with a feeling examination and informational YouTube videos.

A trained and licensed professional can perform complex tests and exams to direct you to further action. Certain characteristic of any tumor will indicate a higher likelihood that cancer is present. If consistencies of the mass are harder as opposed to dough like, this may be dangerous. If you have observed a significant change in size and the tumor doesn’t pain you, this is also an indication of more sinister explanations.

Could my teeth be to blame?

An untreated toothache may evolve into a bigger problem and manifest itself onto the jaw. Jaw cysts form in or around the root of a tooth or a tooth that is buried (wisdom teeth that haven’t grown). These teeth have cavities, infection, or are just broken. A cyst may even form from tissues used to form your teeth. They often go unnoticed until a routine dental xray identifies them out of the blue in dental images. Before evaluating these pictures, they often don’t cause any discomfort until they grown large enough to notice on jawlines. They weaken the bone making it more susceptible to breakage or get infected which can lead to severe pain. Teeth may become loose and fall out. Nerve damage is possible if it continues, and these damaged nerves will cause your lips, gums, and teeth to feel numb. Continued numbness out of nowhere is reason to talk to a doctor.

Treatment of painful lump under jaw bone?

Before finding treatments, you need to know the origin of your painful lump under the jaw bone.


If you’ve ever watched Brooklyn 99, you may remember the scene where Jake and Captain Holt develop large masses around their bodies due to the mumps. While the comedy explained symptoms correctly, it is no laughing matter. The mumps is severely dangerous and can very well kill you, especially if you have a compromised immune system. It used to be widely feared and many children died every year as a response to the highly infectious illness. Vaccines help nearly eradicate the illness until it recently came back due to antivaxxers. The antivaccine movement has caused once forgotten diseases to skyrocket in frequency. While it was once farfetched to come down with the mumps in modern times, it is a real threat that must be taken seriously. Talk to your doctor in advance so they can make prior arrangements to empty out the waiting rooms to limit the chance you spread the virus to other visitors.

Remember, a vaccine can save a life. Activists used them to wipe smallpox off the globe. This have saved lives and countries around the world have rejoiced. The recent surge due to misinformation and blatant lies puts everyone at risk. Andrew Wakefield, the researcher whose ridiculous claims started this event, has lost his license over admitted to fabricating data for mind-blowing results. Regardless of the debunking, countless parents still belief that measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines can be detrimental for their children and refuse them. Governments are taking extreme actions to prevent outbreaks from spreading further as epidemics are coming from the grave.

It’s a viral infection that attacks salivary and parotid glands. It leads to a number of unpleasant symptoms including a lot of soreness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and swelling all around the body.

Treatment is difficult, but listen to what your doctor recommends. Plenty of rest is important and several life threatening and altering complications can occur (including miscarriage, deafness, and death). Vaccination as a means for prevention is the best option.

How are these lumps examined?

These lumps can be examined using differing approaches. An xray is one way to view a portion of the body which is normally hidden without having to cut anyone open and expose them to the outside world. When this uncovers something, invasive techniques may mean they cut you up a bit in dental surgery for the removing or extraction of the lump. Topical treatments can also be enforced in cases where the bumps are clearly a skin reaction. If it is due to infectious disease, antibiotics are given and quarantine may be suggested while still contagious.

When to call a doctor about a sore lump under the jaw bone

Whenever you experience pain, especially with accompanied with flu like symptoms, contact your physician. A sore lump under the jaw bone may have to be evaluated at a dentistry expert or a surgeon. Regular visits can help you spot something early and taking ae of it before it grows into a bigger problem.



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